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New Driver Course to Combat Distracted Driving

Required for drivers 18 and older starting Sept. 1

AUSTIN – The Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) today announced a new one-hour driving course to educate drivers on the dangers of distracted driving – called Impact Texas Young Drivers (ITYD). This course will be required for certain drivers beginning Sept. 1, 2017. “Driving is one of the most dangerous things we do on a daily basis, and it should command our undivided attention,” said DPS Director Steven McCraw. Continue Reading →

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July 4, Fireworks, Shows, Parades, and God

It started with a suggestion in June, followed by a meeting on July 2, and finally a formal signing on July 4, 1776.  From that moment on, the cry would go up around the world that the colonies of the North American Continent, all thirteen of them, had declared independence from Great Britain.  Like any country, Britain would not take kindly to losing the colonies.  In fact, no country in the history of the world has ever simply said, “Sure, go ahead and leave us and take all the investments we made into your area with you.”  No, instead the greatest empire in the world set out to reclaim the colonies and force them back into the British realm.  The rest of the story, you know as the United States won independence in the war that followed.  To this day, we still hear our friends across the pond in England wish us a “Happy Traitor’s Day.”  Naturally, this is done more in good humor now that we are friends so many years after the revolution. The founding fathers were by no means blind to the fact that they were setting in motion something that would be celebrated for years, and perhaps forever.  John Adams wrote to his wife of the importance of the entire event that officially started on July 2 and ended on July 4.  He sent his letter on July 3, 1776 that included the following statement:

“The second day of July 1776, will be the most memorable epoch in the history of America. I am apt to believe that it will be celebrated by succeeding generations as the great anniversary festival. It ought to be commemorated as the day of deliverance, by solemn acts of devotion to God Almighty. It ought to be solemnized with pomp and parade, with shows, games, sports, guns, bells, bonfires, and illuminations, from one end of this continent to the other, from this time forward forever more.” Continue Reading →

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Thrifty Bird Brings Walmart Markdowns To Email

A few months ago a friend of mine shared a new business he has running with me called Thrifty Bird (Thriftybird.com).   He signed me up with my permission and I started to receive daily emails at roughly 3 a.m. each morning.  By the time I would stumble out of bed, I could pull my Thrifty Bird email and see all the latest mark downs at my local Walmart stores. Now I’m sure that a lot of folks are thinking, “Big deal, I can see the sales paper or go see the mark downs myself.”  Yes, that’s one way of doing business, but then you miss the bigger picture.  Thrifty Bird does something that sale papers cannot do.  It captures daily mark downs.  Did you know that Walmart marks prices down daily on many items?  With such a large inventory, they have clearance items, stock reduction items, and even outdated items – think digital copies free with a purchased DVD or Blu-ray that have expired.  These items do not always make the local sales paper because the item or items may be exclusive to one or a few stores.  Let’s say that all the Walmart stores nationwide sell out of a “Top Notch” television sets – don’t worry, there is no such thing to my knowledge as “Top Notch” – but the store in Texarkana, Texas still has three units on the shelf.  The main Walmart sales paper- which goes nationwide – is not going to advertise that those “Top Notch” televisions are about to be marked down.  You cannot have people in Dallas running to a store, searching for a “Top Notch” and then not finding one!  So, “Top Notch” never makes the main sale paper.  If you happen to go into Walmart in Texarkana, Texas, then you find “Top Notch” televisions have been marked down from $300 to $75 and they only have three of them left.  Because you happened to go into the store, you lucked out and got a “Top Notch” television for a great price.  But, what if you don’t go to the store that day?  You miss out and there’s no “Top Notch” television in your future.  Enter Thrifty Bird! Thrifty Bird will send you an email with your selected store – in this case Texarkana, Texas – and you’ll see a post that says something like this:  “Top Notch” Television set, 3 in stock, Reg. price $300, marked down $75 in electronics row 33”.  Now you know how many sets are there, what the mark down price is, and where to find the television once you get to the store.  You’ve received your email early in the day – remember, they just marked it down around midnight – and you can quickly run to the Texarkana, Texas Walmart and buy your set.  Thrifty Bird brings you the clearance or reduced prices before anyone else gets them…. well, before anyone other than other Thrifty Bird uses. Continue Reading →

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TEXARKANA, TX- Beginning in July 2017, the City of Texarkana, Texas will work in conjunction with Tatum Excavating Company (TEC) to dredge the Spring Lake Park Pond. The project is part of the City’s current Capital Improvement Plan and is estimated to cost approximately $875,000. Dredging activities will bring the pond to a depth of 10 feet, and the pond will be dewatered to facilitate the construction efforts. The project will also include the installation of gabion baskets with rock to support and enhance the perimeter of the pond. Annual pond maintenance will not be conducted this year considering the scope and time frame of the dredging project. Continue Reading →

