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Jim Harris worked for local, state and federal governments before retiring. He was in journalism for more than 20 years. He was once known as Mike Huckabee’s brother-in-law, but is now better known as Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ uncle.

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If you keep a food stockpile, keep quiet about it

From Jim Harris’ Facebook post

Several people have told me they are buying extra food so they will have a stockpile if there are shortages in case of a second wave of the virus, civil unrest or even — God forbid — a new civil war that disrupts the food distribution system. As someone who worked in emergency management for a decade, I think having a stockpile of supplies is a good idea. Everybody should have enough to survive at least a week or two. That is just common sense. Those who are preparing for a zombie apocalypse or something similar are hoarding dried food, frozen food or freeze-dried food to last a year. Continue Reading →

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How liberty dies…

In the Star Wars movie “Attack of the Clones” there is a scene that mirrors Americans’ frustration with our system of government. In that scene, Anakin Skywalker (the future Darth Vader) and Padme Amidala discuss the gridlock of the democratic government that means very little gets done. Anakin expresses his opinion on how government needs to be run: “We need a system where the politicians sit down and discuss the problem, agree what’s in the best interests of all the people, and then do it.”

“That is exactly what we do. The trouble is that people don’t always agree. In fact, they hardly ever do,” Padme, a senator in the Imperial Senate, responds. Continue Reading →

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Why We Need the Bill of Rights

Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it. There are those today who say we don’t need the protections from our government that the Bill of Rights affords American citizens. They are wrong. They argue that those first 10 amendments to the Constitution are outdated and hold our government back from protecting and providing for us. They are wrong. Continue Reading →

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A checkup on how we as a nation are doing in keeping the 10 Commandments

There is a reasonable argument to be made that the 10 Commandments from the Bible are the foundation of America. The Decalogue is the law God gave Moses on Mount Sinai. Assuming that the 10 Commandments are the basis for the rule of law in this country, how are we doing in keeping them? The first one goes like this: “You shall have no other gods before Me.”

There are “progressives” in this country who want to replace God with government. The government gives. Continue Reading →

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Why are Easter and April Fools Day on the same day this year?

Today is Easter Sunday, the most important Christian holiday, and April Fools Day, a day commemorated by playing pranks. There has been a joke going around social media that parents should tell their children they have hidden Easter eggs, when they haven’t done so and after the children search unsuccessfully searched for the colored eggs, the parents should shout “April Fools.”

No doubt many people will wonder why Easter is being celebrated on April Fools Day. April Fools Day, which in some counties is called All Fools Day, is celebrated every year on April 1. It is one of those holidays that doesn’t change dates. This day is celebrated by playing jokes and spreading hoaxes. Continue Reading →

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