Application Deadline for Coronavirus Relief Funds Looms for Local Texas Governments

Carrington Coleman: Funds will help offset COVID-19 payroll pressure The deadline to request Texas Division of Emergency Management (TDEM) Coronavirus Relief Fund (CRF) allocations is Oct. 16, a deadline of critical importance to Texas counties and municipalities seeking assistance in offsetting COVID-19-related payroll costs. “It is important for counties and municipalities to meet this deadline as the state […]

Four States News Expands Social Media Reach

The Four States News (FSN) is proud to announce we have added additional Facebook Groups online. The FSN is a “Community Journalism site.” We focus on events in communities such as church happenings, school events, and other issues often not covered by mainstream media. We are not looking to cover the latest wreck or the […]

Nash Voters: Yes to Beer & Wine Sales, Yes to Mixed Drinks in Restaurants

According to Nash city secretary Jennifer Studdard, all votes have been counted, and the results have been certified. The first measure legalizes the sale of beer and wine from grocery, convenience, and stand-alone stores. The measure does not allow sales of liquor. The measure carried 232 to 195. The second measure legalizes the sale of mixed drinks in restaurants. The measure does not allow stand-alone bars. The measure carried 244 […]