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TRAHC, INC. Responds to Updated State Guidelines

Texarkana, TX:  In response to Governor Abbott’s announcement to reopen Texas businesses and lifting the mask mandate effective March 10, 2021, Texarkana Regional Arts and Humanities Council Senior Staff, Board President, and designated Board Members met to discuss current protocols and potential impacts of the upcoming changes to public facilities and events managed by the organization. 

            Overall safety of our staff and general public is of the utmost importance to TRAHC, INC./PTMC, while still providing entertainment and cultural development opportunities in premier facilities for our community.  After much deliberation, the decision was made to continue social distancing at the Perot Theatre and Regional Art Center, sanitize frequently touched surfaces, and encourage frequent handwashing or sanitizing. We highly encourage following current Center of Disease Control guidelines that include the above recommendations and wearing a mask but will no longer require the general public to wear masks in the Regional Arts Center, Arts on Main at Stewart Title, and Perot Theatre.  To encourage continued safety, masks will still be available upon entry of any building managed by TRAHC, INC and hand sanitizing stations are placed in high traffic areas of the buildings.             We will continue to watch Covid numbers in our area, evaluate patron and attendee responses, and modify policies as guidelines are updated to ensure safety compliance and continued community support.  Any questions or concerns may be addressed by contacting Texarkana Regional Arts and Humanities Council at 903-792-8681 or Perot Theatre at 903-792-4992. 
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Arkansas House of Representatives 8th Week of 2021 Update

As we wind down the 8th week of the 2021 Regular Session, more than 270 bills have been signed into law. Next week, the House State Agencies and Governmental Affairs Committee will begin hearing proposals for constitutional amendments. According to Joint Rules, the House and Senate can each recommend one amendment, but it must be approved by a majority in both chambers. A 2/3 vote is required by both chambers to introduce a third proposed constitutional amendment. This week, the House passed more than 50 bills, including the following:

HB1061-This bill creates the No Patient Left Alone Act. Continue Reading →

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March 2021, Texarkana, TX- Texarkana College announces the names of more than 220 students who earned a spot on the scholastic honor roll for Fall 2020 by earning high grade point averages (GPA) in twelve or more college-level semester credit hours.  Students on the President’s List earned a 3.8 GPA or higher and students earning GPAs of 3.2 or higher were placed on the Dean’s List. Students in academic and workforce programs are eligible for placement on TC’s honor rolls. “Our students are devoted to excellence when it comes to their college education and setting themselves up for their futures,” said Dr. Jason Smith, TC President. “Many of our students are tasked with overcoming barriers that strain them while trying to complete college; however, they strive to become the best that they can be by staying focused on their coursework. I could not be more proud than to congratulate these high achieving students on a job well done.”

The 2020 Fall President List includes 158 students while the Dean’s List includes 225 students as follows:


