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Delegation Announces HUD Funding for Arkansas COVID-19 Assistance Efforts

Washington, DC: .U.S. Senators John Boozman and Tom Cotton—along with Congressmen Rick Crawford, French Hill, Steve Womack, and Bruce Westerman—announced that the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) awarded Arkansas Public Housing Agencies $3,458,460 in funding to support the prevention, preparation, and response to the coronavirus pandemic in public housing. “As Arkansas continues to combat the impacts of COVID-19, it is important to put resources in the hands of our communities. These investments will provide locally-driven assistance to help protect and assist families and individuals in need throughout the Natural State,” members said. This latest round of HUD funding is part of a nationwide disbursement in public housing operating funds allocated by the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act, which became law with the support of the Arkansas delegation. HUD awarded funding to the following Arkansas Public Housing Agencies:

Third District 

Crawford County Public Facilities Board$51,443Fayetteville Housing Authority$87,838Fort Smith Housing Authority$248,634Harrison Housing Authority$70,877Northwest Regional Housing Authority$86,642Pope County Public Facilities Board$23,577Russellville Housing Authority$20,923Siloam Springs Housing Authority$58,200Springdale Housing Authority$17,968

Other State Allocations

Arkadelphia Housing Authority$17,683Ashley County Housing Authority$26,819Benton Housing Authority$96,334Brinkley Housing Authority$885Cabot Public Housing Agency$49,090Camden Housing Authority$48,921Clarendon Housing Authority$2,800Clay County Public Housing Agency$18,123Conway County Housing Authority$32,564Conway Housing Authority$57,129Desha County Residential Housing Board$19,893DeValls Bluff Housing Authority$5,157Drew County Public Facilities Board$37,428Earle Housing Authority$7,830Franklin County Public Housing Agency$11,244Hope Housing Authority$16,208Hot Springs Housing Authority$141,014Jacksonville Housing Authority$57,466Johnson County Housing Authority$21,808Jonesboro Housing Authority$196,483Lake Village Housing Authority$14,587Lawrence County Public Housing Agency$46,563Lee County Housing Authority$33,449Logan County Housing Authority$13,557Lonoke County Housing Authority$36,357Little River County Housing Authority$6,204Little Rock Housing Authority$449,032McGehee Public Facilities Board$27,113Mississippi County Public Facilities Board$61,150North Little Rock Housing Authority$242,053Paragould Housing Authority$71,761Phillips County Public Housing Authority$47,006Pike County Housing Authority$7,369Pine Bluff Housing Authority$136,140Pocahontas Public Housing Agency$12,378Poinsett County Housing Agency$16,893Polk County Housing Authority$7,957Prescott Housing Authority$9,284Pulaski County Housing Authority$52,942Scott County Public Housing Agency$10,166Searcy Housing Authority$17,829St. Continue Reading →

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President Mentions Texarkana in Official Tweet

Texarkana, AR: President Donald J. Trump mentioned Texarkana, Arkansas in an official Tweet. On July 29, the world following the Twitter account of the President of the United States awoke to a tweet mentioning Texarkana, Arkansas, and specifically the Texarkana Regional Airport. In an age of increasing social media, the tweet on July 29 may mark the first time in social media history for a President to mention Texarkana. The President’s tweet notes the $3.6 million in grants has been designated to the airport. For several months citizens of the area have been discussing the new airport design and construction date. Continue Reading →

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USDA Awards Arkansas $75 Million for Electric Infrastructure Program

Arkansas Flag

Washington, DC: U.S. Senators John Boozman and Tom Cotton—along with Congressmen Rick Crawford, French Hill, Steve Womack, and Bruce Westerman— applauded the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) for awarding a $75 million loan to Arkansas Electric Co-op Corps through the Electric Infrastructure Loan and Loan Guarantee Program. As part of the Electric Loan Program, Arkansas Electric Co-op Corps is receiving these funds to build and improve electric transmission and distribution lines across the state, which will benefit thousands of residents in rural areas. The loan also includes funding for smart grid technology, which uses digital communications to detect and react to local changes in electricity usage. The 2018 Farm Bill reauthorized these programs, allowing USDA to carry out rural broadband initiatives. “Rural broadband connectivity has always been an issue in Arkansas. Continue Reading →

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Fishing Regulation Proposed Changes in Arkansas Open for Comment

