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Miller County Launches ACT® Work Ready Community Initiative

Texarkana, Arkansas—Miller County announced today, they have engaged in the process to become a certified ACT® Work Ready Communities (ACT® WRC). This practice demonstrates their commitment to developing a strong workforce pipeline, desirable to employers, economic developers, and current and future citizens of the county. “Miller County is excited to partner with the Texarkana USA Regional Chamber of Commerce to launch ACT® Work Ready Communities initiatives that use the ACT® WorkKeys® NCRC® as the basis for industry-driven efforts that link education, workforce, and economic development,” said Judge Cathy Harrison, Miller County Judge. The ACT® Work Ready Communities (ACT® WRC) initiative empowers states, regions and counties with data, processes and tools that drive economic growth by identifying skills gaps and quantifying the skill level of their workforce. Participants leverage the ACT® WorkKeys® National Career Readiness Certificate® (ACT® WorkKeys® NCRC®) to measure and close skills gaps and build common frameworks that link, align, and match their workforce development efforts. Continue Reading →

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Miller County COVID-19 Vaccination Clinic

Miller County, AR: The Miller County Office of Emergency Management has teamed up with College Hill Drug and Lansdell Family Clinic to provide a COVID-19 vaccination clinic Saturday, March 6th from 9am-5pm at the Arkansas High School Razorback Gym located at 1500 Jefferson in Texarkana, AR. Miller County recently began receiving larger shipments of the vaccine and the pharmacies need a larger venue for the rollout. Director Joe Bennett of Emergency Management said, “Coordination efforts between OEM, Texarkana Arkansas School District, Rotary Club of Texarkana, College Hill Drug, Health Mart and various medical facilities have resulted in providing this service to citizens aged 65 and over, staff and faculty at educational facilities, medical personnel and emergency responders, and newly approved to receive the vaccination; agricultural workers and poultry processing workers in the poultry industry, all of which are included in the Phase 1A-1B category.”

Currently, there are approximately 1400 people signed up on the College Hill Drug vaccination web site. OEM receives phone calls daily from citizens who say they have signed up but not have been called. Often, it is revealed that a call was made to the individual but not answered due to a non-recognized phone number. Continue Reading →

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Water Damage Forces Miller County Courthouse to Move

Moving help continues to be needed. Damage posted 2-19 on the Miller County Facebook Page

Miller County, AR: According to Miller County Judge Cathy Hardin-Harrison, the contents of the entire Miller County Courthouse must be moved quickly to allow for repairs. During the recent snow and ice storm, the courthouse was damaged when water pipes burst throughout the building during power outages. The damage was most significant in the basement, first and second floors. Several pictures online have showcased the extent of the damage and local news outlets have carried the story. Continue Reading →

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Miller County Encourages Fuel Conservation During Shortage

The fuel situation in our region is stressed, some convenience stores have sold out or closed due to a lack of fuel truck transportation. If possible, we need the conserve the fuel in our area for emergency response vehicles and utility company trucks and personnel. OEM has made arrangements for fuel trucks to deliver to specific gas stations and realizes this will be an inconvenience for the public for the next 48 hours. Hopefully, the roads will clear, and transportation of goods and services can resume within the next two days. Miller County OEM Director, Joe Bennett asks the citizens of our area to please be patient. Continue Reading →

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Miller County Courthouse Closed Until Monday

Cathy Hardin-Harrison

Miller County, AR: A report on social media from Miller County Judge Cathy Hardin-Harrison has indicated the Miller County Courthouse will remain closed until Monday February 22. The courthouse suffered a broken pipe due to freezing. The second and first floors along with the basement have been flooded. The elevator is currently offline due to flooding in the elevator shaft. According to the Judge, crews are currently cleaning and repairing. Continue Reading →

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Miller County Republican Committee to host Monthly Meeting

February 9 at 6:30 p.m. 2nd Floor of the Miller County Courthouse

Leon Jones, Jr. *

Miller County, AR- The Miller County Republican Committee will hold a monthly meeting at the Miller County Courthouse in Texarkana, Arkansas, on Tuesday. The meeting will start at 6:30 p.m. with guest speaker Leon Jones, Jr. Leon Jones has announced his candidacy for Arkansas Attorney General’s position. Jones announced his candidacy on January 28 on a weekly radio show. Jones will run in the primary as a Republican. After the guest speaker, there will be a brief intermission to allow members and visitors to speak with Mr. Jones. Continue Reading →

