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Lone Star Song Search is accepting entries through Dec. 31

AUSTIN – Don’t mess with Texas is launching a contest as big as the Lone Star State to find its new anti-litter theme song. The Don’t mess with Texas “Lone Star Song Search” invites Texans to compose an original song to compete for prizes provided by iHeart Media, Guitar Center and the School of Rock. Two winners will be selected in two different categories with each winning valuable prizes. “The contest is an exciting way for Texans to add their voice to Don’t mess with Texas,” said Becky Ozuna, program administrator for the Don’t mess with Texas campaign. “We are seeking fresh and unique songs, written by Texans, to creatively communicate the importance of keeping our state clean and litter-free.”   

The Don’t mess with Texas “Lone Star Song Search” is open to Texas residents, ages 13 and above. Continue Reading →

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Texarkana Homeless Coalition Partners Launch Operation Responsible Compassion

Photo Credit: Randy Grissom

Texarkana — As we approach the holiday season, there is higher visibility of panhandlers throughout our area. We are a generous community and compassion for others is very much needed, especially given the past year. Unfortunately, one-off donations delivered to street corners, parks, or other locations provide short-lived relief and can delay or divert people from seeking services that can help end their homelessness. 

As a result, the Texarkana Homeless Coalition is launching Operation Responsible Compassion. This public community campaign is intended to help educate the public about options to ensure their compassion truly provides sustainable-help to those in need. Responsible Compassion will effectively drive away those looking to take advantage of your goodwill. Working to eliminate panhandling also helps to ensure the safety of drivers, to keep them focused on the road, and keep pedestrians safe. Let us all help to create a better and safer Texarkana, by being responsible as we all try to help those who need assistance. Continue Reading →

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Safety Cable Systems to Help Prevent Head-on Accidents

Cable system to be erected in highway medians on US 59

Head-on accidents caused by vehicles crossing the median on divided highway systems can be some of the deadliest.  A new safety cable system being installed in the median between opposing lanes of traffic hopes to drastically reduce the likelihood of these type accidents. The new cable system will be installed along six sections of US 59 in Bowie, Cass, Marion, Harrison and Panola Counties over the next few months according to plans approved in November by the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT). Sections of US 59 scheduled to receive the cable barriers are:

In Bowie County from the Arkansas State Line to 1.5 miles north of Interstate 30.In Cass County from 1.5 miles south of State Highway 155 to the Marion County Line.In Marion County from Cass County Line to 2.0 miles north of State Highway 49.In Harrison County from 1.0 mile south of FM 1997 to FM 1793.In Harrison County from FM 1186 to the Panola County Line.In Panola County from the Harrison County Line to Loop 149. “The safety cable system has three to four strands of ¾-inch high tension cable that are supported by metal posts. The cables are suspended up to 30 inches above the ground and are intended to catch vehicles in the median before they get into oncoming traffic,” said Wendy Starkes, area engineer for TxDOT in Marshall.  “Although no system can prevent all crossover accidents, this new cable system looks very promising in preventing most and has been tested to hold back even a semi-truck when hit at a glancing blow.”

The system has several advantages over the more common concrete median barrier.  The primary advantage is cost—concrete barriers can cost more than twice as much, so funding for this type project can go more than twice as far in erecting safety barriers.  The cable system also has more give, slowing the vehicle down more gradually and is less likely to cause vehicles to ricochet back into traffic. 

As far as maintenance, the cables rarely ever break during crashes and the posts are easily replaced to quickly repair the system, Starkes said. Continue Reading →

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It’s Never too Late to Thank a Veteran, Even at the End of Life

