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Bulk Waste can be disposed of curbside in Texarkana, Texas

TEXARKANA, TX- The City of Texarkana, Texas reminds residents that one cubic yard of bulk waste can be placed curbside free of charge with waste and recycling carts with normal waste collection weekly. “City-wide clean-up efforts are underway this Spring,” David Orr, Assistant City Manager said. “The City is encouraging participating in a trash-off this weekend, there’s a community-wide yard sale and electronics recycling event scheduled for early May, and the Chamber of Commerce has a new anti-litter campaign in the works. We just hope to provide residents with a timely reminder that they can always put bulk waste at the curb, and it will be picked up with their trash.”

One cubic yard of bulk waste is the equivalent of the addition of two of the 96-gallon waste carts or an item the size of a sofa, large chair, or washing machine. Those needing to remove an amount of bulk waste exceeding the one cubic yard allotment can make arrangements for the removal of such items by contacting Waste Management at (903) 794-4111 to schedule a pick-up and make payment arrangements. Continue Reading →

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Senator Hughes’s Freedom From Censorship Act Passes Texas Senate

AUSTIN- The Freedom From Censorship Act (Senate Bill 12), filed by Senator Bryan Hughes (R-Tyler) was passed by the Texas Senate today.  The bill will make sure that Texans have the right to free speech and the ability to exercise that right in the modern public square.  Senator Hughes issued the following statement on passage of the legislation:

“In Texas, we will defend our right to free speech against West Coast social media oligarchs. Senate Bill 12 holds these Big Tech companies accountable, protects Texans against social or political viewpoint discrimination, and empowers those who are wrongly silenced to get back online.   

We invited these companies to testify on the bill, but they decided not to show up.  Instead, they have engaged in a dishonest and coordinated media campaign to confuse the issues and derail this bill.  But the Texas Senate didn’t fall for it, and neither will the people of Texas. I am thankful for the strong support of Governor Abbott, Lt. Governor Patrick, my House counterparts, and so many Texans who recognize the unprecedented power these companies have over public discourse.  Their power has not been subject to constitutional safeguards, and free speech has suffered.  Senate Bill 12 will serve as a safeguard for Texans and as a model for other states as they fight to safeguard free speech in America.”

Senate Bill 12 will now head to the Texas House of Representatives, where Representative Scott Sanford is sponsoring the legislation.  

To see this bill in its entirety, please access the following link [LINK HERE] 
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Senator Bryan Hughes’s Election Integrity Omnibus Bill Passes Texas Senate

AUSTIN- The Omnibus Election Integrity Bill (Senate Bill 7), filed by Senator Bryan Hughes (R-Tyler) was passed by the Texas Senate today. This is the first major legislation tackling election integrity, a priority to Lt. Governor Patrick, and an emergency item for Governor Abbott. Senator Hughes issued the following statement regarding the passage of SB 7:

“The goal of Senate Bill 7 is simple: make it easy to vote and hard to cheat.  We want to make sure that Texans can cast their votes with confidence that they’ll be counted and that the results will be reported accurately.  It provides common sense integrity provisions for the election process, from voter registration through the counting of ballots. Senate Bill 7 will give Poll Watchers the access they need to meaningfully observe the election process, make mail ballots more secure, and verify the accuracy of voting machines. 

The bill also makes it clear that partisan county officials cannot artificially create a home field advantage when they designate polling places.”

Senate Bill 7 will now head to the Texas House of Representatives, where Chairman Briscoe Cain is sponsoring the legislation.  

To see this bill in its entirety, please access the following link [LINK HERE]. 
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Senator Bryan Hughes Passes SB 8, The Heartbeat Act Out of Texas Senate

AUSTIN – Senator Bryan Hughes (R-Tyler) passed SB 8, the Heartbeat Bill, with bipartisan support. The bill protects unborn children by prohibiting an abortion once a heartbeat is detected. Senator Hughes issued the following statement:

“As we approach the resurrection and celebration of Jesus Christ, we recognize that the greatest gifts God can give begin small and unexpected, yet so important. 

Nothing is more indicative of life than the sound of a baby’s heartbeat. From being held on your mother’s chest as an infant, to the sound of a heart monitor of a loved one in a hospital bed, Senate Bill 8 recognizes the beauty and significance of the heartbeat. 

With strong support from Governor Abbott, Lt. Governor Patrick, and Speaker Phelan, I am excited to send this legislation to the bill’s House sponsor, Representative Shelby Slawson. We will work together to make it clear that if a Texan’s heartbeat is detected, his or her life will be protected.”

