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Bobby Ferguson Park Sign Progress Continues

Texarkana, AR – Enter Bobby Ferguson Park near UofA Way or pass it as you come off the Interstate and you’ll see a nice, rock sign on the hillside just inside the park informing you of the park’s name.  However, if you enter from the Fairgrounds end of the park, there is no sign to indicate the name of the park.  Soon, the lack of a park sign will not be a problem near the Four States Fairgrounds. The Texarkana Arkansas Beautiful Commission works to improve the appearance and beautification of Texarkana, Arkansas.   In addition to having clean-up days, dumpster trash days, planting days, and coordinating education about keeping the city clean, the commission has overseen the implementation of signs for city properties.  The most recent sign, the huge “Welcome to Texarkana” sign on the Interstate was one of the larger sign projects the commission has undertaken in recent years. The commission usually, through suggestions of need, etc. attempts to take on a sign project whenever it can afford to do so.  Funding is supplied through the A&P Commission and the City Beautiful Commission seeks bids, designs the signs, and implements the projects.  Once completed, several other groups, including city maintenance, the Master Gardners, and other volunteer groups join in to assist in planting, watering, and maintaining the signs for the city. The commission’s latest project is underway right now.  The unfinished sign is coming together on the southwest corner of Bobby Ferguson Park.  When finished, there will be two flag polls, the sign, lights, water, and plants to celebrate and enhance the new sign’s location. Continue Reading →

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Texarkana Arkansas City Beautiful Plans Cleanup Day

Texarkana, AR – The City Beautiful Commission with support from the Keep Arkansas Beautiful Commission will sponsor a cleanup day this Saturday, April 14, in the morning from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m.  Citizens, volunteer groups, churches, Scouts and other organizations are encouraged to arrive at 9:00 a.m. at Bobby Ferguson Park and at the Sandflat Glendale Shannon Neighborhood Center.  Groups are encouraged to select areas around Texarkana, Arkansas needing cleanup. While the City Beautiful Commission is not assigning any specific areas, the commission has noted a need for clean up on the 32nd Street area beside the Stateline Cemetary, and around the 71/Hickory Street overpass.  Jeff Brown, Nedra Turney, Rick Hall, and others members of the commission will be on hand with bags, stickers, and other supplies at both locations. The City Beautiful Commission meets the second Tuesday of each month at City Hall in Texarkana, Arkansas.  All organizations and individuals interested in improving and cleaning up the city are encouraged to attend meetings or contact the commission.   You may also visit the commission’s Facebook page at 

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Texarkana, Arkansas Clean Up Date Scheduled

Texarkana, AR-  The Texarkana Arkansas City Beautiful Commission is asking your help as we “CLEAN UP” our community.  The clean up is scheduled for Saturday October 8, 2016.  The headquarters for the clean up will be at the small pavilion (near the gazebo) at the Bobby Ferguson Park. Texarkana City Beautiful Commission members will be on-site from  9 AM – 12 PM for the event. The focus of this event will be the Bobby Ferguson Park; however, individuals may go to any part of the city and help by cleaning up those areas as well. Continue Reading →

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