Daylight Savings Time Begins

Daylight Savings Time Arrives…Again.

It’s again time to spring forward in the semi-annual clock-changing event, Daylight Savings time.  Depending on your view, your online clocks will magically slide forward one hour on Saturday or Sunday morning.  In the morning, your alarm will go off earlier, the church will start one hour earlier, and when evening rolls around, you’ll notice sunset times have changed.  

While the debate about Daylight Savings time continues surrounding health needs, energy needs, and government priorities, at least one country is returning to the event.  Egypt has long flipped from using Daylight Savings time to not using it.  This time the government has decided to use Daylight Savings time.  The Egyptian view is that changing the clocks will save energy, which is a commodity right now for their country.  

Regardless of how you feel about Daylight Savings time, it’s coming again this weekend.  You can protest and not participate, but if you do, you’ll need to arrive one hour early for all your events and work.