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Happy Birthday We’re Increasing Your Premiums to Celebrate!

A few years ago, I reached the awkward age in life when the insurance companies no longer send you a happy birthday card, but instead send you a premium increase to start on or after your next birthday. Needless to say, I was not happy about my birthday present from the insurance company when it arrived in the form of a letter to increase my cost, but that was to be expected. This year, my birthday, most fortunate for me, once again rolled around and another letter came from my insurance company. Much like the letter from the previous year, this one again congratulated me on reaching my milestone in life with a slight premium adjustment. Naturally, that adjustment was in the upward, or insurance company’s favor. I had just about accepted the change of status that my aging body, which somehow must be breaking my so-called “Non-Profit’s” bank accounts, when I received yet another letter- and yes, my insurance company has a non-profit status. The Arkansas Legislature, the insurance company blamed them, had given approval for a rate increase. This letter was dated eight days after my “Birthday Letter” and announced yet another insurance increase. This time I was mad. I immediately did what any old man my age would do…. I took to social media. I blasted the insurance company the age increases over the last few years, and then for the update letter of new premiums. I told them this was ridicules and that my insurance for health had gone up over $100 dollars in just eight days! That was not to even mention the increase from the previous year. In our time of social media, the insurance company was quick to respond and offer me the opportunity to speak to a representative if they could call me back. I agreed to a Monday call. Continue Reading →

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Freedom Isn’t Free

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The single most important problem in our country today is our failed Educational System, not the National Debt. We spend more money per student on education than any other country in the world and yet we are dead last of the 17 most industrialized countries in quality of education. By far, the main reason for this failure is that our Public Educational School System has become a virtual Socialist Monopoly and therefore a Public Socialist Indoctrination System. The teacher’s union has taken over our schools and they are teaching our children that Socialism is good and capitalism is bad. Every year upon graduation our public schools are turning out a new crop of little voting socialists, 2 out of every 3 young adults under the age of 30 vote for Socialists or as they like to be called Progressives. Continue Reading →

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