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Citizen Concerns in Maud Continues

Maud, TX. – The small town of Maud is still adjusting to the idea that their mayor, Jessie Hicks, is simply….gone. After months of actions questioned by the citizens of Maud that included the firing of a fire chief, the loss of fire volunteers, and several other controversial issues, Hicks was removed for failing to attend council meetings. Now, Mayor Pro Tem Jimmy Clary has had to step up and fill the vacancy left by Hicks. With the continuing controversy for the small town, at least one citizen has stepped up and offered to finish the former mayor’s term. Continue Reading →

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Maud High School Wins in Simms


Simms, TX – The Maud varsity football team traveled to Simms, Texas this evening to face the James Bowie High School team. While the game got off to a slow start, Maud dominated the second and third quarters scoring thirteen points in each. They finished up the fourth quarter with an additional seven points for a winning score of 33 to 6. James Bowie did score six points in the fourth, but was unable to match the Maud team this evening. Surprisingly the total offense was close in yards with Maud having 279 and James Bowin 262. Continue Reading →

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