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Students Complete Cristo Rey “Success Training”

Oklahoma-Over 20 students participated last week in Cristo Rey Oklahoma City Catholic High School’s Summer Success Training program, a 3-day course designed to help rising high school freshman develop skills useful at school, work, college and in their personal lives. Although the school does not officially open until Fall of 2018, Cristo Rey OKC officials said they wanted to offer something this summer to students and families who had shown interest in the school. For two days, students were joined by community and business leaders who served as guest lecturers on topics like appropriate use of social media, goal, setting, good study and work skills, and taking initiative. Love’s Travel Stops and Country Stores VP of Human Resources Carl Martincich led a discussion on the importance of first impressions and a strong work ethic. Oklahoma State University officials delivered a presentation on the importance of continuing education beyond high school, while Governor Mary Fallin’s former communications director talked about developing speaking and writing skills. Students also participated in a workshop on financial literacy, practicing balancing a budget and eliminating unnecessary expenses. Continue Reading →

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Educational Opportunities and Scholarships Expanded for Foster Care and Low Income Children

Oklahoma – With the 2017 legislative session having come to a close, groups working to increase educational options for Oklahoma students are celebrating significant policy victories. Robert Ruiz, President of ChoiceMatters for Kids, says that despite a difficult budget year marked by partisan gridlock, legislators managed to work together on two key bills that will increase resources for the education of low income children and children in state custody. Ruiz said that over 1000 parents worked with ChoiceMatters for Kids to send over 15,000 emails, letters or phone calls to the State Capitol on behalf of those bills and other school choice policies. Senate Bill 301 expands the successful Lindsey Nicole Henry (LNH) Scholarship program. Currently, LNH scholarships are available to children with special needs, helping their families to cover the cost of private school tuition. Continue Reading →

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Freedom Isn’t Free

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The single most important problem in our country today is our failed Educational System, not the National Debt. We spend more money per student on education than any other country in the world and yet we are dead last of the 17 most industrialized countries in quality of education. By far, the main reason for this failure is that our Public Educational School System has become a virtual Socialist Monopoly and therefore a Public Socialist Indoctrination System. The teacher’s union has taken over our schools and they are teaching our children that Socialism is good and capitalism is bad. Every year upon graduation our public schools are turning out a new crop of little voting socialists, 2 out of every 3 young adults under the age of 30 vote for Socialists or as they like to be called Progressives. Continue Reading →

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