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Emergency Responders Working Together in Miller County

Miller County, AR-On June 15, 2017, the four states region received news from the Miller County Sheriff’s office that the body of Ryan Shane Johnson of Fouke, Arkansas had been recovered from the Sulfur River at the Smith Park Landing.  While the news was devastating to family, friends, and the community, there was a positive side regarding the efforts that were made to find Mr. Johnson.   The search for Mr. Johnson was not an exclusive Miller County Sheriff’s Office operation.  The fact is, much like any disaster or search to take place in the area, the entire region came together. For the search for Mr. Johnson, there was no concerns about state boundaries, districts, county lines, city or county officials.  There was only a concern to search and find Mr. Johnson.  That concern transcended boundaries not because of pay, or legal standings, but because Mr. Johnson needed people to care and search for him, and they did just that.  People came from the city, from Texas, from other areas of Arkansas and all around to help.  In the words of the Press Release from the Miller County Sheriff’s Office “Each of these entities devoted many hours assisting in the recovery.”

Too often we limit ourselves to our own cities, towns, states, or counties.  People sometimes think in terms of “Well that’s a county problem” or “That’s a Texas side problem” or “That’s an Arkansas side problem,” but we forget that the people acting as responders do not think that way.  Their thought patterns are different and instead they think, “Someone needs help.”  These people, regardless of boundaries or their assigned areas, are the ones you see running toward a disaster, or a need when others are running away.  When the call goes out for help, they are the ones who come. When the call went out for help to find Mr. Johnson, true to their oaths, their dedication, and their training, they came.  Below is a list of those who crossed the lines and boundaries because someone needed them.  They are owed a huge amount of gratitude from everyone in the area and especially from Miller County, Arkansas:

Corp of Engineers

Texas Parks and Wildlife

The Salvation Army

Red Cross

Bowie County Sheriff’s Office

Genoa Volunteer Fire Department

Boggy Creek Volunteer Fire Department

Mandeville Volunteer Fire Department

Doddridge Volunteer Fire Department

Bowie County Dive Team

Miller County Office of Emergency Management

Arkansas Game and Fish Commission

Pleasant Valley Volunteer Fire Department

Bright Star Volunteer Fire Department

Many volunteers from several communities


We should all be thankful to know that living in this region affords us access to some of the finest emergency response people in all the country.  The groups above dedicated many hours and for that the entire community should show gratitude and thanks.   Continue Reading →

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Four States News Expands Social Media Reach

The Four States News (FSN) is proud to announce we have added additional Facebook Groups online. The FSN is a “Community Journalism site.”  We focus on events in communities such as church happenings, school events, and other issues often not covered by mainstream media.  We are not looking to cover the latest wreck or the latest Congressional issues.  Instead of a broad focus, we might focus on a Congressional leader who visits the four states area, or we might focus on the impact someone had on others who happened to pass away from injuries of a wreck.  We want stories based on what’s important to you and your community.  Anyone can write that a great citizen passed away at a certain age and left behind a list of relatives, but we want to know and share how that great citizen changed his family, his or her friends, and touched the lives of those she may have known.  Community Journalism is driven by two factors – contributors or people taking time to write something and submit it, and the community’s desire to know more, understand what’s happening on a deeper or more “hometown” level. We also recognize that we can not possibly cover all the stories.  In our area we have several outstanding, online publications.  You may have seen Texarkana Today or Jeff Easterling’s outstanding Texarkana FYI  .   You have also likely seen the long-standing, now-online also publication for the Texarkana Gazette .   It also seems like new publications are popping up daily like the new  ArkLaTex Post. Because we focus not just on Texarkana, but on the surrounding area of the four states, we thought it was time to allow those areas to have a reference point for articles directly related to them and to share articles.  These new groups will allow people to easily share post from any news outlet with links back to the original publication.  Together we can share news not only published from FSN, but also from any major or minor publication touching on important events or happenings. Currently we have Four States News Community Post  our first set up to allow sharing of news from around the Texas and Arkansas.  We have just added Oklahoma Four States News Community Post  and Louisiana Four States News Community Post. Continue Reading →

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2017 Bandit Run Marks 40 Years of the Bandit

Texarkana, USA – It’s been 40 years since the words “East Bound and down…” screamed out at silver screens across the nation.   Those words continued into the theme song right up until the point where Jerry Reed sang, “The boys are thirsty in Atlanta and there’s beer in Texarkana.”  At that moment Texarkana added another star as a place in cinema history.  Burt Reynolds tore out of Texarkana in that black Trans AM and cleared the way of “Smokies” by keeping them busy so the big truck could get the beer to Atlanta. 

