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Commissioners’ Budget ‘Disastrous,’ Caught With Hand in ‘Cookie Jar’

Cookie Jar

The commissioners got caught with their hand in the proverbial cookie jar. They slipped the expired tax levy for the debt service side of last year’s budget into the operations side this year. That is exactly the kind of covert behavior that the Truth in Taxation laws are designed to expose to the public.
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Bowie County Calls Lawsuit ‘Without Merit,’ but Lacks Contracts with Several Organizations

Bowie County Texas

A lawsuit filed November 26 by local radio personality – and now candidate for Bowie County Judge –  Jeff Akin seeks to stop alleged illegal and/or unreasonable expenditure of county funds to local organizations. Recently, the county asked via attorney Jim Allison that the suit be dismissed, claiming it was “frivolous” and “without merit,” and claimed that, “in general, taxpayers do not have a right to bring suit to contest government decision-making.” After a Freedom of Information Act Request by Akin earlier this year,  county clerk Tina Petty responded that the following entities are receiving county funds without contracts:

Teen Court
Texarkana Children’s Advocacy Center
Texarkana Homeless Coalition
Sabine Valley MHMR & Community Healthcare
Domestic Violence Prevention
First Admin. Judicial Region

Akin recently stated, “The lawsuit is not intended to harm the nonprofits the county has donated money to in the past. But how does the county determine which nonprofits get how much? Continue Reading →

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