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Sitterley to Speak to Miller County Republicans

The Miller County Republican Committee (MCRC) will hold their monthly meeting Tuesday July 9, at Big Jakes on Arkansas Blvd in Texarkana, Arkansas. The meeting will start at 6:30 p.m. and open with guest speaker Rob Sitterley, the President and CEO of AR-TX Redi. Sitterley’s presentation and the meeting are open to the public and everyone is encouraged to attend. Sitterley will speak first and a short recess will be held before the business meeting portion. Those wishing to attend Sitterley’s appearance and not attend the business meeting, may leave during the recess. Continue Reading →

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Judge Wren Autrey Offering Warrant Amnesty

City of Texarkana AR

Judge Wren Autrey has announced the Miller County District Courts, both City and County Divisions in Texarkana, Arkansas will grant Amnesty beginning January 28, 2019 through March 29, 2019 for individuals that have outstanding warrants for failure to appear, probation violation, or failure to report. During this time, the District Court will waive the warrant fee and jail time if it receives full payment for these warrants. Officers will not arrest anyone who appears at the Bi-State or The Miller County Correctional Facility to pay these fines. If in doubt you may contact the Probation Department (903-798-3243) or the District Court Clerk (903-798-3016). To contact the Miller County District Court, you may contact the Probation Department (870-773-2971) or the District Court Clerk (870-772-2780). Continue Reading →

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January First Marks Historic Day in Miller County, Arkansas

Cathy Hardin-Harrison

Tuesday morning will bring in January first of a New Year and it will also mark a historic event in Miller County, Arkansas.  There has been a lot of talk about the new County Judge, Cathy Hardin-Harrison.  She will be the first female County Judge in Miller County, but there is much more going on for the county history.  The county will have a first-ever female County Judge and it will see a Courthouse with all major positions held by women for the first time in history.  The Tax Collector, Assessor, Treasurer, County Clerk, and Circuit Clerk will all have positions filled by women.  On a county level, only the Sheriff and the Coroner offices will be held by men.  As far as the day-to-day operations at the Miller County Courthouse go, women will be running each office held. 

The swearing in ceremony will be held at the Miller County Courthouse, on the second floor at 10:00 a.m. Tuesday. While the Courthouse and offices are closed for the holiday, elected officials are expected to be sworn in during the first day of the new year. Some judges have chosen to be sworn in earlier so they can conduct the ceremony for the County Judge and other major officials for the county. It is currently unclear if the Sheriff will be sworn in at the Courthouse or not, but major courthouse held offices will start the process at 10:00 a.m. With the historic event, those wishing to attend should arrive early. An interesting side note to the fact that the county will have the first female county judge is the fact that all major offices in the county will be held by Republican representatives.  Until January 1, the office of Assessor has been held by an appointed person since the retirement of Democrat Mary Stuart.    As of January 1, Miller County will also be served by nine Republican Justices of the Peace (JP), one Democrat JP and one Independent JP.  It is the first time so many Republicans have held major offices in the county since Reconstruction. 

For those unable to attend the ceremony Tuesday, you may also catch it live-streamed on the Facebook Page “The ‘Whose Who’ of Our Miller County”. The page is maintained as a community service by Ronnie Dancer, Sr. of Fouke, Arkansas. The last election cycle, candidates and outcomes, may be viewed online at Election Cycle 2018. Continue Reading →

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Miller County Democratic Party Announces Filing Fees for 2018

Miller County, AR – The Miller County Democratic Party has announced 2018, filing fees for county offices. The party maintains a Facebook page at Democratic Party of Miller County-Arkansas. The Party also maintains a blog at Miller County Democratic Party. Forms and filing options will be available for all interested candidates at the Miller County Courthouse during the filing period. 2018, filing period will be February 22, at noon until March 1, at noon. Filing fees will be as follows:

County Judge and Sheriff $400

County Clerk, Treasurer, Tax Collector, Tax Assessor, and Circuit Clerk $300

Coroner $200

JP $150

Constable $50

Committee Member $15

For more information, you may contact the party through their Facebook page. Continue Reading →

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Cathy Hardin-Harrison Announces Bid for Miller County Judge

Miller County, AR-Cathy Hardin-Harrison would like to announce her candidacy for Miller County Judge. Cathy will run for Miller County Judge in the 2018 election primary as a Republican. She has served Miller County as the Miller County Tax Collector for two terms.

