In my funeral and grief counseling practice, clients often ask me how to recognize when they should seek professional assistance with grief. The following five factors are my “Go-To” list for consideration. If a survivor finds that any of these factors apply, I suggest that they consider enlisting assistance with grief recovery immediately. FACTORS THAT […]


I buried a man this past week who as a young child was adopted. His children wanted his biological parents, as well as his adopted parents, listed on his death certificates. Unfortunately, death certificates in the state of Texas, and I believe nationwide, do not allow this. Perhaps death certificates restrict listing adoption information in […]


Earlier this year I had the privilege of being in Maryland for my granddaughter’s birth. While I was there, my husband and I wanted to take our other grandchildren, her siblings, to Chesapeake Bay to walk the pier and enjoy ice cream sundaes together.  As we walked the pier, enjoying the cool breeze and melodious […]