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Arkansas House of Representatives Reminds Students of July 1 Deadline for Arkansas Academic Challenge Scholarship

This week, we would like to remind families of an upcoming scholarship deadline. July 1 is the deadline to apply for the Arkansas Academic Challenge Scholarship. The scholarship provides tuition assistance to traditional and non-traditional students attending universities and two-year colleges – both public and private – in the state. Freshman students at four-year colleges receive $1,000 from the scholarship. Second- and third-year students receive $4,000, and senior-level students are awarded $5,000 per year.  

At two-year colleges, first-year students receive $1,000 annually, while second-year students are awarded $3,000. Continue Reading →

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Arkansas House of Representatives Updates 6-4-21

Tourism in Arkansas is making a big comeback.  While the pandemic severely impacted the industry in 2020, there are signs that tourism is rebounding and doing better than before the health emergency began. The tourism tax collections for March 2021 exceeded collections from March 2019 by 14.6%. From mountain biking adventures to world-class art museums, Arkansas destinations play an essential role in our economy. Before the pandemic, travel-supported jobs represented 6.6% of Arkansas’s total private industry employment. We also know that 8.4 jobs are created for every $1million spent on tourism in our state. Continue Reading →

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Chairmen Agree on SB 7, The Texas Election Integrity Bill by Senator Hughes and Representative Cain

AUSTIN – Senator Bryan Hughes (R-Tyler) and Representative Briscoe Cain (R-Deer Park) announced that they have reached an agreement on SB 7, The Texas Election Integrity Bill. The bill protects the Texas ballot box by making it easy to vote and hard to cheat. Senator Hughes and Representative Cain issued the following joint statement regarding this significant agreement:

“SB 7 is one of the most comprehensive and sensible election reform bills in Texas history. There is nothing more foundational to this democracy and our state than the integrity of our elections. This bill is the product of years of hard work and  deliberation by past and current legislators. Continue Reading →

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Arkansas House of Representatives Update 5-28-21

Directly behind the Capitol stands a monument honoring those Arkansas families who sacrificed more than most. The Gold Star Family Memorial Monument reminds us daily here at the Capitol that without those sacrifices, our freedom could not and would not have been preserved. Arkansas has citizens in nearly every community willing to make such sacrifices. Whether they volunteered, served during peacetime, or never expected to serve until their draft card arrived, those who wear our nation’s uniform represent the best America has to offer. 

Honoring our veterans with words alone falls terribly short if we do not bring those words to life by honoring them equally with our deeds. 

We can always offer our support. We can place flags and wreaths at their graves. Continue Reading →

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Arkansas House of Representatives Report 5-21-2021

This week, we want to direct your attention to a program that could help Arkansans struggling to pay rent and utilities due to the pandemic. The Arkansas Rent Relief Program offers financial help to pay overdue and upcoming rent and utilities for eligible Arkansas renters. Landlords who have tenants unable to pay their rent because of lost income or the COVID-10 pandemic also may apply.  The state of Arkansas has $173 million of federal funding for the Arkansas Rent Relief Program. Once an application is approved, money would go directly to landlords and utility companies. The program covers overdue rent plus up to 5 percent of late fees dating back to April 1, 2020. Continue Reading →

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ARKANSAS – Washington County Judge Joseph Wood announced today his candidacy to become the next Lieutenant Governor of the great state of Arkansas. “I’m running for Lieutenant Governor because there are big issues facing our state and my record of cutting government waste, recruiting new businesses, and standing for conservative values are needed for a better Arkansas,” said Joseph Wood. “I will bring to the office real–world experience from working with major corporations in the private sector to being a small business owner and fighting for our shared pursuit of life and liberty in the state.”

Joseph is currently serving his second term as County Judge. Overseeing a county that is growing by fifteen families every day in one of the fastest growing counties in the nation, Joseph has made the county a great place to raise a family and grow businesses. As County Judge he has led across the state, region, and nation – getting results for a stronger Arkansas. Continue Reading →

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Arkansas House of Representatives Update 5-14-2021

When an officer is killed, it is not only a loss to the agency, it’s a loss to our entire state. National Police Week is May 9-May 15. May 15 has also been designated as Peace Officers Memorial Day to honor the service and sacrifice of those law enforcement officers killed in the line of duty while protecting our communities. Sadly, Arkansas lost five officers in the line of duty last year. An estimated 7,000 officers are protecting and serving 3 million Arkansans. Continue Reading →

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Arkansas House of Representatives Update 5-7-2021

From when you can drive in the left lane to regulating autonomous cars, the 93rd General Assembly made several changes to laws regarding our roadways. This week, we want to update you on these upcoming changes. Act 1090 states a vehicle shall not be driven upon the left lane of a multilane highway, except as follows: 

(1) When overtaking and passing another vehicle proceeding in the same direction under the rules governing that movement. (2) When all other lanes for traveling in the same direction are closed to traffic while under construction or repair. (3) When all other lanes for traveling in the same direction are in disrepair or are in an otherwise unsafe condition. Continue Reading →

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Doyle Webb Announces 2022 Run for Lieutenant Governor of Arkansas

BENTON, ARK— Doyle Webb (R-Benton), former Republican Party of Arkansas chairman, chief of staff to the late Republican lieutenant governor Win Paul Rockefeller, and state senator announced his candidacy for the office of Lieutenant Governor of Arkansas in 2022. Webb released the following statement:“After numerous calls from Arkansans across our state I have decided to offer myself as a candidate for Lieutenant Governor of Arkansas in 2022. Serving the people of Arkansas and the Republican Party has been my life’s work. I believe I am the most qualified candidate in the race, but I will not take Arkansan’s support for granted. I will be running a full-time campaign over the next year and a half, getting to every corner of the state I have come to know so well. Continue Reading →

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Arkansas House of Representatives Update 5-1-2021

The House is now in an extended recess for the 2021 Regular Session. While we have completed the vast majority of our work for the year, we will return in the fall to address congressional redistricting.  

The Governor has indicated he may call a special session around that time to address additional tax cuts. Legislation passed so far this session has reduced taxes by $84 million for the current fiscal year and is projected to cut another $197 million in taxes for Fiscal Year 2022. The vast majority of those tax cuts come from two pieces of legislation drafted to respond quickly to the economic situation created by the health emergency. Act 154 exempts unemployment benefits paid in 2020 and 2021 from state income tax. Continue Reading →

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