40 years later the town given credit for where it all started will be celebrating again June 17-18. Continue Reading →

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 June 2, 2017, Texarkana, TX- Close to 500 students earned a spot on Texarkana College’s scholastic honor roll for spring 2017 by earning high grade point averages (GPA) in twelve or more college-level semester credit hours.  Students on the President List earned a 3.8 GPA or higher and students earning GPAs of 3.2 or higher were placed on the Dean’s List. Students in academic, workforce, as well as high school students participating in dual credit or early admissions courses, are eligible for placement on TC’s honor rolls. “It is evident that our students are committed to achieving their dreams of earning college credit, furthering their academic goals, and bettering their futures,” said James Henry Russell, TC President.  “Often our students have to overcome barriers that try to keep them from college completion; however, they make the most of their challenges and strive toward excellence. I could not be more proud than to congratulate these high achieving students on a job well done.”

The 2017 Spring President List includs195 students while the Dean’s List includes 297 students as follows:


Colten Wayne Phelps, Annona, TX

Michaela Danielle Aguirre, Atlanta, TX

Jessica Lyn Barnett, Atlanta, TX

Michael Andrew Clemenson, Atlanta, TX

Tona L Coats, Atlanta, TX

Lauren Halie Elliott-Kilboy, Atlanta, TX

Deaseara Monique Fields, Atlanta, TX

Majory Perrynz Herron, Atlanta, TX

Robin Dell Lowry, Atlanta, TX

Jennifer Lynn Mericle, Atlanta, TX

Tabitha Lynn Parks, Atlanta, TX

Kenneth V Rachel, Atlanta, TX

Cullin Dwayne Underwood, Atlanta, TX

Sarah Danielle Upchurch, Atlanta, TX

Glenn David Yarger, Atlanta, TX

Jonathan Grady McKay, Avery, TX

John Henry Peek, Avery, TX

Courtney Marie Lebrun, Avinger, TX

Isabella Josie Kennedy, Bivins, TX

Ethan Quinn Lowery, Bivins, TX

Lauren Taylor Buster, Bloomburg, TX

Cameron Lee Coats, Bloomburg, TX

Colby Edwin Ivy, Bloomburg, TX

Madison Taylor McKinnie, De Kalb, TX

Cathy Diane Allen, DeKalb, TX

William Howard Allen, DeKalb, TX

Bailee Suzanna Farland, DeKalb, TX

James Edward Roberts, Dekalb, TX

Charles Wayne Sorsby, DeKalb, TX

Curtis Neil Toliver, DeKalb, TX

Brian Benjamin Platt, Douglassville, TX

Amber Michelle Barnett, Euless, TX

Derek Shon Matthews, Fouke, AR

Carissa Dena Duncan, Fraser Lake, Brittish Columbia, CAN

Rachael Ann Endsley, Hooks, TX

Tara Renee Hindi, Hooks, TX

William Seth Lydeen, Hooks, TX

Justin Taylor Sheek, Hooks, TX

Rhonda Gail Snyder, Hooks, TX

Bhim Tamang, Hooks, TX

Natalie Paige Wheeler, Hooks, TX

Nefrali Amaya, Hope, AR

Sarah Renee Erwin, Hope, AR

Carina Martinez, Hope, AR

Jordan Stanley Schmitt, Hope, AR

Sara Elizabeth Vines, Magnolia, AR

Michael Cole Crye, Maud, TX

Emily Claire Foster, Maud, TX

Joseph Lynden Jones, Maud, TX

Briana Renee Longan, Maud, TX

Collin Wade Simpson, Maud, TX

Jessica Anne Keener, Mc Leod, TX

Harper Renee McKnight, Mc Leod, TX

Richard Alan Bernard, Mount Pleasant, TX

Cory Michael Pitts, Mount Pleasant, TX

David Lynn Fulce, Naples, TX

Grayson Clark Burt, Nash, TX

Jennifer Denise Edwards, Nash, TX

Justin Michael Griffin, Nash, TX

Haley Michelle Krieger, Nash, TX

Victoria Faith Powell, Nash, TX

Sonya Leeann Steward, Nash, TX

Michael Eric Andrews, New Boston, TX

Shannon Merie Atchley, New Boston, TX

Michelle Lyn Bond, New Boston, TX

Nicole Josephine Denny, New Boston, TX

Courtney Michelle Downs, New Boston, TX

Haley Lynn Hill, New Boston, TX

Tina Marie Hock, New Boston, TX