Arkansas Game and Fish logo

The state is proposing changes to commercial, individual, and other aspects of fishing in Arkansas, and comments will be accepted for 45 days. Arkansas: The Arkansas Game and Fish Commission is currently conducting a survey online for feedback regarding changes in some of the state’s definitions and regulations regarding fishing. Companies and citizens are being encouraged to provide input and feedback in the multi-question survey online during the next 45 days. The survey provides an opportunity to provide input on the proposal based on a strong or somewhat agree or disagree answers. The participant may then state why he or she agrees or disagrees. Continue Reading →

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Little Rock Convention & Visitors Bureau Shines Light on Thriving Dining Scene in New Tourism Video

LITTLE ROCK, AR — As the official destination marketing organization for the City of Little Rock, Little Rock Convention & Visitors Bureau (LRCVB) debuts a new destination video highlighting the thriving dining scene in Arkansas’s capital city.  

  What’s Cooking in Little Rock video:

Little Rock has always been something of a poorly kept secret among food lovers in the South,” said LRCVB’s Bill Fitzgerald, Vice President of Marketing & Communications, “but now we’re ready to let the world in on what we’ve known for a long time: That it’s hard to have a bad meal in Little Rock.” Little Rock’s dining scene has received numerous awards and accolades in recent years, including being named a “Top 5 Secret Foodie City” by Forbes Travel Guide, “America’s Next Hottest Foodie City” for 2020 by the Foodie Flashpacker, one of the “8 Most Overlooked Foodie Towns in the South” by Bourbon & Boots, one of “The 16 Best Diners in the South” by Travel + Leisure, and one of “15 Southern Cities All Food Lovers Should Visit Now” by Food & Wine and Southern Living. The video features six locally-owned restaurants:

Three Fold Noodles and DumplingsBruno’s Little ItalyLoblolly CreameryPetit & KeetThe Root CaféLassis Inn

Apart from its dining options, Little Rock enjoys a booming adult beverage scene. Little Rock is home to six craft breweries, including Lost Forty Brewing, winner of two medals at the 2018 World Beer Cup awards, and Rock Town Distillery, the state’s first legal distillery since Prohibition. Several of Rock Town Distillery’s whiskeys and gins have taken top honors at numerous national and international competitions including repeat inclusions in Jim Murray’s Whisky Bible. Petit & Keet, a restaurant featured in the new video, was named to Wine Enthusiast magazine’s 2019 list of “American’s 100 Best Wine Restaurants.” Little Rock is also home to several of the nation’s most storied food festivals. Continue Reading →

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Bobby Ferguson Park Sign Progress Continues

Texarkana, AR – Enter Bobby Ferguson Park near UofA Way or pass it as you come off the Interstate and you’ll see a nice, rock sign on the hillside just inside the park informing you of the park’s name.  However, if you enter from the Fairgrounds end of the park, there is no sign to indicate the name of the park.  Soon, the lack of a park sign will not be a problem near the Four States Fairgrounds. The Texarkana Arkansas Beautiful Commission works to improve the appearance and beautification of Texarkana, Arkansas.   In addition to having clean-up days, dumpster trash days, planting days, and coordinating education about keeping the city clean, the commission has overseen the implementation of signs for city properties.  The most recent sign, the huge “Welcome to Texarkana” sign on the Interstate was one of the larger sign projects the commission has undertaken in recent years. The commission usually, through suggestions of need, etc. attempts to take on a sign project whenever it can afford to do so.  Funding is supplied through the A&P Commission and the City Beautiful Commission seeks bids, designs the signs, and implements the projects.  Once completed, several other groups, including city maintenance, the Master Gardners, and other volunteer groups join in to assist in planting, watering, and maintaining the signs for the city. The commission’s latest project is underway right now.  The unfinished sign is coming together on the southwest corner of Bobby Ferguson Park.  When finished, there will be two flag polls, the sign, lights, water, and plants to celebrate and enhance the new sign’s location. Continue Reading →

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Miller County Delinquent Business Tax List Hits Social Media

Miller County, AR – Some are calling it “Public Shaming,” but for the Miller County Tax Collector, she is calling it “Public Accountability.”  What is that “Public Accountability”?  It’s a list of  over $200,000 of taxes owed to the county that is hitting social media today.  Several media outlets have already published the list.  Most of the responses from the public have been supportive so far; however, there have been a few that prefer to call it all “Public Shaming” and feel that it should not have been done. Continue Reading →

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Gov. Hutchinson Approves Arkansas Participation in National Emergency Communication System

Arkansas Joins Virginia and Wyoming as one of the first states to officially “opt in” to the FirstNet and AT&T plan

