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Four States News Rolls Quietly Over 6000

The Four States News Website ( reached 6000 published post late Friday afternoon. As six press releases and other updates went out Friday afternoon, the Four States News quietly marked number 6000 for post and pushed beyond. To the reader at large, it went by completely unnoticed, but to me, as I sat in front of the computer screen and reviewed the posts and updated, it stood out as a tremendous accomplishment aided by too many people to thank. Steve Oglesby conceived the idea for the Four States News and rolled out the publication in October 2013. It was a time when online publications were just starting to take hold and provide credible news and information. Continue Reading →

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Four States News Now Offering College Scores

The Four States News is now offering college scores in addition to high school scores for the region with a new app. As always, there is no subscription and no requirements to access the new scoreboard just as readers have always been able to access the high school scoreboard. On a computer monitor, the scoreboards will appear off to the right of the screen and can easily be scrolled through with your mouse or arrow keys. Each scoreboard offers updated scores, final scores, and the next scheduled game. In addition, when you have that debate with your best friend about the outcome of a previous game, you can use the scoreboard to look at the last few games for your team. Continue Reading →

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Four States News Opens Facebook Group to All News

The Four States News would like to remind everyone that the group “Four States News Community Post” is open to all to join, and open to all to post. You can post church events, community news, updates, and even share news from other news sources. We have many other great online news sources in the Texarkana and four states area. You may freely share their articles, links, and if they wish those owners of those sites are also welcome to share as well! The Four States News is a community journalism site. We focus on events in communities around the four states area. We look for updates, news, and events from Texarkana to Shreveport, to Mt. Pleasant, to Hope, DeQueen, Ashdown, and even into Oklahoma! If you live in the four states area and you think you’re too far away to post, well….you’re probably not! We’ve had articles from Austin, Dallas, Little Rock, and Oklahoma City! Feel free to share your update, your news at our community post. However, if you want to go further share more, shoot us a press release! We’ll post your release free of charge! Do you write and would like to submit for publication? Shoot us your article, bio, and a picture….we have writers from Dallas, Oklahoma City, and even Queen City, Texas sending us news and articles almost daily. We can not always print it all, but we would love for you to consider joining our family….after all, community journalism is ultimately about YOUR community! So, stop by our Facebook group and ask to join. We’ll promptly get you in so you can see all the news flowing through. We also have a page and why not just visit us at our home as well? Continue Reading →

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Four States News 2016 Recap

It has been an exciting year for the Four States News (FSN). Earlier this year the FSN was purchased from founder Steve Oglesby by our parent corporation 5 Arrow Media, LLC. Steve has remained a vital part of the organization providing advice and helping with technical issues. In addition to moving FSN under new ownership, we have seen a great year of stories, press releases, opinions, and post that have had a positive and informative impact on the Four States Area. While the FSN remains open to writers in the region, we have seen some fantastic post by a core group of contributors. Continue Reading →

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