Jimmie Monroe Lewin, New Boston, TX

Kaitlyn Nicole Mahone, New Boston, TX

Sarah Elizabeth Pierce, New Boston, TX

Danielle Michelle N Randle, New Boston, TX

Grace Nicole Smith, New Boston, TX

Rachel Lynn Sorsby, New Boston, TX

Haley Ann Thompson, New Boston, TX

Brian S Boyd, Omaha, TX

Brent Stephen Ehrlish, Omaha, TX

Latitia Rochelle Madlock, Ozan, AR

Brandon Allen Parkman, Queen City, TX

Tara Lynn Solley, Queen City, TX

Orion Skye Stafford, Queen City, TX

Yonika Shardae’ Tyson, Queen City, TX

Johnny Jasper Williams, Queen City, TX

Kristi Lee Taylor, Rosston, AR

Cristy Renee Allison, Simms, TX

Mary Elizabeth Davis, Simms, TX

Ryan David Duke, Simms, TX

Ronny Clay Perryman, Simms, TX

Jasmine Rae Ammann, Texarkana, AR

Scottie B Andino, Texarkana, AR

Raleigh Faye Andrews, Texarkana, AR

Marcades M Blanks, Texarkana, AR

Miranda Bea Cannady, Texarkana, AR

Whitney Elizabeth Cannon, Texarkana, AR

Stanley James Chapman, Texarkana, AR

Hanh Thi Doan, Texarkana, AR

Alexandrea Paige Jewell, Texarkana, AR

Carjuan Vashon Layton, Texarkana, AR

Jeffrey Thomas Leonti, Texarkana, AR

Caleb Andrew Maloney, Texarkana, AR

Deaquania Lashonda Moore, Texarkana, AR

Mitchell Roy Moss, Texarkana, AR

Zachery Bryant Nowlin, Texarkana, AR

Andrew Seth Odom, Texarkana, AR

April Ann Phillips, Texarkana, AR

Miranda Lynn Sellers, Texarkana, AR

Jacob Andrew Shaw, Texarkana, AR

Nathaniel Grant Son, Texarkana, AR

Katelyn Michelle Stark, Texarkana, AR

Trey Allen Taylor, Texarkana, AR

Spencer Wayne Templeton, Texarkana, AR

LaDon J Tyous, Texarkana, AR

Marshall Chandra Alam, Texarkana, TX

Taylor Scott Bateman, Texarkana, TX

Rachel Arnelle Briscoe, Texarkana, TX

Matthew Brent Brown, Texarkana, TX

Caitlin Nicole Burnett, Texarkana, TX

Amanda Leigh Chandler, Texarkana, TX

Michael Kent Cochran, Texarkana, TX

Courtney Moore Copeland, Texarkana, TX

John Michael Daddato, Texarkana, TX

Johanna Marie Dahinden, Texarkana, TX

Michael Lee Dozier, Texarkana, TX

Gregory W Duits, Texarkana, TX

British Michelle Dunn, Texarkana, TX

Katherine Ann Earnest, Texarkana, TX

Melissa Kay Edwards, Texarkana, TX

Elizabeth Cassandra Elwell, Texarkana, TX

Carroll Arthur Erwin, Texarkana, TX

Jasmine Lashea Gardner, Texarkana, TX

Marli Grace Garrett, Texarkana, TX

Matthew David Gerber, Texarkana, TX

Lauren Elizabeth Gibbert, Texarkana, TX

Micah Doyle Gilbreath, Texarkana, TX

Kristen Danielle Glover, Texarkana, TX

Christopher Michael Gooch, Texarkana, TX

Desiree Nicole Goodwin, Texarkana, TX

Catherine Allison Haley, Texarkana, TX

Alexzandria Shanaye Hart, Texarkana, TX

Addyson Paige Hill, Texarkana, TX

Teresa Nicole Howard, Texarkana, TX

Jazmyne M Jackson, Texarkana, TX

Robert Alexander Jett, Texarkana, TX

Kayleigh Alysse Johnson, Texarkana, TX

Anastasia Betty Lavender, Texarkana, TX

Jacob Cameron Lee, Texarkana, TX

Geovanni Joseph Leon, Texarkana, TX

Denver Brooks Lockhart, Texarkana, TX

Ariel Michelle Long, Texarkana, TX

Adrian Etienne Lowery, Texarkana, TX

Emily Brooke Lummus, Texarkana, TX

Patty Marie Lynn, Texarkana, TX

Samuel Adam Martin Lowery, Texarkana, TX

Baudelio Martinez, Texarkana, TX

Lakin Alexis McAdams, Texarkana, TX

Karlee Anne McDonald, Texarkana, TX

Morgan Allyse Missildine, Texarkana, TX

Aja Nicole Moore, Texarkana, TX

Brianna Noak, Texarkana, TX

Daylan Ryan O’neal, Texarkana, TX

Jonathan William Owney, Texarkana, TX

John William Phelps, Texarkana, TX

Jeffery Cole Phillips, Texarkana, TX

Katelyn Denise Pipes, Texarkana, TX

Valentiane Louie Rachal, Texarkana, TX

Stormy Thi Roberts, Texarkana, TX

