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Flag Retirement Ceremony in Fouke Saturday

US Flag half-mast at sunset

If you display the U.S. Flag or a State Flag, then you know that with time it wears out. The wind will eventually cause damage, the sun will fade the flag, and sometimes just time itself will cause the flag to come into a status where it no longer should be used. When this happens, many people have heard that the retirement of a flag has established rules. In many cases, the flag is put on a shelf and replaced with a new flag instead of having a retirement for the flag. While everyone may not know the established rules to retire a flag, on Saturday, January 5 a Flag Retirement Ceremony will be held in Fouke, Arkansas at the Fouke Veterans Memorial Park. The event will start at 2 p.m. and will allow anyone from the community to bring worn, faded or damaged U.S. Flags for a free, and proper retirement. While the focus of the event is the national flag, the organizers say that state flags will also be retired properly at the event, and they are offering this service.

Ronnie Dancer, Sr., a local Fouke resident and veteran, said
that he and a group of veterans from the area wanted to do something to allow
people to retire flags appropriately.  He
said that Home Depot and Walmart had already given flags to be retired to the
group and that the community is encouraged to bring flags which need to be
retired.   The Walmart Neighborhood Market in Wake
Village provided three flags for retirement. 
Ronnie also stated that active military in the area, and veterans in the
area are encouraged to attend and participate in the event. 

The event is being hosted by the Major John B. Burton S.C.V.
Camp #1664 of Texarkana, Arkansas.   The group and veterans in the area hope to
make the event an annual one to allow community members to retire their state
and national flags appropriately and according to the established standards in
one place yearly.   Ronnie Dancer stressed
that all flags will be treated with respect, dignity and retired according to
appropriate and established rules and regulations.    
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Support for Coach Barker Grows in Fouke

Since the breaking news of Coach Ricky Barker’s public intoxication arrest, various opinions have been circulating on social media. Some people have come right out and said that he should be fired, but in Fouke there also is a growing group of supporters for the coach. That growing support seems to be based on the positive impact that Barker has had on the community and students. Several people have made positive statements such as “people make mistakes” and “shouldn’t we forgive” or “nobody is perfect”. Others have gone as far as to say that what the coach did may have been wrong, but that it is certainly no reason to fire him. One Fouke resident said, “Had the coach been driving with a bus full of kids and was drinking, then heck yeah he should be fired. But he wasn’t.”

Along with the positive and negative discussion, there is even talk about a potential meeting at the school to discuss the issue. Some people have suggested that the football team will line the roads and show support for the coach when there is a meeting. Others have suggested that they will testify on the coach’s behalf. One parent noted that his kid was going nowhere and had some major issues before Coach Barker came along. The parent went on to say that Barker started working with the young man and that behaviors, attitudes and in fact the young man’s entire life turned around for the positive. That parent said, “Nobody can take away how much it means to us that Coach Barker helped our son.”

Whether the football team and students show up to support Coach Barker will be unclear until there is a meeting. Many residents have stated support already on social media for the coach and have also stated an intent to be at the any planned meetings. There is currently a rumor that when there is a meeting it may be closed. At this time there has been no official posting from the school regarding a meeting. Signs have been showing up on Facebook with one citizen making the sign posted above reminding people of the need for forgiveness. At the time of this article, the sign above was posted on the “Miller County, AR Alerts and crime awareness” page had over twenty-six comments with people still commenting when we checked. The one thing that is apparent on social media is that there is overwhelming support and evidence from the community that Barker has had a positive impact on the students at the Fouke School District. Hopefully, when there is a meeting held, they will keep in mind the positive attributes of the coach in any decision they feel compelled to make.   Continue Reading →

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Fouke Football Coach Suspended With Pay

Fouke, AR – As the school year starts and the lights great prepped for Friday night games, Fouke is finding itself one short in the coaching department. Head Coach Rick Barker was arrested and charged with public intoxication Thursday evening. Fouke School responded by suspending the coach pending the outcome with pay. According to local reports Barker spoke to some news outlets and informed them that he was in an accident. He would not make any further comments. Coach Barker had previously coached at Pleasant Grove and is currently a coach at the Fouke Independent School District. According to social media outlets Barker had retired from Texas as a coach and then took a job with Fouke. There are several videos online of Coach Barker addressing the Fouke team, accepting donation checks on behalf of the school, and speaking at pep rallies. Needless to say, there has been a lot of “chatter” about the incident, the coach and what will happen in Fouke online. Continue Reading →

