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Four States Retirement Group offers Solid Reasons to Consider a Fixed Index Annuity

Texarkana, USA: Carl Standridge of Four States Retirement Group considers fixed index annuity options a number one choice for people planning retirements. A fixed index annuity is a contract between you and an insurance company in which you make a lump-sum payment or series of payments and in return, receive regular income distributions at some point in the future. This type of annuity provides protection of principal in a down market, an opportunity for growth and the interest rate is guaranteed to never be less than zero. These annuities also offer a guaranteed minimum rate no matter if the markets suffer a loss. There are several benefits of a fixed annuity in addition to receiving a steady stream of income in retirement. Many fixed index annuities offer something called a nursing home waiver to help you offset these costs and avoid any surrender penalties when withdrawing funds in these types of emergencies. Continue Reading →

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Governor Abbott announces economic impact of Red River Army Depot

TEXARKANA, TX– Governor Greg Abbott announced Monday the results of a study completed by the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts at the request of the Texas Military Preparedness Commission (TMPC) analyzing the impact on the state’s economy of the various U.S. military installations within Texas. The Comptroller estimates these military installations contributed at least $123.6 billion to the Texas economy in 2019 and supported more than 630,000 jobs in communities across the state. Red River Army Depot is credited with providing 10,566 jobs and an economic impact totaling $1,718,185,000 in 2019. “We’ve been working for a long time to ensure that RRAD is in a good position to withstand any changes that come our way from the federal government and supply and demand needs across the globe,” Dennis Lewis, Commissioner on the Texas Military Preparedness Commission appointed by the Governor, said. “A few volunteers in this community have been working behind the scenes for a long time to ensure that we retain jobs, prepare for workload shifts, and are in a good position should another BRAC ever come along. Continue Reading →

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JC Penney to Close Several Four States Area Stores This Summer

JCPenney released a list of 154 stores to close this summer. It is no secret that JC Penney has been struggling for years financially. Initially, the company sold off most of its Plano, Texas headquarters and closed down a few stores. Despite restructures and redesigns of stores in the last few years, the company stock continues to reach all-time lows as the executives continue to search for ways to increase stability. Now 154 additional stores have been announced for closure this summer. Continue Reading →

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Chamber Event Committee Donates Auction Proceeds to Local Organizations

The Texarkana USA Chamber of Commerce donated $1,600 to two local organizations in Texarkana. The money was raised from a silent auction at the Women in Business Conference in early March. The donation was evenly divided between Domestic Violence Prevention and Haven Homes. “As a committee we wanted to help local non-profits, and we heard about the great things these two organizations are doing in Texarkana,” said Rachael Potter, marketing director for Farmers Bank & Trust. The March event welcomed over 250 women and men for a day of learning and networking. Continue Reading →

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Considering an application to the Leadership Texarkana Class of 2018-19?


Greet and Graze
Monday, June 11, 5:00-6:30 PM
Twisted Fork Restaurant, 5522 Summerhill Road
Visit with past Leadership Texarkana grads to learn more about the Leadership Texarkana Class experience. Join the many hundreds of Texarkana area citizens from every walk of life who are stepping up as LEADERS in WORKING TOGETHER for COMMUNITY EXCELLENCE. RSVP to
Applications deadline: June 23; Apply online today! Why should you apply? As the flagship program of LEADERSHIP TEXARKANA, the annual LT class has provided community leadership development for the advancement of our community and of all participants since 1979. Continue Reading →

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Free Tax Return Assistance

Texarkana, USA -Free in-person tax preparation is available again this year from local AARP volunteers for Tax Aide. Both federal returns and state returns can be prepared, and the volunteers can file electronically for most taxpayers. Special arrangements are required to assist taxpayers claiming the Border City Exemption, but the volunteers are familiar with that and can provide the needed support. Taxpayers must bring Social Security cards for themselves and all dependents, photo ID, all relevant tax forms and records (W-2, SSA-1099, medical expenses, etc.), last year’s tax return and all healthcare insurance documents. Assistance will be available at two sites this year starting in February and ending April 12, the last volunteer workday before this year’s tax filing deadline of Tuesday, April 17. Beginning February 1, on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9 am to 2 pm, at the Southwest Recreation Center, 3222 W. 7th Street, Texarkana, TX, and ending April 12. Continue Reading →

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Fouke Food Pantry Opens with Success

Fouke, AR- The small town of Fouke has a lot going on these days. If you haven’t heard, they have an outstanding Farmers Market, great schools, a growing community, some sort of monster legend, and a mayor that’s….well, we think he’s a pretty good guy. Yesterday that pretty good guy – Mayor Terry Purvis- shared a Facebook post for the Fouke Food Pantry noting that it had just opened last Tuesday and Thursday. Since we honestly did not know this pantry was in operation, we’re thankful to the Mayor for sharing the news….. now it’s our turn…. The pantry is open on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10 am until 2 pm and is located at the Fouke Family Clinic next to the Dollar General Store. They have served well over 50 families in the area and the list may grow. People in the community and friends of Fouke are encouraged to stop by during operations and see what’s going on at the pantry. The post on the site notes that you can come by and “see our community at work.”

The pantry is encouraging people to spread the news not only for the hope of reaching more people in need, but also for the hope of reaching people willing to serve or donate. Currently the pantry is in need of two large freezers and volunteers. We are sure they can also use donations of canned food items and other things. We encourage you to check out their Facebook page at Fouke Food Pantry. Remember, this organization is a non-profit organization – so all you big companies in town, restaurant suppliers, and others keep in mind that you are midway through the year – you may need a few tax write offs come January of 2018 – what better way to get those write offs than driving a large freezer down to Fouke and making a difference in people’s lives? Continue Reading →

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AT&T Expands Access to Unlimited Data

DALLAS, Feb. 16, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Starting tomorrow, AT&T1 will launch a new AT&T Unlimited plan. The plan will be available to all consumer and business postpaid AT&T wireless customers. Whether you love to stream your favorite shows, play games, video chat or simply surf the web, the AT&T Unlimited Plan provides access to what matters most to you. “We’re offering unlimited entertainment on the nation’s best data network where and when you want to enjoy more of what you love,” said David Christopher, Chief Marketing Officer of the AT&T Entertainment Group. Continue Reading →

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Health Inspectors Close China King Buffet


The China King Buffet was closed early Wednesday morning due to a health inspection. Inspectors found evidence of German Roaches, and several ill-prepared foods. The city of Texarkana, Texas issued the letter early this morning and posted notice on the restaurant’s door. While several issues were noted in the inspection, the closure came due to the German Roaches. Social media immediately started to stir with news of the closure. Several post were made indicating that some had ate there as recently as last week. Concern and surprise was indicated by some, while others did not seem surprised in the least. At least one person commented that this type of problem is the reason she does not eat out often. According to online sources the German Roach is considered a small cockroach and can be a little over a half inch long. These roaches are common to restaurants, hotels and public buildings. Unfortunately for the China King Buffet, the German Roach also is one of the fastest roaches to reproduce. Eggs can grow to adulthood in 50-55 days on average. This particular breed is considered successful due to its rapid reproduction and its location within buildings where few predators find it. The roach prefers small areas such as cracks and corners and will often hide just out of site. It is very likely that the China King Buffet can address these roaches with professional help. What waits to be seen, is how the Texarkana and surrounding area residents will feel about returning to the restaurant with a history of roaches and other issues. Continue Reading →

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