Hardin-Harrison has overseen improvements in the Tax Collector’s office including an increase in collected taxes, and corrected tax issues. She has overseen some of the largest returns in revenue in the county’s history and improved the accuracy and accessibility of the Tax office through an online site with options to pay taxes online in addition to traditional mail and paying in person. On August 30, Cathy made the formal announcement on her Facebook site ( ) She stated that a lot of consideration and prayer went into the decision and it was not a decision she took lightly. Hardin-Harrison listened to voters, friends, family and discussed the office with her husband. Cathy said, “This is the first four-year term for a county judge in the state’s history.” She feels strongly that this person has to be a strong, open-minded, and forward-thinking leader. Hardin-Harrison noted that when she came into the Tax Collector’s office there was not a positive atmosphere. The office had just come through questionable legal issues and people were simply unsure what the future would hold for the Tax Collector’s office. When she decided to run for that office, she wanted to make a difference, clean up the office and get it back on track for Miller County. Hardin-Harrison says the office is now on track and moving in the right direction. She feels it’s time to move that positive momentum over to the office of County Judge. Cathy Hardin-Harrison has lived in Fouke and Texarkana. She is the wife of Texarkana Police Chief Robert “Bob” Harrison. She notes that “Bob,” her family, and friends have been supportive of the decision, but that she has been really surprised by the overwhelming support and positive comments she has heard from the public. “People come up to me and say such kind and wonderful things about my decision. It’s humbling to know the people of Miller County have such a positive outlook on this campaign and I’m excited to move in this direction,” said Cathy Hardin-Harrison. Continue Reading →

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Reflection Ceremony for Detention Deputy Lisa Mauldin

Miller County, AR- On Monday, December 18, 2017, at 9:00 a.m. there will be a Reflection Ceremony around the flagpole at Miller County Sheriff’s Office’s front entrance, 2300 East Street, Texarkana, Arkansas. The ceremony will mark the one year anniversary of Detention Deputy Lisa Mauldin’s death in the detention center. Lisa passed away from injuries received while acting in the line of duty. Another co-worker was injured and recovered. Co-workers in the county dealt with the grief and loss of Lisa through dedication ceremonies, and times like this gathering to remember. Lisa’s funeral was attended by several people and law enforcement officers from the area and surrounding areas. An honor guard from Sheriff Al Cannon Detention Center in North Carolina attended Lisa’s funeral in honor of the end of her watch. In June Miller County Correctional Facility and members of Pink Behind the Thin Blue Line held a ceremony and placed a plaque in Lisa’s honor and memory at the Miller County Correction Facility.  

The Reflection Ceremony will start promptly at 9:00 a.m. Monday. The community is invited to participate in the ceremony. Continue Reading →

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Miller County Burn Ban Goes Into Effect

Miller County, AR- Late this afternoon Miller County Judge Roy John McNatt issued a burn ban for the county. Postings and notifications were presented online through various formats such as Facebook, some officials in the county, and through other social media outlets. It is assumed that the ban will be presented in the paper in the morning. Some citizens immediately noted on social media that it was “about time.” Others immediately began to share the news with neighbors and friends. Several counties in Arkansas have already had burn bans in places for weeks. The county judge reserves the right to issue or withdraw any burn bans for the county. Bans are usually issued based on input from forestry officials, state officials, and fire departments. Citizens should be advised that burning during a ban is considered illegal and could result in a potential fine. Any questions or concerns about the ban should be directed to the Miller County Courthouse and Judge Roy John McNatt’s office.   Continue Reading →

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County Government Slows to Honor Veterans

Miller County, AR- Many people let Veteran’s Day slide past last weekend without much notice, but the elected officials and staff at the Miller County Courthouse did not as they rose above their office duties to do more. In the middle of fall decorations, pumpkin contest, preparations for the Christmas season, and the recent influx of taxpayers taking care of taxes, officials and staff paused last Friday to honor veterans. Each office decorated, put up signs, prepared food and snacks, and opened their doors wide to those who have stepped up to answer the call to defend our freedoms. Everyone from the county judge down to the maintenance staff in the building knows that without veterans, there simply would be no national, state, city, or county government to run. Stephanie Harvin, Miller County Clerk, posted several pictures on the office Facebook account. You can see staff decked out in red, white and blue, and flags, banners, and food all around. The event was not to be dismissed as little. Miller County Judge Roy John McNatt stated that it was a great event and that he was able to visit each office in the courthouse and see the decorations. Veterans from across the area dropped in, had a snack and visited with local officials and staff. Continue Reading →

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Shooting Miller County 290 in Genoa Area

Miller County, AR- Thursday November 2, 2017 the Miller County Sheriff’s Office was dispatched to a residence at State Highway 196 and Miller County 290 at approximately 1:30 p.m.

A shooting had reportedly occurred in the residence. The homeowner in Genoa, Arkansas shot a person in his home. Multiple shots were fired. One person was transported to a local hospital and is receiving treatment. The homeowner has been interviewed by the Miller County Sheriff’s Office. Continue Reading →

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Miller County Sheriff’s Office Makes Arrest After Traffic Stop

Miller County, AR-The Miller County Sheriff’s Office has arrested 34-year-old Dennis Clark on drug and weapon charges after a routine traffic stop. Deputy John Beasley initiated a traffic stop on Dennis Clark for violations of Arkansas State traffic law. It was during the traffic stop that Deputy Beasley established probable cause to search the vehicle. The search of the vehicle yielded over 5 ounces of methamphetamine, over 4 grams of marijuana, drug paraphernalia, a firearm, and over $13,000 in cash. Clark was arrested on the following charges:
Possession of a Controlled Substance with Intent to Deliver
Possession of Drug Paraphernalia
Simultaneous Possession of Drugs and Firearm
Possession of a Firearm by Certain Persons

Clark is currently being held in the Miller County Detention Center. Continue Reading →

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