Lillian Tidwell

‘Four Months and One Day is All I Ask’

[caption id="attachment_3094" align="alignright" width="201"] Lillian Tidwell[/caption] During the public comments time at Bowie County Commissioners Court two days ago, Lillian Tidwell put a human face on the consequences of the Court's decision to cut 15% ....

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James Henry Russell - President, Texarkana College

Texarkana College’s President Russell: ‘It Takes a Solid Team, Working Together’

[caption id="attachment_3058" align="alignright" width="201"] James Henry Russell - President, Texarkana College[/caption] Bowie County's recently-appointed Financial Advisory Committee has made many recommendations to help "turn the ship around" in regards to the county's finances, especially regarding the ....

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Bowie County Texas

Updates and Recommendations from the Bowie County Financial Advisory Committee (Video)

Yesterday in Bowie County Commissioners Court, Financial Advisory Committee chairman Mike Sandefur gave an update on their work to date. He also addressed budgeting concerns and made some recommendations for agenda items and action resolutions. ....

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