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Patience is the ability to hold yourself in check until the change you seek materializes. It is rarely comfortable for change requires purpose, application, growth, and movement. Whether the change we seek is within ourselves, or in those around us, the application of patience, although long-suffering, may bring about great rewards. ~Tracy Lee

When suffering a significant loss, recovery may require months, and in some cases years to materialize. Recovery does not happen overnight. Continue Reading →

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4 Steps to Recovery

Mourning Coffee, by Tracy Renee Lee

I have often written about the first key to recovery. GREIF BRIEF 208 


The first key is recovery is to DECIDE TO RECOVER. (Mourning Light III, Tracy Lee)

Following the first key, would be the second key. 



While the first key to recovery is to decide to recover, the second key to recovery is to discover your purpose in life. 

Without a purpose in life, it is impossible to recover to an acceptable standard of comfort. 

You must have a purpose, a direction on which to focus your heart, mind, and efforts. Without such a purpose, your mind will dwell on the pain of your loss, and soon you will drown in anguish. 

Your will alone will not bring total recovery. You must merge it with your mind’s ability to intellectually discern your purpose; your heart’s desire to serve, love, and accomplish that purpose; and your efforts to achieve your purposeful goals. 

With profound purpose, your soul will redirect your energies toward its accomplishment, and the by-product will be grief recovery. Continue Reading →

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Because COVID 19 ravaged many levels of our existence, its affects encompass losses of life, income, friendship, companionship, jobs, homes, self-esteem, etc. These losses usher grief into our lives. Grief is a wild beast. It is bigger than you are and it infiltrates all aspects of your life and soul. Because of the enormity of grief, it is recommended that you enlist the assistance of someone or something bigger than yourself. 

In my last article, I promised to share with you the secret to drawing on your inner strength to overcome the ravages of grief. Continue Reading →

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In one’s journey to grief recovery, one must first and foremost decide to recover. Without your decision to do so, recovery will not materialize. No one can recover for you. You alone must seek and obtain this recovery for yourself. Of course, there are others along the way that can and will assist you; however, if you want recovery, you must obtain it yourself. Continue Reading →

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Today is Easter, it is morning, and I am visiting the beautiful state of Georgia. I am at my brother-in-law’s home near Savannah, and as I sit at his breakfast table, I can look out of his enormous bay windows into his backyard. His yard is filled with a small herd of deer, whom he calls his girls, waiting anxiously for him to rise and feed them buckets of sweet corn. Just behind these lovely does is a sandy bank where his pond, glimmering with the morning sun, greets my gaze with the promise and beauty of Christ’s gifts of redemption and love. My brother-in-law’s home is a tranquil retreat from the world that bombards my heart with strife and turmoil. Continue Reading →

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When a loved one dies, a next of kin steps forward and arranges final services for their loved one. If the decedent has avoided preparation for his/her services, this task may become very daunting for the next of kin. Indeed, the next of kin may be pressured by others who feel that their relationship with the decedent was more intimate and that therefore, their wishes should supersede the funeral service choices set forth by the actual next of kin. As next of kin, if you have not had any conversation with your loved one prior to his/her death, making serious decisions on their behalf can be stressful and difficult. You may find yourself second-guessing what the decedent might have wanted and what is affordable within a practical budget. The easiest way to navigate these difficulties is to broach this conversation before the events transpire. Continue Reading →

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About two months ago, a client of mine was traveling home on a backwoods country road after dining at his favorite café. My husband and I often dine at this café as well. Shortly after his death, his wife passed away. 

This past weekend, my husband and I were dining at this café, when one of my client’s adult daughters came in for a takeout order. I waved at her and she approached our table. I stood up to hug her and ask her how she is doing. Continue Reading →

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Autopsies are generally ordered when someone dies unaccompanied or unattended. An unaccompanied death is a death that occurs where a person is alone and remains undiscovered for a period of time. An unattended death is a death that occurs when a person dies for no apparent reason and is not under the care of a physician. These two types of death raise questions associated with the reasons or causes of death. In these cases, the certifying death authority will, in most cases, order an autopsy. Continue Reading →

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Wow, today is my grandson’s 3rd birthday. It is also the 3rd anniversary of his death. Recovering from his loss has been a painful journey, but I think that this year, we will finally be able to celebrate his birthday with more cheer than heartache. My family has so much to be thankful for. We are expecting a new grandbaby’s birth in just a few weeks from now, and we have other grandchildren that we love and adore. Continue Reading →

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