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Kaiden Parris Suicide Prevention Awareness Softball Tournament

Redwater, TX- On September 9 at 9:00 a.m. the Redwater Sports Complex will host the first Kaiden Parris Suicide Prevention Awareness Co-Ed Softball Tournament.   There will be several events throughout the day including a butterfly and lantern release, a home run derby, music, concessions, a raffle, vendors and door prizes.  In addition counselors will be on site to help anyone needing assistance. The prevention is an outreach of Kaiden Parris’ parents.  Kaiden became a victim of suicide on May 21, 2017.   His family notes that he would have been 17 this year on September 9.   The event is a way to celebrate Kaiden’s life and help raise awareness and promote prevention of suicide. Kaiden had been a football player and student at Mount Vernon and Redwater.  His Facebook page is still maintained and notes that he had also taken classes at Texas Community College.   He was a well-liked young man and had over 370 friends on his site.  Kaiden has been described by his family and friends as having “a heart like tiger and a spirit like dragon.”   It is hoped that the event on September 9 will continue to help raise awareness and help prevent future suicides. Continue Reading →

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Suicide, Recognizing and Preventing It, Part 3

This is part 3 of Tracy Lee’s Suicide Prevention articles.  If you missed the first two, please look them up in our history. SUICIDE PREVENTION TIP #2:  RESPOND QUICKLY IN A CRISIS

Once you have confirmed your suspicions that your friend or family member is indeed contemplating suicide, you need to evaluate their immediate risk level.  Persons intending (INTENT) immediate action upon themselves will have mapped out a specific plan of action (PLAN), they will have prepared their mode or means of action (MEANS), they will have planned or set aside a specific time for the deed (TIME). Exploratory Questions

Asking the following questions will allow you to evaluate their immediate risk factor. INTENT: Do you intend to take your own life? Continue Reading →

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Suicide, Recognizing and Preventing It, Part II


If you spot the warning signs of suicide in someone you know, you may wonder what you should do. Should you say something to them? What if you are wrong and you offend your friend? Personally, I would rather lose a friend because I offended them rather than lose a friend and have to bury him or her. Usually, if a person talks about suicide or shows other warning signs, they need immediate help. Continue Reading →

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