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Scholarship Fundraiser for Fouke School

Fouke, AR- Sidney Masonic Lodge in Fouke will host a BBQ and Hamburger Scholarship fundraiser this Saturday from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. The event proceeds will go into the lodge’s scholarship funds. Scholarships are awarded annually to a student from Fouke. The event will start at 11 a.m. and last until 2 p.m. with $5 purchasing your choice of a BBQ Sandwich or a Hamburger with chips a drink and a desert. The lodge is located next to the famed Monster Mart in the downtown area of Fouke. The community is invited and encouraged to attend, enjoy the fellowship and support this fantastic community cause. Sidney Masonic Lodge is a part of the F&AM of Arkansas (Grand Lodge of Arkansas). The lodge number is 455. The Grand Lodge of Arkansas and its lodges across the state are 501 (c) 3 organizations providing charitable donations, events, and programs across the state of Arkansas and beyond. If you would like more information about charities or the Masonic Lodge, visit the Grand Lodge website above, or visit an event such as Sidney Lodge’s fundraiser this weekend and speak with a member. Continue Reading →

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Fouke Community Center to Host a Meet and Greet with Jan Morgan

Fouke, AR- The Fouke Community Center will open its doors Friday the 19th at 6:00 p.m. to host a Meet and Greet with Governor candidate Jan Morgan. Morgan, a former newscaster in the Texarkana area and owner of a gun range in Hot Springs, Arkansas recently announced her candidacy for Governor. She is running with the motto “Regnat Populus” or “The People Rule”. The motto is not only the motto for Morgan’s campaign, but it is also the Arkansas state motto and can be found on the state symbol written on a scroll held by the eagle. Morgan will be running in the Republican primary against in combat Governor Asa Hutchinson. Continue Reading →

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Fouke Citizens Start Scavenger Hunt


Fouke, AR – Have you ever wanted to do something, but then just found you did not have the funds to make it happen? Maybe you wanted to go on a fancy vacation, or a trip to the lake, or even a trip to McDonald’s, but when you pulled that pocket book out, the bank said, “Not today”. If you have found that to be case, or even if you have the funds, but you’re just not about to spend them, the “We Love Fouke” Facebook page has an answer for you. It’s time for a good old fashioned scavenger hunt. The concept is easy and can be applied for a “family fun activity,” or for a “cheap date” – ladies, do not hold the Four States News responsible if you get a cheap date – all this easy scavenger hunt needs is a little gas in the care and a digital camera. You can use your camera, phone, or whatever takes pictu

res. Using the list provided on the Facebook page (as seen here too) you simply download the list and look for things indicated. Once you find them, take a picture or just make a note of the information being sought. Points are awarded for each find. While it may seem like a simple concept on the outside, the group plans to update the challenges and expand it as time goes. With so much in the Miller County area, you will not only be getting out for a little while and maybe moving the kids away from the video games, but you also have the potential to learn a little history. The bottom line is this group in Fouke has found a way the whole family can join in the fun. The page is growing, the scavengers are growing, and the list is getting longer- you had better jump onboard now and get started. We Love Fouke

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Ladies It’s Tea Time in Fouke

Fouke, AR-Elaborate and fancy tea party stories filled the imagination of a young girl named Ashley years ago. Her father would tell stories about her great grandmother attending tea parties at such places as the Grim Hotel in Texarkana. Participants would attend the formal dressed parties, many on the roof top of the hotel, where the ladies would talk of fashion, the news, the events around town and naturally they would drink tea. Ashley thought these stories of a bygone time were like fairy tales where noble ladies would chat for hours on end and make remarks about “how fair the weather is for this time of year,” or “how the clouds provide just enough shade for a cooler gathering.”

