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TxDOT Prepares for Winter Weather Sunday Night

Roads treated; Drivers encouraged to exercise caution, remain informed

ATLANTA ─ The Texas Department of Transportation is issuing a warning to drivers in northeast Texas to be prepared for a wintry mix that could impact traffic Sunday evening and Monday morning. Crews in the Atlanta District will be pre-treating roads for the next two days in preparation for the storm. With temperatures expected to drop near freezing or below, icy weather could cause problems in areas for Monday morning commuters. TxDOT crews will be working throughout the weekend and plan to continue de-icing and treating roads overnight Sunday to reduce the impacts of freezing and refreezing. Despite this work, drivers are urged to use extreme caution because of the potential for black ice, which appears as dry pavement. Continue Reading →

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Ice Storm Warning in Effect from 6PM Thursday To 6PM Friday


From The National Weather Service in Shreveport has issued an ice storm warning, which is in effect from 6PM Thursday to 6PM Friday. Freezing rain will begin accumulating overnight Thursday through the day Friday with ice accumulation near or in excess of one half inch northwest of the Interstate 30 corridor of NE Texas, SE Oklahoma and SW Arkansas. Along and south of the interstate 30 corridor, ice accumulation near one quarter of an inch will be possible. Due to ground warmth, ice accumulation will likely be on elevated objects such as bridges, overpasses, trees, and electrical lines. However., if the temperature can stay below freezing long enough into Saturday, a few secondary roadways may become hazardous as well. Continue Reading →

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Yes, There Will Be an Eclipse This Sunday – But Not for Us.

Solar Eclipse

If you want to head to the East Coast, you’ll have a much better chance of seeing a solar eclipse Sunday morning – the fairly rare phenomenon where the moon blocks the sun. Even though the sun is about 400 times larger than the moon, it’s also about 400 times further away. So, the moon has the potential to completely block the sun. That’s not the case this time, though – at least for the United States. The eastern states will see a slight shadow – for about 4 seconds at sunrise. Continue Reading →

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