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Neighborhood Clean-Up and Block Party October 10

Bridging The Gaps of Arkansas and partners plan clean up in Texarkana, Arkansas. Texarkana, AR: Bridging The Gaps of Arkansas will partner with the City of Texarkana, Arkansas, and Keep Arkansas Beautiful to sponsor a city clean-up on October 10, 2020. The event will start at 209 E. 14th Street, in Texarkana, Arkansas at 9 a.m. It is planned to go through 11:30 a.m. that day. The Sandflat Glendale Community Center, located at 209 E. 14th Street, will serve as the host site. DJ HollyGrove will provide music on-site during the event and trash bags, masks, and gloves will be provided. Continue Reading →

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Debate on Confederate Monument in Texarkana Has Increased Petition Drives

Currently at least three petitions are running online concerning the Confederate Mothers Monument in downtown Texarkana

Texarkana, USA: At least three petitions are currently online concerning the Confederate Mothers Monument near the federal courthouse and post office. One petition calls for the monument to be removed and placed in a museum for study and history, a Texas side petition calls for the monument to remain, and a third is for Arkansas side residents requesting the monument to stay. The petition from Black Lives Matter Texarkana has requested that the monument be moved to a museum, cemetery where Confederate soldiers are buried or in another area out of the “public square.” The petition is being prepared to be presented to the City of Texarkana, Texas. The petition also recommends a possible plaque to be placed at the monument’s current location to show historical context. Continue Reading →

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Texarkana, Texas Reminds Residents That CENSUS 2020 ongoing

Texarkana residents still have a few months to complete the U.S. census form, but it is imperative to act now. The United States census is conducted every ten years and aims to count every person in the U.S. While, some Texarkana residents have completed their census forms, there are many who haven’t. Participation is needed from every person to get a complete count. According to information available at 2020Census.gov, just over55% of Texas residents had completed the form as of this week, falling short of the national rate of nearly 61%. The response rate in Texarkana is the same, at 55%, which means that nearly half of local residents have not responded. Continue Reading →

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Peaceful Demonstration at Confederate Monument in Texarkana

Supporters and opponents to the Confederate Monument met in downtown Texarkana this evening. Texarkana, USA: Texarkana saw those wishing to remove the Confederate Monument and those wishing to keep it meet in a peaceful demonstration by both sides. Although voices were raised from time-to-time by both, overall the meeting appeared to open discussion. There were several signs stating “Leave it alone” and several stating “Remove it”. Supporters argued that it is not a “racist” monument while opponents pointed out the slavery history of the Confederacy. Continue Reading →

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Monument Gains Support to Stay

Texarkana Confederate Monument from Wikipedia

The Confederate Mothers Monument in Texarkana is gaining support on social media to remain in downtown Texarkana. Texarkana, USA: A local veteran women’s group has stirred historians and citizens alike in both Texarkana, Arkansas, and Texas to the rallying cry “Leave it alone,” and “Let it stay” on social media. Over a week ago, the Texarkana Gazette ran an article indicating that there will be a march in protest of the Confederate Monument on June 19th. A local veteran women’s group planned the march and discussed the issue with the paper for the article. The Four States News ran a brief review of the history of the monument and the viewpoint of both sides on June 17. Continue Reading →

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Former U Of A Hope/Texarkana Staff Named Vice President at Cottey College

T.J. Tubbs (Cottey College page)

T.J. Tubbs of Texarkana, Arkansas has been named Vice President of Finance and Administration at Cottey College. Tubbs served the University of Arkansas at Hope/Texarkana as Physical Plant Director prior to accepting a position with Cottey College. He has a Master of Science in Operation Management and is working toward a doctorate in Organizational Leadership. Tubbs will assume the duties of the Vice President on June the first. In a release on the college’s website, Tubbs stated, “I am honored and thrilled to serve in such a meaningful role at Cottey.” Continue Reading →

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Texarkana, Bowie, Cass COVID19 Update 5-11-2020

TEXARKANA, TX—Bowie County Emergency Operations Center reports a total of 107 positive COVID-19 cases, with 68 recoveries and 11 related deaths. Cass County has a total of 21 with 16 recovered.

Confirmed COVID-19 Cases in Bowie County (as of 5/7/20)Total Cases in Bowie County107Ages (Bowie County Cases)0-19320-291530-392040-492450-591760-691670-791280+ 0Gender (Bowie County Cases)Male  51Female  56              Deaths  11  

The Business Survey to gauge Economic Impact is ongoing. All businesses in Bowie County are invited to submit a survey, to report positive or negative impacts to their business. The deadline is May 12, 2020 and the survey can be accessed at https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeHFOIw9o16XOhE2_Ul4iKlW0K775q7zsWmjctRpovfhTWDzw/viewform?usp=sf_link

Residents in Bowie and Cass County are urged to continue following Governor Abbott’s Executive Orders and following CDC guidelines for social distancing, handwashing, and sanitizing. Governor Abbott announced last week effective May 18th gyms and exercise facilities will be able to reopen with 25% capacity. Continue Reading →

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Local Stone Fabricators Help Meet Needs for Local Hospitals

Texarkana, AR – A local company is stepping up to do its part to help our medical community during this unprecedented time. Stone Studio, a stone fabrication company located in historic downtown Texarkana, is using its fabrication equipment to create aerosol protection boxes for local hospitals. The boxes, made of plexiglass, are designed to help healthcare professionals intubate individuals being treated for COVID-19. “The Governor reached out to manufacturers asking for help, and initially I wasn’t sure what we could do,” said owner Dustin Hughes. “But then I saw a plexiglass box and thought, ‘my team can make those!’ I reached out to a friend who works in the ER to see if it would be useful and his reply was – how soon can we get them? Continue Reading →

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Joint Operations Center Bowie & Cass County/City of Texarkana, TX 4-23-2020 Update

TEXARKANA, TX—Bowie County Emergency Operations Center reports a total of 89 positive COVID-19 cases, with 40 recoveries and six related deaths. Cass County has a total of 15 with 7 recovered. 

Confirmed COVID-19 Cases in Bowie County (as of 4/23/20)Total Cases in Bowie County89Ages (Bowie County Cases)0-19220-291330-391740-492050-591460-691470-79980+ 0Gender (Bowie County Cases)Male 43Female 46              Deaths    6  

For a more detailed report, please visit www.coronatxk.org. The EOC is working with local healthcare providers to bring you the most accurate and up-to-date information possible, including patients hospitalized and recovered. More data will be reported as it becomes available. Many calls have been coming in to the EOC seeking clarification regarding the Governor’s statements over the weekend regarding “opening Texas back up”, and while officials and authorities in Texarkana are anxious to do that, it is important to remain cautious at this time. Continue Reading →

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Arkansas Municipal Auditorium Prepares for Life Again

It was once the the place where the music blazed out into the night from piano players, guitar pickers, drummers, and vocals arriving by way of Highway 67. Johnny Cash, Carl Perkins, and Conway Twitty were just a few of the names to become legends that would perform in the early days of the Texarkana Arkansas Municipal Auditorium. Perhaps the most famous performer of them all was Elvis Presley, the boy who would become the King of Rock and Roll. But, all those greats faded away from the Texarkana spotlight over forty-five years ago. For Texarkana, the Interstate arrived, planes began to carry the performers from city-to-city and Texarkana’s small auditorium simply would not accommodate the growing crowds of fans. Continue Reading →

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