Jeffrey Daniel Roberts, Texarkana, TX

Benjamin Thomas Rutherford, Texarkana, TX

Juan Jose Sanchez, Texarkana, TX

Robert Earl Sanders, Texarkana, TX

Eric Joel Shelby, Texarkana, TX

Thomas Michael Short, Texarkana, TX

Patrick Michael Smith, Texarkana, TX

Holly Marie Smith, Texarkana, TX

Colleen Nichole Spangler, Texarkana, TX

Brooklynn Renae Stephens, Texarkana, TX

Kimberly R Stoker, Texarkana, TX

Jennifer Gajelomo Stokes, Texarkana, TX

Rebecca A Strutton, Texarkana, TX

Amber N Stylianou, Texarkana, TX

William Blake Sutton, Texarkana, TX

Demetryce Nycole Taylor, Texarkana, TX

Patrick King Thomas, Texarkana, TX

Jimmi Ella Turner, Texarkana, TX

Hayden Lane Turner, Texarkana, TX

Jose Simon Valerio, Texarkana, TX

Thomas W Woodruff, Texarkana, TX

Adam Thomas Akers, Wake Village, TX

Rachel Denise Akers, Wake Village, TX

Heather Nicole Barkley, Wake Village, TX

Ashlee Nichole Moorhead, Wake Village, TX

Madison Danielle Stewart, Wake Village, TX

Hoang Huy Dinh Tran, Wake Village, TX



Bikash Adhikari, Kathmandu, NEPAL

Aubrey Morgan Burchfield, Ashdown, AR

Kent Lee Lewis, Ashdown, AR

Alyssa Marie Cargile, Atlanta, TX

Michael Wayne Clayton, Atlanta, TX

Kimberly Dian Cox, Atlanta, TX

Austin Trevor Dantes, Atlanta, TX

Timothy Eric Davis, Atlanta, TX

Carter Bain Dodson, Atlanta, TX

Karissa Breanne Durmon, Atlanta, TX

Miranda Lane Giles Deason, Atlanta, TX

Zachary Dylan Hagins, Atlanta, TX

Faith Allison Harper, Atlanta, TX

Ashley Labrook Haynes, Atlanta, TX

Katherine Nicole Holmes, Atlanta, TX

Jerek David Lewis, Atlanta, TX

Morgan Kay Maxwell, Atlanta, TX

Zachary James Nugent, Atlanta, TX

Hannah Brianne Nunez-Perkins, Atlanta, TX

Stephen Trey Parrish, Atlanta, TX

Melanie Rae Porterfield, Atlanta, TX

Christian D Powell, Atlanta, TX

Richard Allen Riley, Atlanta, TX

Shae Anne Spencer, Atlanta, TX

Colby James Stratton, Atlanta, TX

Arthur Thomas Lee Rider, Aubrey, TX

Kaitlyn Nell Kelsoe, Avery, TX

Shane Coltin Lambert, Avery, TX

Steven Jared Martin, Avery, TX

Kelsie Kaye Rhodes, Avery, TX

Brady Ryan Collins, Bivins, TX

Jonathan Stuart Callison, Bloomburg, TX

Morgan Rhiana Coats, Bloomburg, TX

Sarah Elizabeth Little, Bloomburg, TX

Kaitlin Rene’ Taillon, Bloomburg, TX

Miacara Katarina Van Horn, Bloomburg, TX

Heather Nicole Berbig, De Kalb, TX

Brenda Kay McMurrian, De Kalb, TX

Philander Delano Akins, DeKalb, TX

Larayne C Bachman, DeKalb, TX

Chelsea Delena Champion, DeKalb, TX

Dustin Wesley Jacops, DeKalb, TX

Tresea Jan Shirley, DeKalb, TX

Taylor Melynn Reed, Deklab, TX

Brittany Leigh Brewer, Doddridge, AR

Mary Ayla Cleghorn, Doddrige, AR

Erica Renee Craig, Douglassville, TX

Matthew Taylor Robbins, Foreman, AR

Rebecca Shade Attaway, Fouke, AR

Nicholas Perry Metzger, Fouke, AR

Hailley Nicole Weathers, Fouke, AR

Ashton LeAnne Klink, Genoa, AR

Jacqueline Anne Duncan, Havelock, NC

Kevin Christopher Baker, Haworth, OK

Brandon Michael Garrett-Hill, Hooks, TX

Heber Jimenez, Hooks, TX

Amber Nicole Matthews, Hooks, TX

Cecily Lynn Schultz, Hooks, TX

Porsha Lasadie Sims, Hooks, TX

Tomorrie Shalaine Stiger, Hooks, TX

Charles Trunnell Williams, Hooks, TX

Rosa Maria Zuniga, Hooks, TX

Sergio Zuniga, Hooks, TX

Brittany Paige Craig, Hope, AR

Lisa Diane Rhodes, Hope, AR

Amber Nichole Stuart, Hope, AR

Lisa Lorraine Hulett, Jefferson, TX

Roshan Gautam, Kathmandu, NULL

Phillip Cole Satterfield, Leary, TX

Emily Ann Valdez, Lewisville, AR

Jessika Maree Schuler, Linden, TX

Tosha N Stanley, Linden, TX

Kaitlin Elizabeth Golightly, Marietta, TX

Symone Marie Autrey, Maud, TX

Cali Marie Comeaux, Maud, TX

Heather Deann Daffern, Maud, TX

