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Expert on National/International Monetary Policies to Speak in Texarkana Tomorrow

Bill Laggnar

Bill Laggnar, a recognized expert on both US and European Union monetary policies, and contributor to Fox Business News and MSNBC, will be speaking in Texarkana tomorrow. Laggnar, the co-founder of Bearing Asset Management, will be speaking on the unintended consequences of government intervention, specifically bailouts and zero percent interest  rates. In addition, Laggnar will provide insight on Janet Yellen, the new chairperson of the Federal Reserve – her credentials and her blueprint for the monetary system. I spoke with Laggnar a few minutes ago, and he said, “It’s easy to get discouraged when you look at the people in charge, and the policies they’re enacting. But I’m confident that, if we’re diligent, we can actually come out of this in much better shape than we’ve seen in a long time.” Continue Reading →

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