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Senator Bryan Hughes and Representative Jay Dean address Gregg County Democratic Primary Election Fraud

AUSTIN – Senator Bryan Hughes (R-Mineola) today issued the following statement in conjunction with Representative Jay Dean (R- Longview) on the indictment of four defendants  on charges related to election fraud in the 2018 Democratic primary race for Gregg County Commissioner for Precinct Four:

Today a Gregg County Grand Jury indicted four defendants on election offenses committed during the 2018 Democratic primary race for Gregg County Commissioner for Precinct Four. The indictment alleges 134 felony counts against the four defendants, including Gregg County Commissioner Shannon Brown. The indictments cover a range of offenses including engaging in organized election fraud and fraudulent use of a mail ballot application. During the 2018 race between Kasha Williams and Mr. Brown, some concerning numbers were released. In all other Gregg County precincts, a combined total of 12 mail ballot applications were requested based on a voter’s disability. Continue Reading →

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Learn About 1836 Battle Cannons At The Alamo Addresses: Cannon Replica Project On Sept. 30

The first two Cannon replicas on display in Alamo Plaza. AN ANTONIO – The Alamo is excited to announce a new virtual event that will provide an in-depth glimpse into the 1836 Battle Cannon Replica Project. During The Alamo Addresses: Cannon Replica Project, an interactive virtual conversation with cannon experts, viewers will learn more about the cannons used during the Battle of the Alamo and how and why the Alamo has commissioned replica cannons for the site today. This virtual discussion will include a panel of experts in Alamo and cannon history, including:

Kolby Lanham,  Alamo History ResearcherKristi Nichols, Alamo Director of Archaeology, Collections, and Historical ResearchErnesto Rodriguez, Alamo CuratorPam Rosser, Alamo Conservator

The 1836 Battle Cannon Project will see high-quality, historically-accurate replicas placed in the vicinity of the Alamo’s Main Gate and Palisade, where the historical record says they were likely located during the battle. Set for completion in 2021, the first two replicas of iron 4-pounder cannons are now available for the public to view in Alamo Plaza. Continue Reading →

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Gohmert’s COVID-19 and Medical Freedom Web Series Launches Exclusively on

Rep. Louie Gohmert (TX-01) launched a new web series titled, COVID-19 and Medical Freedom: A Congressional Inquiry. The series will be highlighted exclusively on and feature interviews with medical professionals and experts. In the first episode, Rep. Gohmert teamed up with Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) to interview Yale epidemiologist Dr. Harvey Risch, family physician Dr. George Fareed, and infectious disease Dr. Stephen Smith. Dr. Risch is the author of more than 325 original research publications in the medical literature. His research and analysis on hydroxychloroquine and its effectiveness in COVID-19 have been cited worldwide. Dr. Fareed and his colleagues have successfully treated over 2,000 coronavirus patients, 455 of them with a hydroxychloroquine cocktail in the hard-hit Imperial Valley of California. Continue Reading →

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Getting Older, Seeing Needs, Working to Meet the Challenge

Part of life is growing older, and I have the distinct pleasure of hitting the half-century mark this week. If you would have asked me in my younger days if I would have lived the life that I have, I doubt that I could have imagined where I would be. With the challenges I faced and experiences that helped shape me, I am grateful to have had an opportunity to help make Oklahoma be a better place to live. “Making things better” should be a goal for all of us – it is the rent we pay to be alive. My latest endeavor is to lead the Oklahoma Institute for Child Advocacy (OICA). Continue Reading →

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OICA Continues “Kid Governor,” Calendar Art Programs


One of the most fulfilling parts of our job at the Oklahoma Institute for Child Advocacy is to engage with our state’s young people and allow them to display their talents.  The “Kid Governor” program certainly provides that opportunity. Oklahoma has, over the past two years, has had Luke Peterson serve as Oklahoma’s Kid Governor, a powerful advocate for helping to raise awareness of children’s issues across the state. Luke was such a strong voice that he was selected to be the first two-term Kid Governor by OICA and Sunbeam Family Services. It is time for him to “pass the torch” to the next Kid Governor, and we at the Oklahoma Institute for Child Advocacy are honored to coordinate that process. For the past several years, we have partnered with Sunbeam Family Services for this program that they created, but they have passed that torch to us to lead the selection effort going forward. Continue Reading →

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The Difference Between “Partisan” and “Political”

OICA Works After Elections to Help Leaders Make Good Political Decisions

Now that the party nominees are set for the General Election in November, I wanted to write about the difference between what is “partisan” versus “political.”