Mallory Abbitt

Brittany Adams

Mario Aguilar

Ariana Aguilar

Nicolea Ambris

Veronica Anderson

Edwin Angwenyi

Binamra Aryal

Shanzai Aslam

Denise Austin

Aniyah Azille

Jaisee Bailey

Caroline Baird

Comelia Baker

Kassidy Bartlett

Shanetta Bassett

Claire Bates

Anthony Bennett

Alissa Benzmiller

McKenzie Bishop

Alenna Blaydes

Mary Boley-Finley

Kobe Bonner

David Bramhall

Madison Brannan

Stephanie Brooks

Maia Brown

Josie Bull

Linzy Callaway

Jayce Calloway

Kayleigh Cartwright

Dayanna Cervantes

Trey Colbert

Amber Collum

David Covington

Patricia Cravens

Patti Crawford

Madison Crone

Mallory Dauzat

Peyton Dean

Axel Diaz

Randi Draper

Austin Driver

Tarra Duck

Olivia Duffer

Bracee Eidson

Davianta Ellis

Eddie Estell

Alex Evans

Brady Fant

Alexis Farina

Krista Fincher

Hannah Fitts

Hayle Foster

Chase Foster

Haylee Gammons

Xaziver Gomer

Baylie Graves

Christina Gregory

Taylor Grimm

Karl Halcomb

Allyson Hamilton

Denetrice Hamilton

Kaitlyn Harris

April Hawkins

Blair Hearron

Bobbie Henry

Dawson Hervey

Justin Hopkins

Juan Houff

Alydia Howard

Courtney Hubbard

Jessica Huddleston

Jacklyn Hudson

Elizabeth Hunter

Makil Hunter

Lauren Hurst

Michelle Johnston

Cambree Kerr

Connor Laird

Meyona Lattin

George Lavender

Maria Leyva

Laura Maddox

Heath Maloch

Isidro Mariano

Jose Marquez

Joshua Martindale

Tatianna Mathis

Shunnikia Matlock

Christopher Matlock

Abigail Matteson

Haley McAlexander

Helen McCauley

Emily Mendez

Patrick Mercier

Stephanie Motes

Lisseth Moya-Lopez

Hanna Mullins

Makayla Murphy

Emily Murphy

Kierra Nevill

Thomas Nicholas

Luke Niedens

Chloe Norwood

Virita Oliver

Alan Olvera

Elizabeth Ornberg

Morgan Owen

Jordan Owens

Skyler Pate

Delando Patrick

Anthony Pearce

Tailor Peintner

Austin Perry

Lauren Pippen

Latasha Plunkett

Brandon Powell

Joshua Prasek

Haley Pratt

Augusta Prudhome

Lee Allen Pusag

Emilee Reynolds

Deanne Richardson

Trevor Richey

Abigail Roberts

Deserail Rose

Julia Ryden

Braden Sarrett

Matthew Schreiner

Ikkima Shavers

Kaitlyn Simmons

Dennis Sitzes

Sarah Smith

Justin Smith

Savanna Smith

Robert Smithson

Jacqueline Sneed

Caitlin Soto

Maranda Sprayberry

Julie Stern

Holynd Thomason

Hue Truong

Richard Turner

Trista Underwood

Eveyn Upchurch

Frank Van Kam

Kendall Wells

Nathan Whittington

John Williams

Grace Williams

David Williams

Timothy Willis

Jalen Wilson

Drake Wolfe

Joseph Womack

Shanika Wright

Patricia Wrightner


Destiny Abhulimen

Gabriel Acosta

Joanna Acosta

Kate Adkins

Maria Aguilar

Brittany Alexander

Carrie Almond

Courtney Anderson

Hunter Angerbauer

Tanner Ashmore

Kaitlyn Avila

Candace Ball

Alexandera Barnes

Kailey Barrett

Cannon Batchelor

James Beach

Hannah Birchfield

Brian Blackburn

Ayana Braley-Cruz

Megan Brandon

Chloe Brannan

Bobbie Brannan

Michael Brantley

Kaley Braunitzer

Rachel Briscoe

Christie Brito-Aguilar

Sadie Brooks

Dylan Brown

Hannah Brown

Kevin Buck

Devin Burns

Caley Burnside

Juan Diego Bustamante

Sheridan Byram

Anthony Cannon

Kymberlie Carpenter

Jake Carter

Amber Carver

Brody Chandler

Everett Clinton

Boyd Coleman

Linton Colvin

Westley Cook

Samuel Cooper

Cassidy Cooper

Latresa Crittenden

Hannah Crook

Courtney Crow

Lakenya Crowley

Eliud Cruz

Regina Curley

Robin Currens

Arthur Davenport

Cindy Deleon

Terry Dickerson

Benjamin Dooley