Erin Haley Griffin, Maud, TX

Brittany Kay Hearn, Maud, TX

Jonathan Muhammad Henderson, Maud, TX

Aubrey R Meisinger, Maud, TX

Jessica Ann Rachel, Maud, TX

Bryce McKenzie Ridge, Maud, TX

Summer Leeann Rivers, Maud, TX

Jim Larry Smith, Maud, TX

Justin Edward Striplin, Maud, TX

Atticus Montgomery Wilson, Maud, TX

Madison Paige Forrest, Naples, TX

Kimbley Dawn Mullins, Naples, TX

Whitney Michelle Rice, Naples, TX

Haifa Mahmoud Hamtini, Nash, TX

Tomorrow Tres Lake, Nash, TX

Destinee Quenesha Malone, Nash, TX

Kayla Nicole Martin, Nash, TX

Eric Vernard Moss, Nash, TX

Shatoya N Watson, Nash, TX

Kimberlie Brean Alvarez, New Boston, TX

Shelby Eugenie Nicole Bayer, New Boston, TX

Taytum C Beggs, New Boston, TX

Britney Renee Chasteen, New Boston, TX

Kolby Clayton Clark, New Boston, TX

Ashlea Brooke Dupree, New Boston, TX

Lillian Inez Flurry, New Boston, TX

William Paul Henson, New Boston, TX

Ulanda Shanta Justice, New Boston, TX

Cameron Nicole Moreno, New Boston, TX

Juan Ramon Moreno, New Boston, TX

Shannon Brice Murphy, New Boston, TX

Olivia Camille Raney, New Boston, TX

Cody Lane Roberson, New Boston, TX

Elyssa Leigh Sanders, New Boston, TX

Mariah Amiko Webb, New Boston, TX

Nicholas Leonard White, New Boston, TX

Matthew Wayne Wommack, Omaha, TX

Kensi Lynn Ramey, Pittsburg, TX

Cami Lauren Harris, Port Royal, SC

Rhonda Gail McCoy, Prescott, AR

Jade Nikole Carrell-Dunbar, Queen City, TX

Kimberly Irene Pettit, Queen City, TX

Jannie Lee Smith, Queen City, TX

Montana Wayne Moore, Redwater, TX

Cayleigh Marie Caddenhead, Simms, TX

Madeline Elane Gauntt, Simms, TX

Christopher Todd Hackett, Simms, TX

Matt Charles Lyon, Simms, TX

Tiffany Nicole Peek, Simms, TX

Shawn Robert Rossum, Simms, TX

Brooklyn Marie Sanchez, Simms, TX

Tori Jaclyn Walker, Simms, TX

Brooklyn Nicole Wilbur, Simms, TX

Gregory Phillip Allen, Taylor, AR

Charlotte Denise Arnold, Texarkana, AR

Alexis Jade Bradley, Texarkana, AR

Kenneth Wayne Bragg, Texarkana, AR

Haley Michelle Brundon, Texarkana, AR

Justin Thomas Cigainero, Texarkana, AR

Caine Everett Larry Cutshall, Texarkana, AR

Laura Elizabeth Deloach, Texarkana, AR

Tony Alexander Disler, Texarkana, AR

Olivia Danielle Dixon, Texarkana, AR

Bryan Nicholas Donner, Texarkana, AR

Matthew Buck Edwards, Texarkana, AR

Kristina Marie Ellis, Texarkana, AR

Shayla Sheree Fisk, Texarkana, AR

Theophilus Quintonius Greer, Texarkana, AR

Patrick Thomas Gresham, Texarkana, AR

Shawn Leland House, Texarkana, AR

Lamarcus Donnell Howard, Texarkana, AR

Tomesha Nichole Howard, Texarkana, AR

Nakeldian Jervelle Jefferson, Texarkana, AR

Hannah Mae Johnson, Texarkana, AR

Palmar Blaire Johnson, Texarkana, AR

Sarah Elizabeth Launius, Texarkana, AR

Sheena Dawn Lovelace, Texarkana, AR

Deanna Marie Matlock, Texarkana, AR

Angela Rose Miles, Texarkana, AR

Emmanuel Merced Moya, Texarkana, AR

Jason Bryant Powell, Texarkana, AR

Cole Bradley Prince, Texarkana, AR

Carlie Elaine Richardson, Texarkana, AR

Rueben D Southerland, Texarkana, AR

Zion Alexander Staples, Texarkana, AR

Casey Adam Thompson, Texarkana, AR

Tricia Louise Trewartha, Texarkana, AR

Lakita White, Texarkana, AR

Xavier Lamar Williams, Texarkana, AR

Kenneth Wesley Williams, Texarkana, AR

Shatara Rochelle Willis, Texarkana, AR

Felisha D Woodberry, Texarkana, AR

Tammie Danice Yates-Erwin, Texarkana, AR

Stephen Clifford Allen, Texarkana, TX

Emily C Banks, Texarkana, TX

Nicholas Donald Barkman, Texarkana, TX

Christopher J Beasley, Texarkana, TX

Daniel Alexander Berry, Texarkana, TX

Betrand Nkongho Besong, Texarkana, TX

Casie Brooke Bickley, Texarkana, TX

