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GOP Establishment Targets Trump

Donald Trump

Written by Bob Adelmann

The latest poll results from Rasmussen weren’t cheered by the GOP establishment, which has been holding its breath for months, hoping that the frontrunner would fade and allow someone more willing to toe the establishment’s line to come to the fore. The poll, taken last week, wasn’t encouraging: 63 percent of Likely Republican Voters think Donald Trump will be the Republican Party’s nominee for president (up from 59 percent the week before), while 51 percent of all likely voters agree. Trump’s claim that President Obama’s decision to allow 10,000 Syrian refugees into the United States next year is the “ultimate Trojan horse” continues to resonate with voters who, according to Rasmussen, oppose Obama’s decision. The first salvo of attack ads from the political action committee New Day for America (a pro-Kasich group) was launched last Thursday, picturing Trump standing next to Obama and claiming, in light of the Paris massacre, that “on the job training for president does not work.”

This followed anti-Trump ads from the Club for Growth, an anti-tax and small-government group, in September and October in Iowa. It cost them $1 million and the group credits Trump’s slight, and brief, decline in the polls there as evidence that the strategy works. Continue Reading →

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