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City Earns Recognition for Financial Reporting

TEXARKANA, TEXAS– The city of Texarkana, Texas has been awarded the Certificate of Achievement for Excellence in Financial Reporting for its 2017 comprehensive annual financial report (CAFR) by the Government Finance Officers Association of the United States and Canada. This certificate is the highest form of recognition in the area of governmental accounting and financial reporting, and its attainment represents a significant accomplishment by a government and its management. This is the 28th year in a row the City of Texarkana, Texas has earned this recognition. Chief Financial Officer for the City of Texarkana, Texas, Kristin Peeples, leads a the Finance Department staff who are responsible for producing the annual report. The finance department’s dedication to transparency and sound financial accounting has earned this award year after year for the city. Continue Reading →

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TEXARKANA, TX- The Texarkana Texas Convention Center has recently added to and upgraded its lighting and sound systems as part of the preparation for hosting an annual religious conference. The Acts 6:4 Convention attracts more than 1,000 visitors to the community each day and has filled 406 rooms at the Hilton Garden Inn and 300 rooms at other hotels in the area. Area restaurants and shopping centers should anticipate being visited by attendees as meals will not be provided at the conference. “We are pleased with the work the Jennifer Montoya and the Convention Center staff does to ensure our community benefits from conferences like these. Not only do the visitors significantly impact our economy, but continued upgrades to our convention center will only lead to more business in the future,” said Lisa Thompson, communication and economic development manager. Continue Reading →

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Last chance to see special exhibit on Jim Bowie and his famous knives at the Alamo!

AUSTIN, TX – Texas Land Commissioner George P. Bush is encouraging Texas history enthusiasts to visit the Alamo and see a special temporary exhibition exploring the life of legendary Alamo defender James Bowie and his iconic knife. Since opening earlier this year, the exhibit, entitled Bowie: Man – Knife – Legend, has since been explored by nearly 400,000 visitors. With a new exhibit coming to the Alamo in spring 2018, Bowie: Man – Knife – Legend will officially close on December 31, 2017. “Visiting the Alamo is a moving experience for all Texans and this special exhibit is one you don’t want to miss,” Commissioner Bush said. “This exhibit brings together an iconic Alamo defender, Jim Bowie, his namesake knife, which was a technological advance in its day, and a new technology that puts these amazing artifacts on display for the world to enjoy and study.” Included in the exhibit are what many historians believe to have been the first ever Bowie knife and a Bowie knife that belonged to a member of a famous Civil War unit. Continue Reading →

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Orange County Republicans Join Others with Resolution of No Confidence

Orange, TX – Yesterday the Orange County Republican Executive Committee passed a resolution of “no confidence” in Texas House Speaker Joe Straus. “The speaker has proved by his actions that he does not whole-heartedly support the Republican platform”, said chairman David Covey. Covey Continued, “As Republicans, we demand house leadership who will actively support, pro-life, 2nd amendment, and property tax reform legislation. The speaker has not been that kind of leader.”

The executive committee passed the following resolution at their monthly meeting and will be sending a copy to their State Representative. Whereas many pieces of legislation were put forward in the 85th session that are in accord with the
Republican Party of Texas Platform; and

Whereas Speaker Joe Straus has failed to get them through the Texas House of Representatives;

Whereas in many instances the Speaker actively opposed Republican values;

Whereas we have no confidence going forward that he will adequately support the direction outlined by the platform; and

Whereas new leadership needs to be installed to effectively represent the will of the Republican Party of Texas voters and their platform. Continue Reading →

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TEXARKANA, TX- The City of Texarkana, Texas is pleased to announce the appointment of Shirley Jaster as Interim City Manager. The City Council confirmed Jaster’s appointment on Friday, August 4th, 2017 after former City Manager John Whitson announced his retirement. Whitson served the City of Texarkana, Texas for the past 4 and a half years, and plans to retire to Oklahoma to live near his daughter and new granddaughter. Jaster, a Texarkana native, has filled various positions at the City of Texarkana for the past 25 years, most recently as a Deputy City Manager- Development. She has also been the Director of Planning, Director of Community Services, Director of Community and Public Works and Assistant City Manager. Continue Reading →

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TEXARKANA, TX- The Texarkana, Texas, City Council will hold a special meeting on Friday, August 4, 2017, beginning at 5:30 p.m., to consider taking action on two items.

The first item will be to amend John Whitson’s employment contract and setting an end date to the contract. Whitson intends to retire in early 2018. The second item on the agenda will allow council to consider appointing an interim city manager to take effect immediately upon approval. “These action items follow discussions between the Council and Mr. Whitson, and we will have more information to provide to the public at the Friday meeting,” said Mayor Bob Bruggeman. More information will be forthcoming at the conclusion of Friday’s special council meeting from this office. Continue Reading →

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Old Tyme Burger Shoppe to Change Hours


Texarkana, USA – It’s no secret that Old Tyme Burger Shoppe is one of this writer’s favorite places in town to eat. They have some of the best Chicken Fried Steaks and Chicken Fried Chicken in the region, they are family owned, and the atmosphere is friendly for anyone. If someone comes to town, and intends to eat out, the Old Tyme Burger Shoppe is always one of the best options. Speaking with Thomas “Tombo” Collins today I learned that the hours at Old Tyme will be changing soon. Tombo said that they have received a lot of feedback and request for additional hours at the restaurant. To help with this, a new manager has been hired to assist Tombo, and new ideas are floating around the restaurant all the time. Tombo said the hours would change starting May 1st to meet customer request. Starting May 1, the new hours will be as follows:



The new hours should allow families and friends to stop in and pick up dinner or eat in the restaurant on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday evenings before heading out on the town for other events. It will be easy to go eat, and then head over to a movie or even a football game once the season rolls around again. In a town saturated with mainstream, fast, food restaurants, it’s good to know that Old Tyme Shoppe is around to meet the needs of people wanting fast, quality food. Continue Reading →

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Texarkana Arts and Historic District Plans Celebration

Texarkana, TX – The Texarkana Arts & Historic District will host a celebration on October 25, 2016 in downtown Texarkana to recognize the accomplishment of being named a Texas Cultural District. Texarkana was one of seven cities to receive this designation in 2016, including Waco, Arlington, Amarillo, Rockport, Plano and Salado. The celebration will be held at 10:00 a.m. at the post office in downtown Texarkana on Tuesday, October 25, 2016. The celebration will include taking the largest photo in two states at once at Photographer’s Island. The photo will be taken with a drone provided by SixTech Systems, and fire and police apparatus from Texarkana, Texas and Arkansas will be pictured as well. Continue Reading →

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