Update on Arkansas Transportation Laws

In the most recent legislative session, the Arkansas General Assembly made several changes to our laws regarding transportation.

The new laws impact everything from distracted driving to getting your car tags.

Below is a list of acts signed this year regarding transportation:

Act 445 seeks to strengthen our laws regarding distracted driving. It states if a distracted driver causes an accident that results in serious physical injury or death of another person, the driver upon conviction is guilty of a Class A misdemeanor. In addition to penalties assessed, the court may order the defendant to 100 hours or less of public service work.

Act 41 extends the time period authorized for the registration of a motor vehicle from 30 days to 60 days from the purchase date or from the time an individual becomes a resident of Arkansas. 

Act 396 limits the time period during which restricted driving permits are valid for those on probation or parole to one year from the date it was issued. 

Act 94 amends the law concerning truck platooning systems.

Act 50 repeals a law that prohibits leaving a running vehicle unattended.

Act 261 would require the Department of Finance and Administration to offer drivers the option of a digitized driver’s license by February 2025. The bill states a digitized driver’s license may be accepted by a public entity for all state purposes authorized for a driver’s license. It does not require any public or private entity to accept a digitized driver’s license.

Act 264 classifies the theft of a catalytic converter as a Class C felony. It states a person commits unauthorized possession of a catalytic converter if the person knowingly possesses a catalytic converter that has been removed from a motor vehicle and is not permanently marked. 

Act 211 allows the distribution of revenues from the additional registration fee for electric vehicles, hybrid vehicles, and plug-in hybrid vehicles under the Arkansas Highway Revenue Distribution Law.

Act 714 allows law enforcement to impound a vehicle if the driver committed the offense of drag racing on a public highway for a second time in a five-year period.

You can find more acts passed by the 94th General Assembly and watch recorded meetings of the 2023 Regular Session at arkansashouse.org.