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June is National Annuity Awareness Month

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Texarkana, USA: Four States Retirement Group, LLC. wishes to remind everyone that June is National Annuity Awareness Month.  For twenty-five years fixed index annuities have been purchased by millions.  Retirement planning and purchasing of annuities have now reached 726 billion dollars in fixed index annuities and it all happened in just twenty-five years. The first annuities were taken out February 15 for a cost of $21,000.  That annuity was set on a 5-year term.  The first annuity grew to $51,779 by 1999.  A five-year growth that more than doubled the investment!  Today annuities contribute 73.2 billion to American retirement plans.  Surveys of indexed annuity owners have found a 99.994% satisfaction rate. 

Carl Standridge of Four States Retirement Group, LLC. is excited.  He says the growth and satisfaction rate has simply been outstanding.  Customers make investments, watch them grow and plan for a retirement with confidence.  Carl said, “We are talking about twenty-five years only to see 73.2 billion- that’s billion, not million – going int American Retirement plans.  This is simply too good to ignore.  Can you imagine what it will do in the next twenty-five years?”  Carl says it’s never too late and no amount is too small to start planning for retirement.  It will help on taxes now, and help later in life when you want to slow down.  He said the earlier you can start the better, but if you have not started yet, let’s get started now. 

Carl can be reached at Four States Retirement Group, LLC. Continue Reading →

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Miller County Assessor Mary Stuart Retires

Miller County, AR –  She has been a true Arkansas diamond at the Miller County Courthouse for thirty-eight years as an employee and Assessor, but on March 22, 2018, she will celebrate her final days in office.  Mary Stuart is known to anyone in Miller County who has ever owned property, had to assess, or has taken time to go into that little office to the right of the main entrance to the courthouse.  She has a warm smile, an enduring personality, and a light that enters the room and makes everyone’s day a little brighter. For twenty-two years she has served as the Assessor for Miller County.  For the last several years, she has run unopposed for election after election.   Despite being one of the last Democrats holding office in the county during the 2016 election cycle, even the Republican committee did not run a candidate against her.  The general feeling by Democrats and Republicans alike has been that Mary Stuart is everyone’s Assessor.  True to her form, she is currently helping a Republican candidate running for the office to replace her.  The two ladies have worked together for years and Mary hopes that in 2019, her former employee will be sworn in as the new Assessor. On March 22, 2018, from 11-2 p.m. the public can visit with Mary during her retirement celebration.  The celebration will be held in the third-floor conference room at the Miller County Courthouse.  Supporters, friends, family, and others will be on hand to thank Mary for a job well done. I personally will miss Mary’s smile, her friendship, and the joy of talking with her at the courthouse.  While Mary may leave the courthouse though, anyone who knows her, knows well that those fantastic traits are not just reserved for the political arena and county arena.  Mary is warm and friendly in the grocery store, at public events, and even school functions where she is often seen supporting her family. After several years of unopposed races, there will be two Republican candidates willing to take over as Assessor.   Nancy Herron and Danny Lewis will both be on the ballot for the Assessor position.   Nancy and Danny are both great and qualified candidates to be the new Assessor for Miller County.  One of the two will win the office and that winner is going to have some mighty big shoes to fill.  Mary is truly an Arkansas diamond, and there is nothing more wonderful, beautiful, and fantastic than a well-polished and shining Arkansas diamond like Mary Stuart.  She is my friend, but she has been Miller County’s diamond so much longer. Continue Reading →

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Janet Satterfield Quietly Retires

Miller County, AR-If you have been to the Miller County Clerk’s office lately, then you may have noticed a change.  If you made your way there in July or even the first of August, then you may have felt something was just a little different.  No, there is no new paint and no new pictures on the wall.  Yes, you still have the same clerk and wonderful staff….well, most of them.  The change you should have noticed is the absence of Deputy Clerk Janet Satterfield. While you may not know the name, as she worked diligently in the background for 35 years at the clerk’s office, you certainly will know the face.  Janet was the employee that all the other employees seemed to refer you to for questions.  You wanted to know about your voter status?  They called Janet.  You wanted to ask a detailed question about some form?  They called Janet.  Simply put, Janet held a wealth of information for the county.  Some people say she practically served as the right hand of the clerk through Stephanie Harvin and Ann Nicholas’ terms.

Janet always had a smile, always had a kind word, and could always be found in meetings sitting somewhere near the back and silently taking notes for the clerk’s office.  To be frank, she had several different jobs and people seemed to turn to her for just about everything even if it wasn’t related to the clerk’s office. As I said, you may have noticed in the last month that Janet hasn’t been around the Clerk’s office.  On June 30, 2017, just as quietly as she had entered the job, Janet Satterfield quietly walked out the door of the Miller County Courthouse as an employee for the last time.  A small party had been held on the 28th at noon to celebrate her service.  She smiled for the camera, shook hands and hugged friends and made her final preparations to leave. Janet Satterfield was one of a kind and a huge asset for Miller County.  Already I have heard of at least three people who were surprised when they went to the clerk’s office and Janet was not there to help them.  At the Four States News we knew Janet was leaving on June 30.  We also knew that she is a quiet person who prefers to stay in the background and work hard.  Well Janet, we gave you a little time before we posted anything about your retirement, but that time is up.  You should know the county will never be the same and your smiling face will be missed in the day-to-day workings of our little southwest corner of Arkansas.  Enjoy that retirement. Citizens of Miller County, if you happen to see Janet at a store, event of somewhere else, you should return her wonderful smile and tell her how much you appreciate her 35 years of service to your county. Continue Reading →

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