Years after those stories were told to the little girl, she grew up, and has a family of her own. Ashley Mathews is now at a stage in her life where she is remembering and telling others about the fairy tale tea party stories of her childhood. She realized that she had never been able to participate in such a party and had never had the excitement of dressing up before tea. It was during conversations with some friends that the idea struck and stuck…. why not have a tea party now? Instantly the idea developed from talk, into plans, and into a date. Ashely stated that the general feeling in Fouke was “How fun it be to bring this tradition alive again!”

With a little thought and planning, the group has their first Tea Party scheduled in Fouke. The ladies will be at the Scoggins house Saturday, October 7 at 2:30 P.M. Tea and refreshments will be on hand, yard games, and socializing will be on the schedule of events. Ashley says the event is open to any ladies, any age wishing to attend and a photographer will be on site to take pictures. They even have a make-up artist available for “make overs. When asked if formal dresses are the requirement for the event, she stated that they hope to have donations of dresses, costume jewelry, over the top hats, long elegant gloves and “all things girly” – and yes, your Four States News just published the word “girly” – for those who may not have access to such dresses or formal wear. The group plans to make this a seasonal event in the Fouke area. Ashely stated that anyone wishing to donate the costume jewelry, over the top hats, long elegant gloves or dresses should contact her directly. Ladies, church groups and non-profits from the area are being encouraged to sponsor a table at the event which would mean you could provide some of the decorations. Those interested in attending may contact Ashley, Courtney Miller, Brittany Gearlds, Angela Swatsell or Melissa Mims for more details on Facebook. You may also call 903-824-3942.  



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Fouke Food Pantry Opens with Success

Fouke, AR- The small town of Fouke has a lot going on these days. If you haven’t heard, they have an outstanding Farmers Market, great schools, a growing community, some sort of monster legend, and a mayor that’s….well, we think he’s a pretty good guy. Yesterday that pretty good guy – Mayor Terry Purvis- shared a Facebook post for the Fouke Food Pantry noting that it had just opened last Tuesday and Thursday. Since we honestly did not know this pantry was in operation, we’re thankful to the Mayor for sharing the news….. now it’s our turn…. The pantry is open on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10 am until 2 pm and is located at the Fouke Family Clinic next to the Dollar General Store. They have served well over 50 families in the area and the list may grow. People in the community and friends of Fouke are encouraged to stop by during operations and see what’s going on at the pantry. The post on the site notes that you can come by and “see our community at work.”

The pantry is encouraging people to spread the news not only for the hope of reaching more people in need, but also for the hope of reaching people willing to serve or donate. Currently the pantry is in need of two large freezers and volunteers. We are sure they can also use donations of canned food items and other things. We encourage you to check out their Facebook page at Fouke Food Pantry. Remember, this organization is a non-profit organization – so all you big companies in town, restaurant suppliers, and others keep in mind that you are midway through the year – you may need a few tax write offs come January of 2018 – what better way to get those write offs than driving a large freezer down to Fouke and making a difference in people’s lives? Continue Reading →

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Fouke Farmers Market “Fish Fry Picnic and Largest Catfish Catch”

Fouke, AR-Fouke Farmers Market would like to invite everyone out to celebrate our market, this Saturday July 15, come see what all the fuss is about at the first ever Fouke Farmers Market “Fish Fry Picnic and Largest Catfish Catch” this is a free event and all are welcome! We will start cooking at 9:30am and your more than welcomed to bring your favorite dish to share with other market comers! And don’t forget your favorite picnic blanket! We will be weighing all day for the Largest Catfish Catch and will announce the winner at 12pm. Winner revives a 25$ gift card from Academy! Continue Reading →

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Update from the Fouke Farmers’ Market

The information and pictures comes from Kevin and Ashley Matthews regarding the Fouke Farmers’ Market

June 3, 2017, Fouke, AR- The news is spreading fast about our small town market! Today was our unofficial first day to be able to come together with the exception of some of the vendors being out due to unforeseen circumstances but next week we intend to be in full swing! This week the theme was “kids day”. We did “pinch pot planters” for any child that visited the market. Next week the theme is “reuse reduce and recycle” so we will be planting in old toys rubber boots and what ever else we come across! Continue Reading →

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