Amber Relena Bishop, Texarkana, TX

Baylee Mackensie Bond, Texarkana, TX

Ana Christine Bourgeois, Texarkana, TX

Emily Lauren Bowden, Texarkana, TX

Clarence Harley Brazile, Texarkana, TX

Jennifer K Briggs, Texarkana, TX

Jacob Caldwell Brown, Texarkana, TX

Kirby Deuntra Solomon Burks, Texarkana, TX

Samantha Summer Ann Burnett, Texarkana, TX

Martin Fidel Bustamante, Texarkana, TX

Constance N Byers, Texarkana, TX

Robert Matson Cannon, Texarkana, TX

Emily Nichole Childs, Texarkana, TX

Paige Nicole Chriestenson, Texarkana, TX

Kierra Jimel Cooper, Texarkana, TX

Damien Luther Dail, Texarkana, TX

Lejonae Daniels, Texarkana, TX

Harrison Jicobe Dickens, Texarkana, TX

Tyler Erik Edge, Texarkana, TX

Bryan Tremaine Edwards, Texarkana, TX

Erica Nicole Epperson, Texarkana, TX

Christopher Brandon Flores, Texarkana, TX

Robert Cole Fomby, Texarkana, TX

Zachary Tyler Ford, Texarkana, TX

Reagan Nicole Franks, Texarkana, TX

Laquita Shenae Frierson, Texarkana, TX

Paola Teresa Gabriel, Texarkana, TX

Ariel Isaac Gabriel, Texarkana, TX

Sandra Azucena Gallegos, Texarkana, TX

Paige McKenzie Gibbert, Texarkana, TX

Gabrielle Rose Green, Texarkana, TX

Zachary Hunter Griffin, Texarkana, TX

Jacob Ryan Harmon, Texarkana, TX

Hunter Mattison Harris, Texarkana, TX

Claire Elizabeth Hatchett, Texarkana, TX

Keri Rochel Hawkins, Texarkana, TX

Brittny Elaine Henderson, Texarkana, TX

Shunterica Marshay Hervey, Texarkana, TX

Ty Brandon Hervey, Texarkana, TX

Brittany Danielle Hopkins, Texarkana, TX

Kaitlyn De Howlett, Texarkana, TX

Skylar Mackenli Huddleston, Texarkana, TX

Patricia Me’chelle Jarrett, Texarkana, TX

Saroya Soleil Jasper, Texarkana, TX

Mitchell Fowler Kemp, Texarkana, TX

Autumn Gayle Kvarda, Texarkana, TX

Joseph Roy Lamon, Texarkana, TX

Christopher Jeff Langston, Texarkana, TX

Cora Evelyn Larry, Texarkana, TX

Dakota Alan Locke, Texarkana, TX

Lindsey Beth Long, Texarkana, TX

Aubrey Rane Luecke, Texarkana, TX

Sherry Lee Martin, Texarkana, TX

Holli Michele McDonald, Texarkana, TX

Karsyn Mackenzie McGee, Texarkana, TX

Skyler Brianne McMellon, Texarkana, TX

Kelsey Laine Merritt, Texarkana, TX

Nicholas Lee Miller, Texarkana, TX

Ginger Nicole Mitchell, Texarkana, TX

Jerron R Moore, Texarkana, TX

Misty Danielle Morris, Texarkana, TX

Angel Marie Moya, Texarkana, TX

Estefania Moya Sanchez, Texarkana, TX

Daysi Kelly Moya-Gaona, Texarkana, TX

Austin Kyle Muckelrath, Texarkana, TX

Ted A Murdock, Texarkana, TX

James Lloyd Murphy, Texarkana, TX

Diane N Okereke, Texarkana, TX

Maria Nayeli Olvera, Texarkana, TX

Hayden Scott Otwell, Texarkana, TX

Carolyn Jean Parhm, Texarkana, TX

Lisa Michelle Patillo, Texarkana, TX

Sydney E Patrick, Texarkana, TX

Jenna Wade Peace, Texarkana, TX

Madelyne Laine Pipes, Texarkana, TX

Ashlyn Michelle Poelstra, Texarkana, TX

Tyler Preston Price, Texarkana, TX

Kadaja Montreal Prim, Texarkana, TX

Timothy Allen Quinn, Texarkana, TX

Lori Marie Rachal, Texarkana, TX

Anthony Michael Rehkopf, Texarkana, TX

Ashley Nicole Ritchie, Texarkana, TX

Amy Elaine Robertson, Texarkana, TX

Mary-Callie Keturah Robinson, Texarkana, TX

Buck James Rodden, Texarkana, TX

Hannah Diann Roy, Texarkana, TX

Sidney Joesph Sandefur, Texarkana, TX

Jessi Rhea Sharp, Texarkana, TX

Bailey Elizabeth Shirk, Texarkana, TX

Joanna Caroline Slayter, Texarkana, TX

Sarah Payton Smith, Texarkana, TX

Dennis Lee Suggitt, Texarkana, TX

Elyssa Lauren Keryn Teel, Texarkana, TX

Troy Matthew Tefteller, Texarkana, TX

Robert Lee Tucker, Texarkana, TX

Mantas Urniezius, Texarkana, TX

Arturo Vargas, Texarkana, TX

Carley Grace Wallace, Texarkana, TX

