Arkansas HB 1236 – Can We Protect Freedom and Family?

Arkansas – There is a very old saying that still circulates today that states, “If you give an inch, they will take a mile.” It would be wise for Arkansas legislators, voters, and the courts to keep this old saying in mind while considering HB 1236 ( The bill would essentially make it a crime […]

CableOne – Is it time to do away with bandwidth limits?

  Bandwidth is a term associated with the amount of data you use. People have had bandwidth to deal with for as long as the Internet has been cellular, cable, and DSL in format and with some companies even by telephone usage, but that was long ago. We have all likely seen the commercials or […]

Who Will Control Your Internet?

Companies such as Intel, Yahoo, Nortel, Cisco Systems, Motorola, and Sun have been working with oppressive governments to control the Internet. Is the US next?