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Annual Hometown Christmas Tickets On Sale

ATLANTA, TX- On Friday, December 16th, 2016 the streets of downtown Atlanta will transform into a Christmas wonderland for families and friends to enjoy. For the fourth year in a row, the Atlanta Area Young Professionals Network will host Hometown Christmas, a festival event meant to encourage local families and visitors alike to make holiday memories in their hometown.  Raegan Rice, a middle school English teacher at Atlanta ISD, was a founding member of the Atlanta YPN.  “We want to give people who might have grown up in Atlanta and moved away a reason to bring their families back for Christmas,” Rice said. “The purpose of YPN is to make Atlanta a great place to raise a family. Continue Reading →

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Losing Liberty

Today, in just a few hours from now, I will leave my office and travel a short distance to a different town.  I will go to an assisted living facility where my mother and aunt reside, and I will take them to their doctor’s appointments.  Today my mother and my aunt will be evaluated for driving privileges.  It is going to be a difficult day for them, and for me.  They are both in poor health; both heavily medicated; both in denial that they are potentially dangerous to other drivers; and both unaware of the reason for their doctor’s appointments today. I will arrive at the assisted living facility an hour early.  Although the doctor’s office is only five minutes from their residence, with their physical conditions and assistive devices, an hour’s time is pushing a timely arrival.  Once I load them into my vehicle, I will have to break the news to them that their doctor’s appointments today are an evaluation for driving privileges. They are not going to be happy at all.  Indeed, they will feel betrayed.  I cannot see any possible way that they well be able to keep their driver’s licenses.  It is a moment that will crush their hearts, their spirits, and their happiness.  Unfortunately, my siblings and I carry the unhappy responsibility of adult children who must witness and protect those whom we love, from any dangers or liabilities that might befall them.  It is a tough day for us as well. My siblings and I know that the loss of their driving privileges will set them back emotionally and that potentially it might be psychologically damaging as well.  My mother and my aunt believe that they are capable of driving safely; that they are able to care for themselves; and that they are able to take cross-country road trips together. Continue Reading →

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