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Texarkana Chamber to Host Engaging Texarkana Conference September 22

TEXARKANA, USA: The Texarkana USA Regional Chamber of Commerce, along with Farmers Bank & Trust and the Texas Pioneer Foundation, will host their third Engaging Texarkana Conference on September 22, 2021. This year’s conference will be hybrid, meaning it will be offered in-person at the Texarkana Texas Convention Center and through an online application accessible by phone or desktop computer. Engaging Texarkana is a one-day learning conference designed to educate businesses on the working world today. Tony Brigmon, former Ambassador of Fun for Southwest Airlines, will bring his high energy and experience to headline the event. “I’m looking forward to being with all of you community professionals on September 22 in Texarkana,” said Brigmon in a pre-conference promotional video. Continue Reading →

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The Muses Brings Family-Friendly Cabaret-StylePerformance to Regional Arts Center

TRAHC to Present TRAHC Hero Awards Prior to Performance

The Texarkana Regional Arts & Humanities Council is bringing a professional cabaret-style troupe of vocalists, dancers and instrumentalists to the Regional Arts Center with The Muses: “Broken Standards”: Fascinating Rhythm on Sept. 11 at 7 p.m. Tickets are $35 at the door, $25 prior to the event and $10 for students. The concert is sponsored by the Patterson-Troike Foundation. TRAHC will give out its 2021 TRAHC Hero awards prior to the concert at 6:45 p.m.

The Muses performance troupe, based in Hot Springs, Ark., blends vastly different musical styles in unexpected ways. Broken Standards juxtaposes early Western European music and early American big band and jazz standards, representing the origin of opera and the birth of jazz. Continue Reading →

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Bowie County Launches their ACT® Work Ready Community Initiative

Texarkana, Texas—Bowie County announced today, they have engaged in the process to become a certified ACT® Work Ready Community (ACT® WRC). This practice demonstrates their commitment to developing a strong workforce pipeline, desirable to employers, economic developers, and current and future citizens of the county. Earlier this year, Miller County began the process and now Bowie County is on board to work with the Texarkana USA Chamber of Commerce and Miller County to enhance our workforce in the Texarkana Region. “Bowie County is excited to work with the Texarkana USA Regional Chamber of Commerce and Miller County to become a certified ACT® Work Ready Community.  This is a regional effort to develop a talent pipeline for our employers, and Bowie County is excited to support this initiative. The ACT® WorkKeys® National Career Readiness Certificate® (ACT® WorkKeys® NCRC®) is the basis for industry-driven efforts that link education, workforce, and economic development,” said Judge Bobby Howell, Bowie County Judge. Continue Reading →

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Brian Matthews, Candidate for Texarkana Texas Mayor, announces town hall meeting

TEXARKANA, TX – Brian Matthews will host a town hall meeting at Bringle Lake Park West Pavilion on August 31 from 6 p.m.-8 p.m. Topics will include COVID-19, the infrastructure bill and economic development. Citizens are asked to bring their lawn chairs. “Candid conversations are essential to learning what we have in common and embracing what makes us unique,” Matthews said. “Our diverse voices are needed to fuel spirited conversations that could potentially lead to plans to solve any unique problem we face. From defending our right to be safe from COVID-19, our right to not be regulated to wear masks, and our desire for the sustainable integrity of our communities and neighborhoods, to equitable city-wide monetary distribution for infrastructure, this town hall meeting allows citizens to be directly involved in the decision-making process and share in finding solutions that improve our city.”

Citizens are welcome to submit their questions prior to the town hall meeting to brian@matthewsformayor.com. Continue Reading →

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TWU Director J.D. Phillips to Retire

TEXARKANA, USA—The Director of the Texarkana Water Utility J.D. Phillips intends to retire on August 30, 2021. Phillips has worked for TWU for 31 years, beginning his career in February of 1990. Phillips began his employment for TWU as the Engineering Manager, and was named Interim Executive Director in 2015. His title as Executive Director became official in May of 2016. Texarkana, Arkansas City Manager Jay Ellington compliments Phillips on his career. Continue Reading →

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Texarkana Arkansas Police Provide School Safety

