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Lawmakers Express Concerns with Biden Administration’s IRS Proposal

The letter expresses serious privacy implications for the American taxpayer and compliance burdens for our financial institutions related to a new proposal, which was included in the Biden Administration’s proposed American Families Plan

Washington, DC— September 13, 2021…Today, Congressman Steve Womack (AR-3) joined Congressman Tom Emmer (MN-6) and other lawmakers in sending a letter to Speaker Pelosi, Ways and Means Chair Neal, Department of Treasury Secretary Yellen, and Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Commissioner Rettig to express concern with a recent IRS data collection proposal that will increase tax information reporting requirements on financial institutions. Specifically, the proposal would require financial institutions and other financial services providers to report certain transaction-level data as well as information about the outflows and inflows on accounts over $600 to the IRS every year. The requirements of this proposal would impose significant compliance costs on our banks, credit unions, and related financial institutions, but also infringe on the privacy of millions of Americans. Read the full letter below or here:

Dear Speaker Pelosi, Chairman Neal, Secretary Yellen, and Commissioner Rettig:

We are concerned about a recent IRS data collection proposal to increase tax information reporting requirements on financial institutions, which we do not believe are necessary or helpful toward closing the “tax gap.” 

The recent spending proposal to include new tax information reporting requirements for financial institutions would not only impose significant compliance costs on our banks, credit unions, and related financial institutions that have served as the backbone of this economy these past 18 months, but also infringe on the privacy of millions of Americans. Specifically, such a proposal would require financial institutions and other financial services providers report information about the outflows and inflows on accounts over $600 to the IRS every year. Continue Reading →

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Womack Statement on 20th Anniversary of 9/11

Washington, DC—September 11, 2021….Congressman Steve Womack (AR-3) released the below statement on the 20th anniversary of the September 11th attacks:

“20 years ago, terrorists attacked our nation because of the freedom and ideals it embodies. We will always honor the innocent lives taken from us and the heroism shown in the immediate moments—and years—since that fateful day. The loss we relive is a reminder of everything we must never forget to protect. On this solemn anniversary, we hold our fallen and their families in our hearts and remember the unyielding resolve that carried us forward. United, we will always stand stronger. Continue Reading →

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Rep. Gohmert Issues Statement for 20th Anniversary of September 11

Louie Gohmert, US Representative, TX 1st Congressional District

Louie GohmertUS RepresentativeTX 1st Congressional District

“This year marks 20 years since the 9/11 attacks; a day that forever changed the lives of those who lived through it and those worldwide who watched in horror as the barbarity unfolded on our television screens. Today is a day to solemnly remember those 2,977 innocent Americans who lost their lives simply because they went to work or boarded a plane. “They were murdered by terrorists who embodied the purest form of evil, who could work with, travel with, seek enjoyment with people whom they looked forward to mass murdering. They used planes carrying people full of hope to loved ones or to work they had eagerly anticipated, but they used the planes as instruments of slaughter. The murderers were joined in spirit with sadists who jumped for joy on seeing live footage of people who jumped from 100 stories up to avoid being burned to death. The al Qaeda terrorist group led by Osama bin Laden was responsible, but they were given safe haven to plan and carry out this barbarous attack by the very Taliban terrorists President Biden has armed and empowered in Afghanistan today. Continue Reading →

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Arkansas House of Representatives Update 9-10-2021

There are three legislative meetings scheduled this month to review proposals for congressional redistricting. Arkansans are welcome to attend these meetings and comment on the proposals. The proposals will be outlined in bills drafted by legislators. We have provided a link to the bills at www.arkansashouse.org. The House and Senate State Agencies and Governmental Affairs Committees will be meeting jointly in the MAC building located directly behind the State Capitol. Continue Reading →

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Arkansas House of Representatives Update 9-3-21

Rice is grown in over 40 Arkansas counties. The crop contributes billions to the state’s economy and accounts for approximately 25,000 jobs, crucial to rural communities. September is National Rice Month, a month-long celebration of all things rice. In Arkansas, we have a great deal to celebrate. Our state is home to 2,300 rice farms and 96% of those farms are family owned and operated. Our farmers produce more than 9 billion pounds of rice each year. Continue Reading →

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Brian Matthews, Candidate for Texarkana Texas Mayor, announces town hall meeting

TEXARKANA, TX – Brian Matthews will host a town hall meeting at Bringle Lake Park West Pavilion on August 31 from 6 p.m.-8 p.m. Topics will include COVID-19, the infrastructure bill and economic development. Citizens are asked to bring their lawn chairs. “Candid conversations are essential to learning what we have in common and embracing what makes us unique,” Matthews said. “Our diverse voices are needed to fuel spirited conversations that could potentially lead to plans to solve any unique problem we face. From defending our right to be safe from COVID-19, our right to not be regulated to wear masks, and our desire for the sustainable integrity of our communities and neighborhoods, to equitable city-wide monetary distribution for infrastructure, this town hall meeting allows citizens to be directly involved in the decision-making process and share in finding solutions that improve our city.”