Zachary Doty

Grace Duffer

Jasmine Dunson-Smith

Dawnlee Edwards

Ella Erwin

Matthew Estes

Jackson Feemster

Frankie Floyd

Kyle Foreman

Cheron Fort

Alyssa Fortner

Kaitlyn Fouse

Jaylin Franklin

Daniel Garcia

Stormy Garcia

Courtney George

Austin Gilmore

Memorie Gipson

Brynna Givens

Jalyn Golette

Katrina Golston

James Grandmaison

Abriana Green

Rachel Green

Emily Green

Blake Green

Ariel Greene

Shray Griffin

Amanda Grisham

Courtney Hackney

Jessie Haley

Jeremy Hankins

Trevor Hargrave

Jacob Heifner

Peyton Helms

Taylor Henry

James Hensley

Dustin Higby

Timothy Hillis

Christian Hilt

Rylie Hock

Jasmine Hopkins

Dave Hornbuckle

Hannah House

Kyle Hubbard

Halle Huddle

Shelby Hugg

Logan Hutson

Hannah Ives

Ta’Wayana Johnson

Quarteasha Johnson

Kayla Kelsoe

Jonathan Ketchum

Keyonta King

Klayton Kinney

Haley Latham

Teryn Lomax

Jacob Loosier

Dorian Lott

Jevon Loyd

Diego Maldonado

Dajanee Manley

Keeleigh Martin

Felina Martinez

Arianna May

Gemyia McCoy

Alexandra McHargue

Heather McIntire

Kaitlyn McKinley

Robert McNutt

Mercedes McRoy

Lilybeth Mendez

Natalia Mendez

Anastacia Miller

Trisha Miller

Haylee Miner

Colton Minter

Ashanti Mitchell

Andrea Mitchell

Cheryl Mixon

Aaliya Mixon

Molly Moloney

Logan Moncrief

Jordan Morrow

Kevin Moses-Morse

Jane Mulligan

David Neal

Jamarkis Neal

Mikesha Nelson

Kaylie Nicholson

Matthew Nolen

Tavurus Oguinn

Felycitie Oliver

Amber Oliver

Estefani Olvera

Grace Olvera

Gracie Orr

Mariza Paez

Chloe Page

Jennifer Peacock

Johnny Peavey

Amy Peintner

Tori Penney

Jennifer Perez

Devan Pizzalato

Christopher Plunkett

Haylea Pond

Shyla Pree

Samantha Prince

Jennifer Raney

Anna-Claire Raulston

Janena Reed

Jose Reyes

Jhaley Rhodes

Tanner Rich

Lajessica Ricks

Mya Riles

Alexis Robinson

Austin Robinson

Terry Robison

Brittany Robles

Lizbeth Romo

Shanica Rone

Joseph Russ

Sophia Saldino

Laquellia Sanders

Laura Shipp

Kelly Shumake

Kaytlyn Simmons

Brigitte Smallwood

Jon Smith

Noah Smith

Sarah Smith

Hannah Sparks

George Steenborg

Lilly Steward

Ethan Stewart

Shannon Stewart-Henderson

Haleigh Stone

Dulce Suares

Stoya Taylor

James Taylor

Daniel Thompson

Stacy Tidwell

Brandon Tinsley

Kevin Tommie

Huy Truong

Mikayla Tyler

Adriana Valentine

Devaney Vargas

Chasity Walker

Brent Walker

Chloe Walker

Jordan Walraven

Mandy Watson

Kayliann Weber

Gracelyn Weeks

Edward Weitzel

Nicholas Wendeburg

Brittany Westfall

Lexee Whatley

Vureka White

Payton White

Torry Williams

Jadarius Witcher

Kaylia Woodard

Lateshia Worthy

Julian Wynn

Sakari Wyrick
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New A&M-Texarkana Graduate Nursing Program to Hold Series of Zoom Information Sessions for Prospective Students

TEXARKANA, Texas – The newest nursing program at Texas A&M University-Texarkana, the Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner program, will hold a series of online information and Q&A sessions for students interested in enrolling. The new master’s degree program is set to launch in the fall 2021 semester. The new degree program is one of only a handful of PMHNP programs in the state. “It’s a program that is in high demand,” said TAMUT’s Director of Nursing Dr. Heather McKnight. “Graduates can work in a variety of settings, including hospitals, private clinics, and state agencies.”