Americans across the country celebrate Veterans Day on November 11, a special day to salute the men and women who have bravely served our country in the military. These fellow Americans have made profound sacrifices in defense of freedom and they deserve our heartfelt thanks and appreciation.  Honoring our nation’s Veterans includes supporting them throughout their entire lives, especially at the end. As our nation marks Veterans Day on November 11, Hospice of Texarkana deepens its commitment to increase Veterans’ access to compassionate, high quality hospice and palliative care for those who are facing serious and life-limiting illness.  As part of this commitment, Hospice of Texarkana participates in an innovative program, We Honor Veterans, developed by the National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization in collaboration with the Department of Veterans Affairs.  Through We Honor Veterans, we are ensuring that our organization is equipped to address the unique needs of our nation’s Veterans. The liberty that we, as US citizens, enjoy comes at a price paid by these valiant men and women.  Let each of us make sure we do our part to recognize and support them throughout their lives. If you know a Veteran who is in need of the special care hospice brings to people facing serious and life-limiting illness, please reach out and help them learn more about the

services that hospice and palliative care can provide.  Contact Hospice of Texarkana to learn more about the ways we support our nation’s heroes, by calling 903-792-4263 or visiting Continue Reading →

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Traffic on US 82 in Leary to be Restricted to One Lane for a Few Weeks

One-way traffic at Leary Creek to be controlled by signal lights

US 82 traffic, a quarter-mile east of FM 2253, near Leary Creek will be restricted to one lane, one-way for several weeks while workers replace bridge rail and guard rail.  Temporary traffic signals at each end of the project will control traffic by allowing only one direction of travel at a time through the work zone.  Work is expected to begin on Wednesday, Nov. 11, and will take five to six weeks to complete. Anyone having any questions about construction work can call the Texas Department of Transportation Texarkana area office at 903-838-8574 for more information. WHEN:Beginning Wednesday, Nov. 11, for about six weeks or until work is completedWHERE:                       On US 82 at Leary Creek, about a quarter mile east of FM 2253MEDIA:Traffic will be restricted to one lane, one-way traffic on US 82 while workers replace bridge rail and guard rail at Leary Creek. Continue Reading →

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Michael Malone, President of the Texarkana USA Regional Chamber of Commerce has been elected Vice-Chairman of the Texas Chamber of Commerce Executives Association.  Malone has served as President of the Texarkana Chamber since 2016.  He has served in the same capacity with local chambers of commerce in Florida, West Virginia, Illinois, Virginia, and Tennessee.  He also is the past chairman for the Illinois Chamber of Commerce Executives Association and former board member of the Florida Chamber of Commerce Executives. Michael Malone holds a Master’s degree in Education with specialties in American Government and International Relations.  He is a graduate of Leadership West Virginia, US Chamber of Commerce Institute of Organizational Management, the Red River Leader Institute, the Boy Scout National Executive Institute and a participant in the Economic Development Institute and the Next Gen Sector Partnership Program.  He is a nationally Certified Chamber Executive by the U. S. Chamber of Commerce as well as state certifications in Florida and Illinois.  He completed the Talent Pipeline Management Academy for the state of Texas sponsored by the United States Chamber of Commerce Foundation.  He is an instructor with the Arkansas Chamber of Commerce ‘Boot Camp’ for new chamber leaders as well as a consultant on non-profit organization and actively serves on numerous committees in Texarkana. The Texas Chamber of Commerce Executives (TCCE) is the professional society of chamber of commerce executives, professional staff, and affiliated members in the state of Texas.  Established in 1906, TCCE remains the longest standing association of chamber of commerce professionals in the nation.  Its purpose is to serve its membership by providing excellence in professional development, networking, resource, and idea exchange opportunities.  Through its publications and other resources, TCCE provides guidance and leadership to chambers across the state of Texas. Continue Reading →

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TxDOT’s “Click It or Ticket” campaign reminds drivers and passengers about the  importance of wearing seat belts

AUSTIN–With health and safety a top priority for millions of Texans, TxDOT reminds motorists of one of the simplest and easiest precautions everyone can take to protect themselves and their loved ones: buckling up. Wearing a seat belt reduces the risk of dying by 45% for people in the front seat of passenger cars. For those in pickups, seat belts reduce the risk of dying by 60% since pickups are more likely to roll over than passenger vehicles. “Our annual Click It or Ticket campaign is about saving lives,” said TxDOT Executive Director James Bass. “While almost 91% of Texans have gotten into the habit of using seat belts, there are still far too many motorists who are taking unnecessary chances by not buckling up. Continue Reading →

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