Citizens are welcome to submit their questions prior to the town hall meeting to brian@matthewsformayor.com. Continue Reading →

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Arkansas House of Representatives Update 8-27-2021

This week, the Arkansas Legislative Council Higher Education Subcommittee reviewed details of a new program designed to benefit Arkansans who have been economically impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. The Reimagine Arkansas Workforce Project provides funding for qualifying individuals to complete online training at no cost in order to meet workforce needs across the state. The U.S. Department of Education awarded a grant worth over $13 million to the Arkansas Workforce Development Board and the Arkansas Division of Workforce Services to fund the Reimagine Arkansas Workforce Project. Project partners include state agencies, U of A Global Campus Professional and Workforce Development, Shorter College, and iDatafy LLC. The partners expect to serve 3,000 Arkansans. Continue Reading →

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Arkansas House of Representatives Update 8-20-2021

Everyone has a responsibility to ensure students arrive at and from school safely. This includes being mindful of student safety when approaching school buses. 

We want to take this week to remind Arkansans to obey all traffic laws whenever they are near a school bus. 

It is illegal to pass a stopped school bus whenever its red lights are flashing, as students are present. The fines, penalties, and punishment for anyone found guilty of illegally passing a stopped school bus were increased dramatically by Act 2128 of 2005, also known as Isaac’s Law. 

The legislation was named in honor of Isaac Brian, an elementary school student in the Bryant School District who was struck and killed when a driver illegally passed his school bus while students were exiting the vehicle. 

The law requires drivers to stop on two-lane and four-lane highways in both directions, even those with a middle lane. Drivers cannot attempt to pass in any direction until the school bus vehicle has finished receiving or discharging its passengers and is in motion again. In the 2021 Regular Session, the General Assembly passed Act 264 to clarify the distance and areas where drivers must stop. Continue Reading →

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Arkansas House of Representatives 8-6-21

This week, House members convened in the House Chamber for two orders of business.In accordance with ACT 403 of the Regular Session, the House convened as a committee of the whole on Tuesday, August 4, to consider whether to terminate the Governor’s July 29, 2021 declaration of a statewide public health emergency.When it was determined that no concurrent resolutions had been filed in the House and that one resolution filed in the Senate had been withdrawn, the House adjourned its committee of the whole. Since no resolution was adopted by the General Assembly, the Governor’s declaration remains in effect for 60 days.The House convened on Wednesday, August 4, for an Extraordinary Session.The Governor called for the session primarily for two purposes.The first item on the call was to allow public school boards and open enrollment charter schools to implement masking protocols for children under 12. Children under 12 are currently not eligible to receive the vaccine for COVID-19.The second purpose listed on the call was to concur with the Governor’s decision to terminate the state’s participation in federal pandemic unemployment compensation program often referred to as PUA.In response, to the call the House considered two pieces of legislationHB1001 outlines the General Assembly’s concurrence with the termination of PUA in Arkansas.This bill passed in the House with a vote of 74-17-0HB1003 stated that a public school district can mandate the use of a face mask, shield, or other face covering only with approval of the school board and if the district or area served by an open-enrollment charter school has a fourteen-day COVID-19 infection rate of at least 50 new known infections per 10,000 residents of the public school district based on the most recent data published by the Department of Health or the Arkansas Center for Health Improvement. Currently, 100 school districts meet that criteria.HB1003 outlined certain exemptions and limits such mandates to 60 days. This bill underwent Committee review, but did not advance to the House floor. Continue Reading →

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Brian Matthews Announces Candidacy for Texarkana Texas Mayor

A&M-Texarkana Professor and Former City Council Member Pledges to Build a Brighter Future in Texarkana, Texas

Brian Matthews

TEXARKANA, TX – A&M Texarkana professor and former city council member Brian Matthews will host a campaign kick-off for his candidacy for Texarkana, Texas Mayor from 6-8 p.m. on July 29 at Twin City Church of Christ, 2101 Texas Blvd. in Texarkana, Texas. The election will take place on Nov. 2, 2021. “I believe that the success of Texarkana, Texas depends on unlocking the potential of each citizen and innovating that potential at the city and community levels,” Matthews said. Continue Reading →

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