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Fast, Fresh and Friendly: The Jason’s Deli Way

Jason’s Deli was founded in 1976 by Joe Tortorice, Jr. He believed that it is important to treat the employees as family as well as to serve healthy and delicious food. The company stands on this foundation by making remarkable investments in the people who work there. The Leadership Institute offers free classes in money matters, ethics, marriage, conflict resolution, emotional intelligence, and in the core values of our brand. Tortorice also started a program called The Fishing School in order to empower hourly employees to better themselves professionally by becoming managers and leaders. In addition, Jason’s has a non-profit foundation to help our employees when in crisis. Another way this restaurant intends to help their employees and their community is the “Strike Through Cancer” campaign. Continue Reading →

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Smoke Without Fire

As the general popularity of smoking has declined a new trend has arisen. Since 2007, electronic cigarettes have become an alternative to smoking and with at least three stores in Texarkana, including a kiosk in Central Mall, it is becoming more and more available. E-cigs allow smokers to enjoy their “cigarettes” almost anywhere because of the claim that there is a significant decrease in the harmful side effects. Inside the electronic version there is a mechanism that heats up liquid nicotine, which turns into a vapor that the user can inhale. Exhaling vapor rather than a cloud of smoke seems a safer choice to get a dose of nicotine without the other chemicals familiar to the paper predecessors. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and some health experts are unsure of the side effects of inhaling pure nicotine. This issue has yet to be adequately studied, and the long-term results are unknown. Some individuals, particularly those with health conditions that make them more sensitive, have reported that the vapor is irritating. The FDA is also concerned about quality control, asserting that some manufacturers may not adequately disclose all the chemical ingredients in their e-cigarettes, and that the amount of nicotine listed on a cartridge label may not match the actual amount in the cartridge. Continue Reading →

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‘Tis the Season to Go Shopping

Eat up, then lace up! Central Mall, among other shopping centers around Texarkana, will be extending their Black Friday hours to include Thanksgiving Day. Shoppers can take advantage of this opportunity to get a head start and possibly beat the holiday rush to buy those items they have been eying all year. Stores like Buckle, American Eagle and Hot Topic all will open this evening in an attempt to reduce the stampedes that occur in the early hours of the morning on the day after Thanksgiving. This year’s holiday festivities can include turkey as well as a trip to the mall. Continue Reading →

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Celebrate with Santa


Santa Claus came to town again this year and has been posing for pictures with kids of all ages at his winter wonderland. With its set up in Central Mall everyone can come see Santa. Though it maybe just a tradition to some, visiting Santa kicks off the Christmas holiday especially for the younger children. Santa is friendly to every person he meets: encouraging mall employees and wishing everyone a Merry Christmas. And if posing with Santa isn’t part of your holiday tradition maybe stopping by to watch the parent’s coax out smiles while their kids’ dreams of meeting Santa come true would be festive enough. Continue Reading →

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Five Fancy Finds for Him: Christmas Gift Ideas Under $40

Knotz Cuff Links
Cuff links delivered in cool and crisp containers make
for the perfect stocking stuffer for the fancy man in your life. To buy: $9.50, wurkinlinks.com. Laser Putter
Aim for a hole in one with this handy golf gadget. Attach this device to any putter; the laser shows where the ball is headed. To buy: $25, restorationhardware.com

Vinyl Collection Puzzle
For the retro rock and roll fan, this 550-piece puzzle
will help jumpstart any vinyl collection. Continue Reading →

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Burn Texarkana is Setting a Fire

Burn Texarkana exists to be a house of prayer that holds monthly revival services. The people involved are believing for God to move throughout the city of Texarkana so that the community and surrounding region will be awakened by His glory. They hope to see a movement of prayer, fasting and consecrated living. Evangelist Joe Dawson explains that during the services they gather with multiple churches and ministers in order to allow God to move freely. He feels that it is the unity with the churches involved with The Burn that makes it so effective. Continue Reading →

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Dunkin’ has Pumpkin: Returning Harvest-Themed Menu Features Fall Favorite

In 1950, America’s favorite all-day, everyday stop for coffee and baked goods was founded. Dunkin’ Donuts has earned the No. 1 ranking for customer loyalty in the coffee category by Brand Keys for the past seven years. The company has nearly 10,800 restaurants in 31 countries worldwide. Last year, Dunkin’ Donuts’ restaurants had global franchisee-reported sales of approximately $6.9 billion. Continue Reading →

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Website Kickstarts Local Band’s Dream

Creating music has been a part of life since the beginning for the members of Us and the Ship. Most of the members of the band grew up together playing in different bands as teenagers. In 2010 they decided to launch something more permanent. With only a few changes since then, the core members have remained the same for this indie rock band. Vocalist Keith Tubbs feels they have been able to create their own sound though a range of different artists has influenced them. Continue Reading →

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