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Arkansas House of Representatives 8th Week of 2021 Update

As we wind down the 8th week of the 2021 Regular Session, more than 270 bills have been signed into law. Next week, the House State Agencies and Governmental Affairs Committee will begin hearing proposals for constitutional amendments. According to Joint Rules, the House and Senate can each recommend one amendment, but it must be approved by a majority in both chambers. A 2/3 vote is required by both chambers to introduce a third proposed constitutional amendment. This week, the House passed more than 50 bills, including the following:

HB1061-This bill creates the No Patient Left Alone Act. Continue Reading →

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Arkansas House of Representatives Week 7 Update 2021

Little Rock, AR: In the 7th week of the 2021 Regular Session, the House passed bills addressing taxes, medical care, scholarships, the duty to retreat, and more. The following tax measures were advanced by the House:

·      HB1023-This bill excludes certain school fundraisers from the sales tax laws regulation special events. ·      HB1374-This bill amends the law concerning which sales by charitable organizations are exempt from sales and use tax. It allows an organization to exempt sales from up to 10 events. The previous limit was 3. Continue Reading →

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Water Damage Forces Miller County Courthouse to Move

Moving help continues to be needed. Damage posted 2-19 on the Miller County Facebook Page

Miller County, AR: According to Miller County Judge Cathy Hardin-Harrison, the contents of the entire Miller County Courthouse must be moved quickly to allow for repairs. During the recent snow and ice storm, the courthouse was damaged when water pipes burst throughout the building during power outages. The damage was most significant in the basement, first and second floors. Several pictures online have showcased the extent of the damage and local news outlets have carried the story. Continue Reading →

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Four States Retirement Group offers Solid Reasons to Consider a Fixed Index Annuity

Texarkana, USA: Carl Standridge of Four States Retirement Group considers fixed index annuity options a number one choice for people planning retirements.   A fixed index annuity is a contract between you and an insurance company in which you make a lump-sum payment or series of payments and in return, receive regular income distributions at some point in the future. This type of annuity provides protection of principal in a down market, an opportunity for growth and the interest rate is guaranteed to never be less than zero. These annuities also offer a guaranteed minimum rate no matter if the markets suffer a loss. There are several benefits of a fixed annuity in addition to receiving a steady stream of income in retirement. Many fixed index annuities offer something called a nursing home waiver to help you offset these costs and avoid any surrender penalties when withdrawing funds in these types of emergencies. Continue Reading →

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Arkansas House of Representatives Update 2-20-21

From the workers clearing our roads to the utility employees doing their best to keep houses warm, we want to extend our deepest appreciation to our essential workers this week. The General Assembly took an extended recess due to the winter weather across our state. However, House members plan to be back at the Capitol on February 22. In the upcoming days, the House is expected to vote on two tax relief bills which were advanced by the House Revenue and Taxation Committee on February 9. SB236 would exempt unemployment benefits paid in 2020 and 2021 from state income tax. Continue Reading →

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Arkansas House of Representatives Update 2-14-21

There are 25 proposed constitutional amendments filed in the House and 18 in the Senate. The deadline to file proposed amendments was February 10. Proposals range from creating a citizens commission on minimum wage to tort reform. The House State Agencies and Governmental Affairs Committee will hear testimony and vote on proposals later this session. We will update you as those hearings approach. Continue Reading →

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Arkansas House of Representatives Update for 5th Week 2021

The 93rd General Assembly now prepares to enter the 5th week of the 2021 Regular Session. The House passed a resolution to extend this session, if necessary, to May 3. The resolution provides for a recess on April 9. The deadline for members to file proposed Constitutional Amendments is February 10. The General Assembly can put forth up to 3 amendments to the voters for the 2022 General Election. Continue Reading →

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Arkansas House Update 1-31-21

Several bills are now making their way to the Governor’s desk including one that could expand broadband services across the state. SB74 had unanimous support in both the House and the Senate. This bill allows cities, counties, and improvement districts to partner with established providers to expand broadband services for those who currently do not have service or those who are underserved. SB74 has an emergency clause which means it will become effective after the Governor signs it. Other bills passed by the House in recent days include:

HB1151-This bill suspends the public school rating system for the 2020-2021 school year due to the disruption to education caused by the pandemic. Continue Reading →

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Arkansas House Updates 1-24-21

In the second week of the 2021 Regular Session, the House voted on bills addressing everything from car tags to jury duty pay. 

The bills now advancing to the Senate include:

HB1028-This bill changes the length of time a consumer has to tag their vehicle. Current law gives car buyers 30 days to pay the sales tax and register a vehicle after purchase. HB 1028 would extend it to 60 days. HB1059-This bill allows participants in a specialty court program, such as drug court, to transfer to a similar program if they move to another court district. This bill also includes guidelines for courts to establish a veterans treatment specialty court program and a DWI specialty court program. Continue Reading →

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Update on information to citizens of Miller County on COVID vaccinations

As per Governor Hutchinson’s address last week, the rollout of the COVID-19 vaccine began across Arkansas on January 18th. Two participating pharmacies in Miller County received very few doses and only have about 100 each remaining between College Hill Drug and Wal Mart. Those doses are expected to be exhausted by Wednesday. As more doses are allotted to the county, the pharmacies will contact Emergency Management. Currently, the pharmacies are preparing for all of Phase 1B which includes the three school districts in Miller County, childcare, agricultural workers, and several other categories listed in the most recent COVID vaccination guide to phase 1. Continue Reading →

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