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Information for the citizens of Miller County on vaccinations of COVID-19.

As of this release (1-13-21) The Arkansas Department of Health has yet to provide a viable, thorough, and completed State Vaccination Plan. Miller County Director of Emergency Management Joe Bennett said, “Under limited guidance from the Arkansas Department of Health, Miller County is doing our best and currently working with area community-based pharmacies on the coordination of Phase 1-A criteria as very limited shipments of the vaccine have arrived for our front line medical and 1st Responder personnel.” “No vaccines have arrived for the phase 1-B group, but citizens can contact local participating pharmacies to sign up or contact the Miller County Health Unit who is the lead agency with the COVID-19 Pandemic.”

Pharmacies in Miller County are presently administering vaccines to Phase 1-A group. Miller County has not begun Phase 1B as very few doses have arrived. Below is information provided by the Arkansas Department of Health. Vaccines from pharmaceutical companies Pfizer and Moderna have been granted emergency use authorization, meaning doses can administered in the U.S., including in Arkansas.The data from the Pfizer and Moderna clinical trials have been carefully reviewed and the FDA signed off on recommendations that found them to be both safe and effective with no significant safety concerns identified.A robust system is in place to evaluate safety of the vaccines even after they are in use.There won’t be enough vaccine initially for all adults who want to receive it. Continue Reading →

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County Committee Named “Best Overall County” in Arkansas

Miller County, AR: On Saturday December 5, the Republican Party of Arkansas held a statewide meeting and named the Miller County Republican Committee (MCRC) the “Best Overall County” in the state for 2020. There are seventy-two counties in the state of Arkansas with operating Republican committees. Currently all the state Constitutional offices are held by Republicans as well as all Congressional offices. The party also enjoys a majority at the capital in both the Arkansas House and Arkansas Senate. The Miller County Republican Committee was recognized as “Best Overall County” for work to help elect Republican candidates on a county, state and national level. Continue Reading →

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Local Man Honored with Prestigious Fourth District Republican Award

Bill Poynter

Arkansas: Bill Poynter has been a Republican in Arkansas longer than any other member of the party. Poynter, an oil and gas consultant by trade, has served on several state committees, campaign committees, and the local committee for longer than most politicians in the state have been in office. Poynter started his journey as a Republican in 1952.

From his time at Arkansas High, through college at Arkansas Tech University in Russellville, Poynter worked tirelessly as a Young Republican, College Republican, and member of the state and local Miller County Republican Committee. Poynter played a key role in Reagan’s campaign visit to Texarkana. According to the book Heroes and Heroines of The Journey, The Builders of the Modern Republican Party in Arkansas, by Dr. Ken Coon, Poynter served as a key adviser to Governor Rockefeller, helped form the USA Young Republicans, and served as Miller County Committee Chairman from 1962-1982. He has served and continues to serve as State Committeeman for Miller County.

Bill Poynter, a name mentioned and immediately known by Presidents, Governors, and Congressional leaders was honored Saturday with one of the party’s top honors from the state for the Fourth Congressional District. Poynter received the prestigious “Jay Dickey Party Builder Award.” The award, named after former Congressman Jay Dickey, was made to recognize those who contribute to the party’s growth and promotion on a local and district level. Miller County and area residents will recognize Poynter as a daily worker at the county headquarters during the 2020 election season. Despite COVID concerns and the high traffic the headquarters received, Poynter insisted on being present, working, and helping in all aspects of the campaign.

The award was received by Miller County Republican Committee Chair Diana Lowe on behalf of Poynter who was unable to attend the state meeting this year. Lowe and the committee immediately recognized Poynter on the committee’s Facebook page and through social media.
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Doddridge Christmas in The Park

Christmas at the Park

November 28 at 5 p.m.

Doddridge, AR- On November 26 Thanksgiving will fill your hearts with family love and your waistline with calories, so why not take a trip to the park on Saturday? Saturday, November 28th, and just in time to walk off some of those calories, Doddridge will host “Christmas in the Park.” Don’t’ miss this opportunity for exercise…err…some fun with the family at the park! Doddridge Christmas in the Park has been referred to as a “Lifetime movie” by one Miller County elected official on social media. The event offers a glimpse of Christmas in the closing days of November. Continue Reading →

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Charles Cooper Announces Candidacy for Fouke City Council

Charles Cooper

Fouke, AR: As the election day draws near, I would like to introduce myself to the citizens of Fouke, Arkansas. My name is Charles Lynn Cooper, and I am running for Fouke City Council, Ward 3 Place 2. I am a lifetime resident of Fouke. I attended school at Fouke Public Schools, Texarkana College, Texas A&M, Texarkana, and U of A at Cossatot. I am currently semi-retired. Continue Reading →

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Fouke Monster Halloween Bash at Smith Park

Events October 30-November 1 for Halloween Weekend

Miller County, AR: This year Halloween will be unique because instead of tricks, many people will be worried about COVID. It goes without saying that this “Season of the Ghost and Goblins” will be like none in recent memory. Those worried about COVID are being encouraged to not let it ruin your fun. A weekend-long event is about to start at Smith Park in Miller County. Starting Friday, October 30, and going into Sunday, November 1, Smith Park will host the Fouke Monster Halloween Bash. Continue Reading →

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Miller County Republican Women Announce New Officers

Miller County, AR: The Miller County Republican Women wish to announce the selection of new officers for 2021-2022. Citizens of Miller County will recognize the new President of the organization, Miller County Judge Cathy Hardin Harrison. Harrison currently serves as the first female judge of Miller County, Arkansas. Other officers elected include Vice-President Nancy Herron. Herron is the Miller County Assessor. Continue Reading →

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Congressman Westerman to speak at Miller County Republican Committee Meeting


Congressman Bruce Westerman

Miller County, AR: Congressman Bruce Westerman will be the guest speaker at the Tuesday evening meeting of the Miller County Republican Committee. The meeting will start at 6:30 p.m. with Congressman Westerman speaking. There will be a short intermission between the speaker and the business portion of the meeting. The meeting will be held at 1022 Arkansas Blvd in Texarkana, Arkansas. This will be the last meeting of the Miller County Republican Committee before the general election. Continue Reading →

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Application Deadline for Coronavirus Relief Funds Looms for Local Texas Governments

Carrington Coleman: Funds will help offset COVID-19 payroll pressure

The deadline to request Texas Division of Emergency Management (TDEM) Coronavirus Relief Fund (CRF) allocations is Oct. 16, a deadline of critical importance to Texas counties and municipalities seeking assistance in offsetting COVID-19-related payroll costs. “It is important for counties and municipalities to meet this deadline as the state has made it clear there will be no extensions,” said Dallas attorney Bruce Hendrick, who leads the team at Carrington Coleman Sloman & Blumenthal assisting governments with the preparation of their applications requesting their initial 20 percent funding allotment. “If there is any question about the need for the funds, we recommend going forward with the request,” Mr. Hendrick said. “If a decision is subsequently made not to use the funds, they simply must be returned to the state by December 15. Continue Reading →

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