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One of the most effective recovery techniques available is to recount your experience. Some friends are more tolerant than others when it comes to listening to your grief experiences. Sometimes your pain causes them pain. If you find your need to recount your experience is greater than your friends can bear, seek out a professional counselor. Their work is to listen and they will be able to help you channel your experience in a positive recovery direction. Continue Reading →

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Scams and scammers are as foul as vulture vomit. 

Over the last decade, I have experienced more than my tolerance level allows of nefarious infiltration to my email accounts, my cell phones, my banking accounts, my computers, and even my personal identity. I’m fairly certain that you have too. Dishonest people, intent on stealing any and everything they possibly can from us, just won’t let up. 

I was once directing a funeral (which typically runs one hour) and during that time, I received 43 robocalls. Seriously, can you imagine your cell phone ringing (silently, of course) 43 times during a period of one hour, while trying to direct a funeral? By the time that service ended, I was a wreck. Continue Reading →

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Mourning Coffee, by Tracy Renee Lee

My husband and I usually spend Christmas with at least one of our three girls. This Christmas, however, would be different than any other before. Christmas 2020 would be spent with my husband’s brother who resides on the east coast and is very ill. 

Each of our girls lives very far from home, so when circumstances changed on the night before we were to embark on our holiday travel plans, it was too late to be able to restructure our holiday season to see them. Such disappointment weighed very heavily upon my soul and for me, Christmas was ruined. 

I tried to understand, but as the days faded away, I found that my emotions went from anger to sorrow. By the time Christmas Eve came, I was feeling pretty sorry for myself. Continue Reading →

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When I was a teenager, my parents always allowed stray kids to stay with our family. In fact, at one point my parents had so many extra children staying with us, that my dad rented a building that had, in its past, functioned as a college dormitory. In renting this building which functioned as our home, he provided enough room for everyone to have their own private space. He also provided a refrigerator of sodas and snacks for anyone who was hungry or thirsty on the back porch, as well as three meals a day. Our home was always a popular house in the neighborhood. Continue Reading →

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While perusing Pinterest this past weekend, I came upon an article entitled “Ten Things the (Shady) Funeral Home Won’t Tell You.” ( Owning a funeral home myself, I instantly clicked on the article for comparison. I found the article interesting. Talking about death is often difficult, yet discussing and pre-planning can alleviate many problems that may surface if wishes have not been vocalized. The article begins with a ten-point list of shady funeral home practices. Number one states, “You should pre-plan, but don’t pre-pay.”

I must admit, I went into this article thinking that I would not agree with anything it had to say, however, the very first point, was spot on for me. Continue Reading →

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I attended a Veterans Day event this past week. A woman spoke about her son’s military service, her pride in his sacrifices, her fears for his safety, and the sadness and insecurities brought on by the deaths of his fellow service members. She said that she attended the funerals, one by one, of his fallen buddies. As she stood at the cemetery of one of the services, she specifically told the honor guard that she never wanted one of those flags nor to hear the rifles fire in her son’s honor. To her good fortune, her son survived his service to our great nation. Continue Reading →

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I woke up early this morning. My mind became occupied with my daily task list. The first task being my article. I was supposed to write it four days ago, but my daughter and her children are visiting. Therefore, my daily task list has been pushed each day to today, the last day of the workweek. Continue Reading →

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The death of one’s spouse requires infinite adjustments in one’s life. Whether one is senior or youthful, the reliance one has upon the other is mammoth. The personalities of selves; meld, and their union creates a new identity consisting of two who function as one. This joining of love and complete commitment to each other magnifies the power, ability, and motivation of their union to a never before realized invincibility. If the two remain committed through life, death brings devastation of the soul. Continue Reading →

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