PROVIDENCE, RI – Governor Asa Hutchinson today announced that Arkansas will opt in to the First Responder Network Authority (FirstNet) and AT&T plan to deliver a wireless broadband network to the State’s public safety community. The Governor made the announcement from the National Governors Association’s Summer Conference in Providence, Rhode Island. With the announcement, Arkansas joins Virginia and Wyoming as one of the first states to officially declare their intention to participate in the program. The Governor’s official letter can be found HERE.  
“After an in-depth review of the FirstNet and AT&T plan by the appropriate state agencies and stakeholders, I have decided to approve their recommendation to opt in to the program,” Governor Hutchinson said. Continue Reading →

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July 4, Fireworks, Shows, Parades, and God

It started with a suggestion in June, followed by a meeting on July 2, and finally a formal signing on July 4, 1776.  From that moment on, the cry would go up around the world that the colonies of the North American Continent, all thirteen of them, had declared independence from Great Britain.  Like any country, Britain would not take kindly to losing the colonies.  In fact, no country in the history of the world has ever simply said, “Sure, go ahead and leave us and take all the investments we made into your area with you.”  No, instead the greatest empire in the world set out to reclaim the colonies and force them back into the British realm.  The rest of the story, you know as the United States won independence in the war that followed.  To this day, we still hear our friends across the pond in England wish us a “Happy Traitor’s Day.”  Naturally, this is done more in good humor now that we are friends so many years after the revolution. The founding fathers were by no means blind to the fact that they were setting in motion something that would be celebrated for years, and perhaps forever.  John Adams wrote to his wife of the importance of the entire event that officially started on July 2 and ended on July 4.  He sent his letter on July 3, 1776 that included the following statement:

“The second day of July 1776, will be the most memorable epoch in the history of America. I am apt to believe that it will be celebrated by succeeding generations as the great anniversary festival. It ought to be commemorated as the day of deliverance, by solemn acts of devotion to God Almighty. It ought to be solemnized with pomp and parade, with shows, games, sports, guns, bells, bonfires, and illuminations, from one end of this continent to the other, from this time forward forever more.” Continue Reading →

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Thrifty Bird Brings Walmart Markdowns To Email

A few months ago a friend of mine shared a new business he has running with me called Thrifty Bird (   He signed me up with my permission and I started to receive daily emails at roughly 3 a.m. each morning.  By the time I would stumble out of bed, I could pull my Thrifty Bird email and see all the latest mark downs at my local Walmart stores. Now I’m sure that a lot of folks are thinking, “Big deal, I can see the sales paper or go see the mark downs myself.”  Yes, that’s one way of doing business, but then you miss the bigger picture.  Thrifty Bird does something that sale papers cannot do.  It captures daily mark downs.  Did you know that Walmart marks prices down daily on many items?  With such a large inventory, they have clearance items, stock reduction items, and even outdated items – think digital copies free with a purchased DVD or Blu-ray that have expired.  These items do not always make the local sales paper because the item or items may be exclusive to one or a few stores.  Let’s say that all the Walmart stores nationwide sell out of a “Top Notch” television sets – don’t worry, there is no such thing to my knowledge as “Top Notch” – but the store in Texarkana, Texas still has three units on the shelf.  The main Walmart sales paper- which goes nationwide – is not going to advertise that those “Top Notch” televisions are about to be marked down.  You cannot have people in Dallas running to a store, searching for a “Top Notch” and then not finding one!  So, “Top Notch” never makes the main sale paper.  If you happen to go into Walmart in Texarkana, Texas, then you find “Top Notch” televisions have been marked down from $300 to $75 and they only have three of them left.  Because you happened to go into the store, you lucked out and got a “Top Notch” television for a great price.  But, what if you don’t go to the store that day?  You miss out and there’s no “Top Notch” television in your future.  Enter Thrifty Bird! Thrifty Bird will send you an email with your selected store – in this case Texarkana, Texas – and you’ll see a post that says something like this:  “Top Notch” Television set, 3 in stock, Reg. price $300, marked down $75 in electronics row 33”.  Now you know how many sets are there, what the mark down price is, and where to find the television once you get to the store.  You’ve received your email early in the day – remember, they just marked it down around midnight – and you can quickly run to the Texarkana, Texas Walmart and buy your set.  Thrifty Bird brings you the clearance or reduced prices before anyone else gets them…. well, before anyone other than other Thrifty Bird uses. Continue Reading →

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