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AFC-OK Applauds New Legislation Introducing Universal School Choice in Oklahoma

OKLAHOMA CITY – American Federation for Children – Oklahoma (AFC-OK) Senior Advisor Jennifer Carter today expressed support for new legislation filed by Sen. Julie Daniels and Sen. Shane Jett introducing comprehensive school choice programs for families with school-aged children.

Senate Bill 822, by Daniels, titled the Education Freedom Act, allows parents to use a portion of their child’s state education tax dollars to pay for a variety of education services, including tuition. The bill also proposes increasing spending for public education by $275 million.

Daniels also filed a companion bill, SB 825, to raise the funding weight for smaller, rural public schools.

Senate Bill 943, by Jett, also provides a dramatic increase in parent empowerment for most families.

“School choice is about ensuring that every family in Oklahoma can pick the school that is right for their child,” said Carter. “For many students, that will be their local public school or a public charter, and we want those schools to be well-funded and high performing. SB 822, SB 825 and SB 943 support that goal.

“Some families will choose private schools that cater to unique needs, or skillsets, or offer a faith-based curriculum,” continued Carter. “Those options should be available to every family regardless of income-level, and it is entirely appropriate for families to have access to their own education tax dollars to assist in covering the cost of private education.”

“The legislation filed by Senators Daniels and Jett will benefit every student in Oklahoma and strengthen the state’s educational systems in both rural and urban parts of the state,” said Carter. “There are no losers in these bills, and we encourage every lawmaker to support SB 822, SB 825, SB 943, and all comprehensive school choice measures introduced during this legislative session.”