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Classic No More: Arkansas Has Gained National Attention

Letter/Opinion: Recently, House Bill “HB1496 – TO AMEND THE LAW CONCERNING ANTIQUE MOTOR VEHICLE SPECIAL LICENSE PLATES,” was passed, after being twice defeated by the House. The Bill, now known as Act 368, was submitted three times by Rep Fortner of Yellville.  Then it passed. 

According to an article published by Hemmings Motor News last March, Fortner “makes no bones about this bill being a reflection of his own personal outlook on collector cars in Arkansas”. A vendetta.  Fortner, whose bio states that he is a “businessman,” may also have some personal gains to achieve seeing as how he, himself, has been involved with the automobile industry here in Arkansas for several years. The Hemmings Motor News article (Daniel Strohl, March 20, 2019), titled “Despite prior opposition, new Arkansas law increases antique vehicle cutoff from 25 to 45 years,” stated that Fortner, a collector himself, made his “personal view clear in local media interviews, at the time, that his actual purpose in proposing the 45-year cutoff was to impose his personal outlook on collector cars on Arkansas law.”  Is this really why we have “elected representation” in government?  I am also curious, did collector Fortner sell his affected vehicles prior to instituting this new law? The article further quoted Rep. Fortner saying:  “There are some special interest cars from the ’90s, but there are no historic cars from the ’90s,” he told Little Rock television station KATV. Continue Reading →

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Spayed, Neutered and Vaccinated Cats for Good Home

Four States News - Letters to the Editor

To the Editor:

On July 4, 2017, my neighbor’s Pit Bull dog attacked my cat
Booker on my front porch.  I heard the
attack and saw the dog.  Booker managed
to escape unharmed. I believe this same Pit Bull attacked my elderly eleven year old
cat Hootie, a year prior, on May 5, 2016. 
Hootie’s leg was broken at that time and he required long, difficult and
expensive treatment. A few months after Hootie’s recovery, I believe the Pit Bull
attacked him a second time.  Hootie’s leg
was re-broken so badly that it couldn’t be reset. For over a year the Pit Bull regularly escaped from his yard
and ran loose in my neighborhood.  He
came into my yard and chased my terrified cats and ate their food. Whenever I saw the dog in my yard I called the City of New
Boston and asked that Animal Control be sent to return the dog to his
home.  I called for assistance between 25
and 30 times.  On some days the Pit Bull
escaped his yard multiple times. Continue Reading →

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Cruz and Ratcliffe Veteran’s Day Update on Congressional Work to Improve Care

It’s always inspiring when communities across the United States come together on Veterans Day to express our nation’s gratitude for the brave men and women who’ve selflessly fought to defend our freedom. This day of commemoration is a vivid demonstration of the work we’re committed to doing year-round to ensure our veterans are receiving the care and respect they’ve most certainly earned. Three years ago, our country awoke to the grim reality that our Veterans Administration health care system had become so deeply flawed that many of our nation’s heroes had died while waiting to receive care. With their names buried on secret waiting lists, it became evident that the VA system was more concerned about protecting the bureaucracy than caring for our veterans. In the wake of these horrifying revelations, Congress began the arduous task of enacting reforms aimed at shifting the culture within the VA to no longer tolerate the mismanagement and corruption that imperiled so many veterans’ lives. Continue Reading →

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Honoring Veteran’s Day 2017

On November 11 we will observe Veteran’s Day. Some will begin this observance on Friday November 10, let’s not treat this as just a three day weekend; but remember it is a day designated to honor all who served their country when called. Unlike Memorial Day, which is dedicated to remembering those who lost their lives in the service of their country, Veteran’s Day is a day to honor all American veterans of all wars-living and deceased. There are over 23 million veterans in the United States, nine million of whom are over 65 years old. Nearly two million of those veterans are women, and over two million are veterans from World War II. Continue Reading →

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Author of What’s Really Eating You? Tells How to Keep Back-to-School from Becoming Back to Emotional Eating


ARLINGTON, TX- As lazy summer gives way to Back-to-School time, stress levels rise. Families coping with new teachers, new schools, new extracurricular activities and new schedules are in danger of turning to old friends for comfort: cookies, cakes, salty snacks and fast-food, says Renée Jones, author of the new book What’s Really Eating You? Overcome the Triggers of Comfort Eating. Jones says, “Parents are stressed about getting their kids settled, managing the routine and such, so they’re likely eating to soothe themselves—and they are harried, so the drive-through is an easy if not so nutritious option. They may think it will be easier to establish a nutritious lifestyle once things settle down, and yet it’s often easier to start amidst the transition.” Continue Reading →

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241 Years Later, America Still Celebrating


LITTLE ROCK – Governor Hutchinson’s weekly radio address can be found in MP3 format and downloaded HERE. As the United States heads towards its 241st birthday, Arkansans are stocking up on charcoal and propane, and business is booming at the fireworks stands. John Adams, our second president, foresaw all this celebratory hoopla even as he was helping to craft the Declaration of Independence.  

“I am apt to believe that it will be celebrated … as the great anniversary festival,” he wrote in a letter to his wife, Abigail, on July 3, 1776. “It ought to be commemorated as the day of deliverance by solemn acts of devotion to God Almighty. Continue Reading →

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Texarkana Arkansas Board Takes Action After Silencing the Public

The information below was submitted by citizen Dwayne Hall in narrative format and is unchanged.  

Texarkana, AR – The Texarkana Arkansas Board voted to take action in furtherance of their Agenda Item #11 after silencing the public who asked to speak. An item on the Board’s agenda was entitled “Adopt an Ordinance authorizing and directing the City Manager to adjust the Public Works Department Fees.”

Dwayne Hall, a citizen who attended the meeting requested to speak, and the Mayor refused to allow him. He had filled out a card that gave notice of his opposition to the ordinance. When the item was introduced by Public Works Director, Jeff Whitten, the Board discussed the type of action that they might take. Continue Reading →

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Update from the Fouke Farmers’ Market

The information and pictures comes from Kevin and Ashley Matthews regarding the Fouke Farmers’ Market

June 3, 2017, Fouke, AR- The news is spreading fast about our small town market! Today was our unofficial first day to be able to come together with the exception of some of the vendors being out due to unforeseen circumstances but next week we intend to be in full swing! This week the theme was “kids day”. We did “pinch pot planters” for any child that visited the market. Next week the theme is “reuse reduce and recycle” so we will be planting in old toys rubber boots and what ever else we come across! Continue Reading →

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Letter Regarding the Monument Removals in New Orleans

The letter below was submitted by Leslie Quillen regarding the removal of the monuments in New Orleans:

“At 6:06 pm, CST, The death of the city of New Orleans was completed. All for a forked tongued politician with no social etiquette and no morals to be king of the hill. He blames the greatest military men in history of being racist, slave owning, and destroyers of the unity of the original America. He lies, cheats, and steals, and says the crime rate is due to four monuments that have been standing for over 100 years. He paid city workers to destroy monuments that are protected under Federal law. Continue Reading →

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