Senate Bill 8 supports a physician’s  oath to do no harm. Continue Reading →

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Texas Teachers Now Eligible for COVID Vaccine

TEXARKANA, TX—The Texas Department of State Health Services announced today that teachers in Texas are now eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine. According to a memo released by DSHS, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services directed states yesterday to expand vaccine eligibility to include people who work in school and child care operations. As stated in the federal directive, this includes:

“those who work in pre-primary, primary, and secondary schools, as well as Head Start and Early Head Start programs (including teachers, staff, and bus drivers) and those who work as or for licensed child care providers, including center-based and family care providers.”

In light of this federal directive, all vaccine providers in Texas are directed to immediately include these personnel in vaccination administration. This action does not change the other groups prioritized for vaccination in Texas, and facilities are encouraged to continue your efforts to vaccinate older adults since the burden of COVID-19 falls so severely on people ages 65 and older. Locally, Texas DSHS has reported 23 new Bowie County cases since yesterday for a total of 4,578 positive COVID-19 cases, and 2,004 probable cases with 183 deaths. Continue Reading →

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Governor Abbot’s Executive Order and Texarkana, Texas

TEXARKANA, TX—Governor Greg Abbott announced today that the statewide mask mandate will be lifted, and Texas businesses will be allowed to operate at 100% of capacity after COVID-19 cases appear to be trending downward. His new executive order, EO GA-34, will go into effect next Wednesday, March 10, 2021. Local health authorities and the Bowie County/Texarkana Emergency Operations Center urges you to continue practicing healthy habits to protect our community against COVID-19. These practices include frequent hand washing, social distancing, sanitizing of heavily touched surfaces, and wearing face coverings when needed. Locally, Texas DSHS has reported 180 new Bowie County cases in the past three weeks for a total of 4,555 positive COVID-19 cases, and 1,990 probable cases with 181 deaths. Continue Reading →

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Four States Retirement Group offers Solid Reasons to Consider a Fixed Index Annuity

Texarkana, USA: Carl Standridge of Four States Retirement Group considers fixed index annuity options a number one choice for people planning retirements. A fixed index annuity is a contract between you and an insurance company in which you make a lump-sum payment or series of payments and in return, receive regular income distributions at some point in the future. This type of annuity provides protection of principal in a down market, an opportunity for growth and the interest rate is guaranteed to never be less than zero. These annuities also offer a guaranteed minimum rate no matter if the markets suffer a loss. There are several benefits of a fixed annuity in addition to receiving a steady stream of income in retirement. Many fixed index annuities offer something called a nursing home waiver to help you offset these costs and avoid any surrender penalties when withdrawing funds in these types of emergencies. Continue Reading →

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Alamo Long Barrack Undergoing Cleaning And Roof Repairs

SAN ANTONIO, TX. — As one of the oldest buildings in Texas, the Alamo Long Barrack requires regular attention to keep the structure in its healthiest possible state. In the coming weeks, the Alamo’s preservation team will begin repair work on the Long Barrack’s roof and stone walls. During recent archaeological investigations in the Long Barrack, the preservation team discovered blisters in the roof of the Long Barrack. Cracks in the roof’s membrane have allowed moisture to infiltrate, causing parts of it to rise one foot above the existing roof. This modern-day roof, installed in 1975, is not a part of the original structure, and its unforeseen condition is covered under warranty by the company that originally installed the roof membrane in 2014. Continue Reading →

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4th and 7th graders reflect on their communities’ unique history

AUSTIN — Today, Texas Land Commissioner George P. Bush announced the fourth and seventh-grade winners of the 2020 Save Texas History Essay Contest, sponsored by the Texas General Land Office’s Save Texas History Program.  The essay contest encourages students to answer the question, “What history in your community is worth saving?”

“I am proud of Keltyn and Madeline for their dedication to preserve their respective hometown history by winning this year’s Save Texas History Essay Contest. Historical preservation starts in the early years of education and these two students are setting a remarkable example to their peers on why history is so important,” said Commissioner Bush. “I am honored to read these young students’ perspectives and share with the rest of Texas their great work. I commend all finalists and thank all who participated in the contest this year. Sharing my enthusiasm for our state’s history is one of the most rewarding parts of my job as Texas Land Commissioner.” The fourth-grade grand prize winner is Keltyn Arnold of Chandler, Texas. Keltyn attends All Saints Episcopal School and is in Ms. Melissa Kirby’s class. Keltyn’s essay, Chandler’s Historical Landmark, draws attention to the childhood home of former U.S. Senator Ralph Yarborough. Located in Keltyn’s hometown, the home now serves as The Chandler museum and visitor center and is filled with fascinating details about Yarborough’s life. Continue Reading →

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