As the calendar creeps toward November 3, all of us will be bombarded with rhetoric from politicians seeking our votes. We must be able to decipher what is in our best interest and how you prioritize who should receive your vote. First, let me set the stage. The Oklahoma Institute for Child Advocacy is a 501(c)(3) organizations, and we are restricted by the Internal Revenue Service. OICA, like all 501(c)(3) organizations, are prohibited from directly or indirectly participating in, or intervening in, any political campaign on behalf of (or in opposition to) any candidate for elective public office. Continue Reading →

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Don’t Forget to Vote in the Primary Runoff Tuesday


Oklahoma Has Strong System of Voting Convenience and Security

For those of you who are registered voters, please do not forget that Tuesday, August 25, is the Primary Runoff Election Day. In total, 50 of our 77 counties will have polls open for voters for at least one race. In 18 Oklahoma counties, there will be a federal or state runoff on the ballot. If you have a question regarding if you have a race in which to vote this election, you can go to to check and to get other information about elections. On OICA’s website at, we have published candidate surveys returned by individuals seeking your votes across the state. Continue Reading →

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Louisiana Expands Monitored In-Home Caregiving Program (MIHC) to Support Families Caring for Individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

Caregiver Homes from Seniorlink, the leading provider of MIHC services in Louisiana, will extend its program to align with these new state provisions to ensure that even more caregivers receive support from experienced care teams – especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. BATON ROUGE, La.: The state of Louisiana is expanding its Monitored In-Home Caregiving program (MIHC) to support the rising number of families who are caring for children and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities at home during the COVID-19 pandemic. As the leading MIHC provider, Caregiver Homes of Louisiana, a subsidiary of Seniorlink Inc., will also extend its services to provide coaching and support to informal and family caregivers of eligible individuals. Under the expanded MIHC program, caregivers of children age 3+ and adults who are diagnosed with intellectual or developmental disabilities can receive coaching from a Caregiver Homes Care Team, made up of a nurse and a care manager. To qualify, individuals must be Medicaid-eligible and enrolled in either the state’s New Opportunities Waiver (NOW) or Residential Options Waiver (ROW) program. 

Caregiver Homes, which has also been a licensed statewide provider for MIHC services under the Community Choices Waiver (CCW) since 2015, uses its HIPAA-secure care collaboration app, Vela, to connect caregivers with experienced care teams who offer clinical support to address the myriad challenges of caregiving. Continue Reading →

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Child Advocacy Group Announces People’s Choice Awards

Awards Part of Group’s First-of-its-Kind “Virtual Ball”

OKLAHOMA CITY – The Oklahoma Institute for Child Advocacy (OICA) recently conducted its annual awards and fundraising ball, despite the limitations caused by COVID-19. OICA holds the annual Heroes Ball each summer to recognize those Oklahomans who have worked to improve the quality of life for the state’s youngest residents and to raise money for OICA’s ongoing mission of child advocacy. This year’s Heroes Ball was unique in that it was the first attempt by a nonprofit organization in the nation to conduct a virtual event of this size with meal delivery during the COVID-19 pandemic. The event, according to OICA CEO Joe Dorman, exceeded all expectations; other nonprofits who are struggling to find ways to maintain operations in the new COVID-19 normal are considering the model as a means to continue their annual events.             “Our sponsors, donors, ticket purchasers, staff, and volunteers stepped up,” Dorman said. Continue Reading →

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Maintaining Civility Important in Difficult Times

Conversations About Tough Topics Vital for Children

On Monday (Aug. 10), the Oklahoma Institute for Child Advocacy held our weekly Child Advocacy Chat. This weekly teleconference on the Zoom platform allows leaders from various nonprofit and state organizations involved in youth issues to learn from each other. This week, several faith-based leaders joined the call to discuss how the pandemic has impacted their services, the actions of their houses of worship, and how it has affected children who participate. As I planned the discussion, I thought about the old adage about the taboo things which should not be discussed at the dinner table: “religion, politics, and sex.” With our modern times, it feels like that last topic has been replaced by another “s” word: science. Continue Reading →

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