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100 Years of Pleasant Grove ISD

Pleasant Grove, TX – Friday night Pleasant Grove will celebrate their Homecoming and their 100th year as a school district. The school is planning a huge tailgate party that will start at 5:00 p.m. and run to 7:00 p.m. with the game afterwards. Those wishing to attend the tailgate party may purchase tickets at the Pleasant Grove High School Cafeteria. Ticket cost is $10 per plate. Tickets for the game may be purchased through Irene Stanfill (318-372-3626). Continue Reading →

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Our Flag is Still There

Texarkana, USA- With the recent controversies from the NFL players over standing for the Star Spangled Banner, I wondered if Friday night would see any problems in the big game in Texarkana. The big game was between Pleasant Grove and Arkansas High with the most of fans coming directly from Texarkana, USA. There are those in the NFL who have expressed a desire to not stand up for the National Anthem. They have openly stated that they feel the flag represents oppression on a national scale. People in general could certainly point to times when our flag has been used for oppression such as dealing with American Natives, dealing with slavery, mistreatments of immigrants, and even dealing with people from countries we have gone to war with during the past. Continue Reading →

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