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Classic No More: Arkansas Has Gained National Attention

Letter/Opinion: Recently, House Bill “HB1496 – TO AMEND THE LAW CONCERNING ANTIQUE MOTOR VEHICLE SPECIAL LICENSE PLATES,” was passed, after being twice defeated by the House. The Bill, now known as Act 368, was submitted three times by Rep Fortner of Yellville.  Then it passed. 

According to an article published by Hemmings Motor News last March, Fortner “makes no bones about this bill being a reflection of his own personal outlook on collector cars in Arkansas”. A vendetta.  Fortner, whose bio states that he is a “businessman,” may also have some personal gains to achieve seeing as how he, himself, has been involved with the automobile industry here in Arkansas for several years. The Hemmings Motor News article (Daniel Strohl, March 20, 2019), titled “Despite prior opposition, new Arkansas law increases antique vehicle cutoff from 25 to 45 years,” stated that Fortner, a collector himself, made his “personal view clear in local media interviews, at the time, that his actual purpose in proposing the 45-year cutoff was to impose his personal outlook on collector cars on Arkansas law.”  Is this really why we have “elected representation” in government?  I am also curious, did collector Fortner sell his affected vehicles prior to instituting this new law? The article further quoted Rep. Fortner saying:  “There are some special interest cars from the ’90s, but there are no historic cars from the ’90s,” he told Little Rock television station KATV. Continue Reading →

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Spayed, Neutered and Vaccinated Cats for Good Home

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To the Editor:

On July 4, 2017, my neighbor’s Pit Bull dog attacked my cat
Booker on my front porch.  I heard the
attack and saw the dog.  Booker managed
to escape unharmed. I believe this same Pit Bull attacked my elderly eleven year old
cat Hootie, a year prior, on May 5, 2016. 
Hootie’s leg was broken at that time and he required long, difficult and
expensive treatment. A few months after Hootie’s recovery, I believe the Pit Bull
attacked him a second time.  Hootie’s leg
was re-broken so badly that it couldn’t be reset. For over a year the Pit Bull regularly escaped from his yard
and ran loose in my neighborhood.  He
came into my yard and chased my terrified cats and ate their food. Whenever I saw the dog in my yard I called the City of New
Boston and asked that Animal Control be sent to return the dog to his
home.  I called for assistance between 25
and 30 times.  On some days the Pit Bull
escaped his yard multiple times. Continue Reading →

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