As summer comes to and end and school gets ready to begin, the Texarkana Arkansas Police Department wants to remind motorist School Zones will be in effect. Texarkana Arkansas Schools start on Tuesday, August 17, 2021 and the Texarkana Arkansas Police Department will be working random school zones to help keep you and your family safe as they head to school. Traffic fines are doubled in school zones and officers will be conducting traffic enforcement within these school zones with zero tolerance. Special emphasis will be placed on speeding violations, use of cell phones as well as careless driving and improper passing. These are a few reminders regarding school safety:

It is illegal to pass a school bus from any direction while the busses’ red lights are flashing.Put your cell phone down!!! Continue Reading →

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Brian Matthews Announces Candidacy for Texarkana Texas Mayor

A&M-Texarkana Professor and Former City Council Member Pledges to Build a Brighter Future in Texarkana, Texas

Brian Matthews

TEXARKANA, TX – A&M Texarkana professor and former city council member Brian Matthews will host a campaign kick-off for his candidacy for Texarkana, Texas Mayor from 6-8 p.m. on July 29 at Twin City Church of Christ, 2101 Texas Blvd. in Texarkana, Texas. The election will take place on Nov. 2, 2021. “I believe that the success of Texarkana, Texas depends on unlocking the potential of each citizen and innovating that potential at the city and community levels,” Matthews said. Continue Reading →

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Texarkana calls for Public Art proposals

TEXARKANA, TX- The Texarkana Arts & Historic District is calling for public art proposals to complete a series of outdoor found-object sculptures to be featured in downtown Texarkana called Bending the Rules III: George Tobolowsky & Friends Public Art Exhibit. Proposals should be focused on celebrating Texarkana’s State Line Avenue and the joining of two states in the downtown district. Finished pieces will be featured surrounding the U.S. Federal Courthouse & Post Office along with Veterans Memorial Park. There will be a total of three proposals chosen, and each artist will have the opportunity to work with internationally acclaimed found-object artist, George Toblowsky. Artists will be reimbursed for up to $500 of material costs. Continue Reading →

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2A Fun Shoot in Texarkana on August 14

2A Fun Shoot

Texarkana, AR: The Miller County Republican Committee (MCRC) will host its first 2A Fun Shoot at Rocky Creek Outdoors in Texarkana, Arkansas, on Saturday, August 14. Those interested can obtain additional information online. The event will include several contests throughout the day and starts at 8 a.m. Participants may join one or all events. Events will consist of a 100 Sporting Clay event, 5-Stand event, 50 Target 16 Yard Trap event, and more.

Registration is online, and participants are not required to pay until arrival at Rocky Creek Outdoors. There will be a raffle and door prizes as well. Continue Reading →

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TWU -Temporary Change to Water Disinfection Procedures


Texarkana Water Utilities (TWU) will begin a temporary change to the method of disinfecting our drinking water beginning July 19 and lasting about eight weeks.  The water will remain safe to drink throughout the process.  TWU normally uses chloramine, a mixture of ammonia and chlorine, to disinfect water.  Beginning Monday, July 19 and for approximately eight weeks TWU will use chlorine only, also known as “free chlorine”.  The periodic temporary conversion from chloramine to free chlorine is a widely used preventative maintenance procedure for municipal water systems in both Texas and Arkansas. TWU previously performed this procedure in March-April 2015 and February-March 2018, October-November 2019. Over time minerals may attach to pipes and release when there are changes in pressure that may result in discoloration.  Other processes such as nitrification and the growth of biofilm may also occur in water distribution pipes.  The biofilm growth can cause a reduction in the effectiveness of residual disinfectants over time.  The use of free chlorine will help cleanse the lines, reduce the occurrence of nitrification and biofilm, and ensure that we provide quality water for the customers served by TWU. Citizens may see more flushing of fire hydrants by TWU staff during this process.  Certain water lines with low flow must be flushed more often to ensure the free chlorinated water is adequately moving through the water distribution system. Free chlorine is a stronger disinfectant than chloramine.  As a result, some water-users may experience a slight change in the aesthetics of their water during the conversion, including a noticeable “chlorine odor” and slight discoloration.  This should lessen after a couple of weeks and does not affect the safety of the water supply. Continue Reading →

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