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Update on information to citizens of Miller County on COVID vaccinations

As per Governor Hutchinson’s address last week, the rollout of the COVID-19 vaccine began across Arkansas on January 18th. Two participating pharmacies in Miller County received very few doses and only have about 100 each remaining between College Hill Drug and Wal Mart. Those doses are expected to be exhausted by Wednesday. As more doses are allotted to the county, the pharmacies will contact Emergency Management. Currently, the pharmacies are preparing for all of Phase 1B which includes the three school districts in Miller County, childcare, agricultural workers, and several other categories listed in the most recent COVID vaccination guide to phase 1. Continue Reading →

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Information for the citizens of Miller County on vaccinations of COVID-19.

As of this release (1-13-21) The Arkansas Department of Health has yet to provide a viable, thorough, and completed State Vaccination Plan. Miller County Director of Emergency Management Joe Bennett said, “Under limited guidance from the Arkansas Department of Health, Miller County is doing our best and currently working with area community-based pharmacies on the coordination of Phase 1-A criteria as very limited shipments of the vaccine have arrived for our front line medical and 1st Responder personnel.” “No vaccines have arrived for the phase 1-B group, but citizens can contact local participating pharmacies to sign up or contact the Miller County Health Unit who is the lead agency with the COVID-19 Pandemic.”

Pharmacies in Miller County are presently administering vaccines to Phase 1-A group. Miller County has not begun Phase 1B as very few doses have arrived. Below is information provided by the Arkansas Department of Health. Vaccines from pharmaceutical companies Pfizer and Moderna have been granted emergency use authorization, meaning doses can administered in the U.S., including in Arkansas.The data from the Pfizer and Moderna clinical trials have been carefully reviewed and the FDA signed off on recommendations that found them to be both safe and effective with no significant safety concerns identified.A robust system is in place to evaluate safety of the vaccines even after they are in use.There won’t be enough vaccine initially for all adults who want to receive it. Continue Reading →

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County Committee Named “Best Overall County” in Arkansas

Miller County, AR: On Saturday December 5, the Republican Party of Arkansas held a statewide meeting and named the Miller County Republican Committee (MCRC) the “Best Overall County” in the state for 2020. There are seventy-two counties in the state of Arkansas with operating Republican committees. Currently all the state Constitutional offices are held by Republicans as well as all Congressional offices. The party also enjoys a majority at the capital in both the Arkansas House and Arkansas Senate. The Miller County Republican Committee was recognized as “Best Overall County” for work to help elect Republican candidates on a county, state and national level. Continue Reading →

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Local Man Honored with Prestigious Fourth District Republican Award

Bill Poynter

Arkansas: Bill Poynter has been a Republican in Arkansas longer than any other member of the party. Poynter, an oil and gas consultant by trade, has served on several state committees, campaign committees, and the local committee for longer than most politicians in the state have been in office. Poynter started his journey as a Republican in 1952.

From his time at Arkansas High, through college at Arkansas Tech University in Russellville, Poynter worked tirelessly as a Young Republican, College Republican, and member of the state and local Miller County Republican Committee. Poynter played a key role in Reagan’s campaign visit to Texarkana. According to the book Heroes and Heroines of The Journey, The Builders of the Modern Republican Party in Arkansas, by Dr. Ken Coon, Poynter served as a key adviser to Governor Rockefeller, helped form the USA Young Republicans, and served as Miller County Committee Chairman from 1962-1982. He has served and continues to serve as State Committeeman for Miller County.

Bill Poynter, a name mentioned and immediately known by Presidents, Governors, and Congressional leaders was honored Saturday with one of the party’s top honors from the state for the Fourth Congressional District. Poynter received the prestigious “Jay Dickey Party Builder Award.” The award, named after former Congressman Jay Dickey, was made to recognize those who contribute to the party’s growth and promotion on a local and district level. Miller County and area residents will recognize Poynter as a daily worker at the county headquarters during the 2020 election season. Despite COVID concerns and the high traffic the headquarters received, Poynter insisted on being present, working, and helping in all aspects of the campaign.

The award was received by Miller County Republican Committee Chair Diana Lowe on behalf of Poynter who was unable to attend the state meeting this year. Lowe and the committee immediately recognized Poynter on the committee’s Facebook page and through social media.
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