“This new program will help to fill a current healthcare void in our region,” said Julie Durand, PMHNP Program Coordinator. Continue Reading →

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ArkLaTex 100 Club to Raise Funds for Local Law Enforcement with 4th Annual Sporting Clay Tournament

The ArkLaTex 100 Club’s fourth annual Pull for Heroes Sporting Clay Tournament is coming up Saturday, Mar 13, 2021 at Rocky Creek Outdoor in Texarkana, Ark. Registration is open for teams and individuals who wish to participate in the shoot. The 100 Club is also seeking sponsors for the event. “Part of the money we raised last year was used to purchase safety and tactical equipment. We’re hoping to raise even more this year,” said Club Founder Gail Eichler. Continue Reading →

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Texas Teachers Now Eligible for COVID Vaccine

TEXARKANA, TX—The Texas Department of State Health Services announced today that teachers in Texas are now eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine. According to a memo released by DSHS, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services directed states yesterday to expand vaccine eligibility to include people who work in school and child care operations. As stated in the federal directive, this includes:

“those who work in pre-primary, primary, and secondary schools, as well as Head Start and Early Head Start programs (including teachers, staff, and bus drivers) and those who work as or for licensed child care providers, including center-based and family care providers.”

In light of this federal directive, all vaccine providers in Texas are directed to immediately include these personnel in vaccination administration. This action does not change the other groups prioritized for vaccination in Texas, and facilities are encouraged to continue your efforts to vaccinate older adults since the burden of COVID-19 falls so severely on people ages 65 and older. Locally, Texas DSHS has reported 23 new Bowie County cases since yesterday for a total of 4,578 positive COVID-19 cases, and 2,004 probable cases with 183 deaths. Continue Reading →

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Governor Abbot’s Executive Order and Texarkana, Texas

TEXARKANA, TX—Governor Greg Abbott announced today that the statewide mask mandate will be lifted, and Texas businesses will be allowed to operate at 100% of capacity after COVID-19 cases appear to be trending downward. His new executive order, EO GA-34, will go into effect next Wednesday, March 10, 2021. Local health authorities and the Bowie County/Texarkana Emergency Operations Center urges you to continue practicing healthy habits to protect our community against COVID-19. These practices include frequent hand washing, social distancing, sanitizing of heavily touched surfaces, and wearing face coverings when needed. Locally, Texas DSHS has reported 180 new Bowie County cases in the past three weeks for a total of 4,555 positive COVID-19 cases, and 1,990 probable cases with 181 deaths. Continue Reading →

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Apply Now for Scholarships at UA Hope-Texarkana

The University of Arkansas Hope-Texarkana recognizes academic achievement by awarding three different institutional scholarships for current graduating high school seniors. UAHT offers the following institutional Scholarships:

Chancellor’s Scholarship

Minimum qualification: Composite score of 25 or higher on the ACTAnnual scholarship amount: $3,000

Honors Scholarship

Minimum qualification: ACT Composite score of 21Annual scholarship amount: $2,000

Bridge Scholarship

Minimum qualification: ACT Composite score of 19Annual scholarship amount: $1,000

Individuals who meet the criteria for the scholarships can download an application at or by contacting the Director of Student Relations at 870-722-8228. The application priority deadline is April 15 of the year of high school graduation. For more information, please call 870-722-8228. Continue Reading →

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Cinco de Mayo Festival to be One of First Major Events at Scissortail Park in 2021

OKLAHOMA CITY – Oklahoma City’s Cinco de Mayo festival is poised to be one of the most exciting outdoor festivals held in 2021. The event, which has been growing in size over the last several years, has now moved to Scissortail Park to allow for an even broader audience in the centrally located downtown area. The festival, taking place on May 2, is free to attend and includes live music, folkloric dancing, activities for children, a parade of horses, and the crowning of Miss Cinco de Mayo. The Oklahoma City Cinco de Mayo Festival is being organized by Scissortail Development Corporation (CDC). Scissortail President Robert Ruiz said it is one of the most authentic Cinco de Mayo celebrations in the United States, owing in large part to Oklahoma City’s “sister city” relationship to the city of Puebla. Continue Reading →

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