Matasi Marie Ward, Texarkana, TX

Randall Scott Ward, Texarkana, TX

Skylar Brianna Watts, Texarkana, TX

Arielle Leigh Wessels, Texarkana, TX

Lauren Ashley Westbrook, Texarkana, TX

Jada Iman Wilson, Texarkana, TX

Jovan Tamicha Wilson, Texarkana, TX

Chelsea Charde Wimbley, Texarkana, TX

Robert Allen Wofford, Texarkana, TX

Austin R Boze, Wake Village, TX

Sammie Sue Braddock, Wake Village, TX

Mackenzie Kae Burt, Wake Village, TX

Blessing Nicole Curtis, Wake Village, TX

Andrew Nathan Drew, Wake Village, TX

Lacie Ann Firth, Wake Village, TX

Hanna Jaide Gross, Wake Village, TX

Paige Nicole Othman, Wake Village, TX

Natalie Blaire Poole, Wake Village, TX

Khalen Danyelle Rigsby, Wake Village, TX

Sierra Rochelle Strickland, Wake Village, TX

Angela Jeanette Warren, Wake Village, TX

Leslie Madison Welch, Wake Village, TX

Chandler Brooke Winton, Wake Village, TX Continue Reading →

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Ratcliffe Announces Major Economic Development for Texarkana

TEXARKANA, Texas – Rep. John Ratcliffe (R-Texas) announced a major economic development win for the greater Texarkana region at a ceremony Thursday in New Boston, Texas. The TexAmericas Center will receive a designation by the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) as a Historically Underutilized Business Zone (HUBZone), which will bolster its ability to attract new businesses and create jobs. “I’m incredibly pleased that my congressional staff and I were able to secure HUBZone designation for TexAmericas through our work with the Department of Defense and the Small Business Administration over the past year,” Ratcliffe said. “Given the enormous potential for increased job creation in this region, I’m very optimistic about the bolstered economic growth this HUBZone designation will bring.”


Through its HUBZone status, tenants at the TexAmericas Center will have preference for award of federal contracts to small businesses. They will also gain access to federal set-aside contracts and sole source contracts, as well as a price evaluation preference in full and open contract competitions. Continue Reading →

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ICYMI: Reimagine the Alamo Unveils Proposed Master Plan Design

SAN ANTONIO – After nearly two years of intense work, the Alamo Master Plan Management Committee, which is comprised of representatives from the Texas General Land Office, the City of San Antonio, and the private Alamo Endowment, unveiled detailed design renderings of the proposed master plan for the Alamo Complex and surrounding area. The spectacular images depict a vision that restores reverence and dignity to one of the most historic battlefields in the United States while capturing the imagination of all ages and all cultures, for generations to come. Working in close collaboration, the Committee and the Master Plan Team, led by Dr. George C. Skarmeas of Preservation Design Partnership, LLC, undertook the first ever systematic study of the history and the physical evolution of the Alamo site from the arrival of the Spanish missionaries in 1724 to the present time, and conducted archaeological research in the summer of 2016. The resulting bold and visionary ideas are based on evidence and the best principles and practices of heritage conservation planning and design. “Today marks a major benchmark in the nearly two-year mission to restore a sense of dignity and decorum to our Shrine of Texas Liberty,” Texas Land Commissioner George P. Bush said. Continue Reading →

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